Sunday, August 24, 2008

white nectarines

my sister swears that virginia peaches are the nectar of the gods, but i feel sure that she's wrong and it's really white nectarines. have you ever had a bad one? have you ever had one that didn't knock your socks off with its beauty? i haven't... nirvana may well be a white nectarine orchard where the trees are loaded with fully ripe fruit year-round.

how did i miss this photo after our ashland trip? everything was pink from the red umbrella over the table. i artified it a bit, but the basic pinkness of everything is natural.

i could sit here and eat a white nectarine...


  1. delectable [the fruit and the photographs] yummy :o)

  2. Lynne, what a gorgeous post - it is wet and gloomy here today and to stop by here is a hit of summer somewhere in the Universe - thanks

  3. Are white nectarines different to red in taste? My mom loved necterines (the red) but they always gave me the shudders.I'm reliving the shudders right now! The white must be a huge improvement!

  4. Lynne, white nectarines are pretty sensational...
    Great recipe is to split them, fill the centre with crushed macaroons, little brown sugar, butter, and almond flakes and sprinkle with an Italian desert wine (Vin Santo) and roast in the oven covered, add a splash of water too...until gorgeously cooked! I serve them with mascarpone and more desert wine!!!
    I love tham as they are too!
    The table image is amazing!

  5. thanks, kate and jeane... yeah, white nectarines are a hit of summer for sure...

    robyn, in my experience there is no comparison between white and red/yellow nectarines. i think i've had one truly delicious yellow nectarine in my life (and i've eaten a lot). the white ones are at least a thousand times juicier and sweeter-- and, AND they have that gorgeous ruby red color around the pit...

    omg, jo. i can hardly stand reading this recipe. i can taste it!!! the sweet, gooey, juicy goodness of white nectarines fixed this way must make one dissolve into a state of ecstasy.

  6. ooh, the peaches have a fuzz that gives me a whizzies feeling. (don't dare ask what that means!) :)

    Nectarines are good, any color if they are fresh.

  7. mansuetude, i do believe that you and you alone are capable of coming up with the word 'whizzies' to describe the feeling you get from peach fuzz. oh how i love your perspective...

  8. I don't believe I've ever seen a white nectarine, let alone tasted one. The search is on!

  9. The pink table is beautiful! And I love your newest work...your collections are also wonderful, from your bones shown at The Pulse to your crayons... have a great day... Roxanne

  10. kate, i had my first bad one yesterday : ( . it was also the first one that wasn't organically grown-- maybe that was the reason?

    hi roxanne, that's anna table! and thank you!!


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