Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'mervin the magical magenta intercessor' ~ oil paint on canvas paper

by the time this post goes up i'll be in virginia, but as i write this i have a few hours before i leave for the airport.   i know that i like to see the art supplies that others take on trips, so i took pics of what i'm taking with me.

my trusty watercolor set with 4 brushes stashed inside it.   the lid is covered with paint that i've squished out onto it, not colors i've mixed.  i rarely mix anything - which i guess is pretty obvious...  : )  i think there are between 50 and 60 colors here.

this colored pencil case which holds 72 pencils.  i bought it for the trip and i really like it.  it's very lightweight and well designed.  the flap in the middle holds colors i use the most - 'face colors'.  the opposite side has misc. colors on it.

the back side of the middle flap doesn't hold pencils, which i thought was a waste of space at first, but then i saw the logic behind it...   this side has mostly albrecht durer watercolor pencils on it, and i also have room for a tube of white gouache, an 8B pencil, a signo white gel pen, and a gum eraser.

everything i need for three weeks, except a pencil sharpener... colored pencils, paint and a new 4 x 6 stillman and birn 'gamma'.  in the end there was nothing that came close to being as practical and versatile as the gamma, so it was an easy choice for paper.  if you're wondering what happened to my unfinished 'daily book', i finished it.  yep...   i've had a sort of mini painting marathon for the last few days...  : )

i wish you happy and creative days while i'm gone...

i appreciate you.



* * *

 “I decided I was a very stupid fool not to at least paint as I wanted to ... I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-- things I had no words for.” 

~Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'beulah' ~ watercolors and goauche on canvas paper, 4" x 6"

well, i got sick after the last post....   and then i felt tired and generally lazy about doing a new post!   

i haven't painted much; the painting juju was just *gone*, but i think i feel it coming back around.

this is so you can have a good laugh...  : )

it's the page i showed in the last post testing out watercolors and colored pencils in the stillman and birn 'zeta'.   when i was sick i thought i'd add to what i started and this is the result.  nope, nope, don't ask me what i was thinking;  i'm chalking it up to excessive sneezing and nose blowing. as best i can figure something really strange is headed their way and they're not sure what to think.    even the people in the cloud are perplexed! 

i also painted this...  i was practicing drawing baby's heads, but i haven't drawn any since.  i may have scared myself off...

the other thing that happened last week was that i realized my trip to the east coast to visit my family is almost here.  for so long it was far away!  i had to think about getting ready, sending a package ahead so i can just do carry on.

one thing that i did was refill my small tube of white gouache.  i cut the bottom off of the small tube (scissors work), open it up and squirt in fresh gouache.  then i fold the bottom over again with a pair of small pliers.  this is the second time i've filled this tube, so it's getting short - hence only one fold on the bottom and a piece of metal tape over the edge to make sure no paint gets out.  this keeps the big tube fresh, which is helpful because they last a long time.  

otherwise i'm looking about eagerly for signs of spring ...

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Friday, April 5, 2013

gouache, colored pencils, acrylic paint, graphite and watercolors in stillman and birn 'zeta'

i went out of town and it's taking me a while to get back in the blogging/internet groove...    

the whole page ~ 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

before i left i got a stillman and birn 'zeta' in the mail...  it has 180# smooth paper in it, suitable for anything!  i've been layering the pages *way* up!

i've only done a few pages because i didn't paint while was gone, but so far i really, really like it.

the pages lay flat no matter how much stuff you put on them.  i've glued muslin and different weights of paper to them and used two to three layers of paint (at least) as well.

in my opinion the paper truly seems made for mixed media art...

this is what it looks like...

i was going to post this last night but realized i hadn't worked directly on the paper!  so this morning i drew a smudgy face and painted a watercolor flower.  wow, i really liked it!  unfortunately there wasn't any sun today so this is a very poor pic...

i also made a new book box because the other one's full.  i was patting myself on the back for doing such a good job when i turned the book over

and saw that i put the 'box' on the front cover instead of the back!  ha!  oh well, i'll just have to flip it around.  this book was sent to me by a blog reader...  : )

finally, this is what the piece i was working on in the last post turned out like.  she may have been better left alone, but, nah, i had to keep going...

* * *

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” 

~Friedrich Nietzsche