Sunday, August 31, 2008

they sing as they go

i haven't forgotten about The Book -- it's accruing stuff!

the spine used to be here -- i cut it off so i could fit everything in. i'll incorporate it into the new spine at the end of the process.

i did away with the pockets and put eyelets on all of the pages. i know, i know, i said i wasn't gonna make any radical decisions until everything was assembled, but those pockets had to go.

what a conglomeration. today i was thinking about conglomerate rock and wondering if i could just call this a conglomerate journal...

i got this tool (a 'crop-a-dile') for all of the eyelet setting-- my old one died on the job (helped along by me). i think this one will last a lifetime, talk about heavy duty. the directions say it'll punch holes in chipboard, and i believe it. eight tools in one! the trickiest part is remembering which part you're supposed to be using -- i keep trying to punch holes with the eyelet setting part. another benefit is that you get a terrific forearm workout each time you use it. heh! nine tools in one!

photos i printed out to glue on the back of paintings. i like this pic because it shows two of the photos blowing away.

not every page has a photo on the back-- this one has feathers under a sheet of vellum. this miniature mechanical pencil is the one that came in the wooden crayon box. my hand loves this little pencil.

one of the pockets that bit the dust. i tore off the pocket part and painted

another bird painting on it. (edited to add that only the painting on the right is mine! the upside down one on the left is a sticker of a jesse reno painting!)

and that's what's happening with The Book. the only pages i don't have a pic of are the wax paper/flower pages. there are more of those too...

have you listened to 'the girl from ipanema' with astrud gilberto and stan getz lately?



  1. Hi Lynne, I have been lurking arond our blog for a week now, savoring the posts and loving this chunky altered book. I like your style.

  2. Beautiful here....The texture, color and details of this book is wonderful! I LOVE the feather under the vellum.

    Love your blog..


  3. morning Lynne - as usual, a fabulous eyeful of inspiration - this book you're building is amazing - can't imagine how you bind it all up-

  4. ooooooohh yummy book - yummy yummy yummy

    and the cropodile - i've been eyeing that up in a shop recently - i'll wait to hear your verdict on it - do you reckon it's good? I think i might have to go and get one :o))

  5. hi grrl, thank you!! so glad to see you here!

    thank you stephanie... love your blog too!

    hi jeane - yeah, well i'm working on the binding idea. my basic premise is that other people have done it, so i can do it too. i'm thinking that i'll use some of that stiff bookbinding stuff glued to muslin, which will form a sort of 'inner spine' that i'll stitch all the pages to. then i'll cover that with bark cloth and the original spine, which'll get glued to the covers...

    kate, yes, i recommend the crop-a-dile. i think i've set about 30 eyelets with it now, and i definitely give it two thumbs up. very functional, and no more pounding like i had to do with my other eyelet setter. and the hole puncher really is impressive-- will come in very handy for misc. hole punching jobs.

  6. My eyes are the size of saucers looking at this luscious collection!

  7. Lynne, I love the bird and lizard paintings. This book is going to be a masterpiece!

  8. thank you, kelly! my eyes feel like that looking at your books!!

    hi robyn... thank you! i just added a note to the post to clarify that only the bird painting is by me-- the other is a sticker of a jesse reno painting on the lid of my crayon tin!

  9. I have just got in from a long day, sat back with a glass of red...and then low and behold, Lynne has provided me with not only amazing visuals, but great music too....this is just so good Lynne.
    Firstly, your work is really moving me! I think Jesse is a wonderful inspiration to you...stick with whats going on here...I love it. The feathers under vellum...the!
    I'll just hang out a bit longer, I think!

  10. Oh Lynne, this book is going to be amazing. I love what you do with elements of nature... the rocks and feathers and the way they are such an important part of your art. I think you might like my new journal I started. I think when I made it I was inspired by you! I will post pictures later today... Have a wonderful day! Roxanne

  11. oh jo, picturing you listening to astrud and stan makes me smile! i was inspired to put music here by mansuetude -- listening to elmore james playing 'it hurts me too' just melted me. and i saw that you're an elmore james fan and have LPs of his music! thatgypsygirl!!!!

    hi roxanne, thank you! that means a lot! i hope the beginning of the school year is going well for you... i will love looking at your new journal both on your blog and in person. you are an inspiration for me...

  12. Hi have an award waiting...come by when you are free...regards Jo

  13. Another feast! I would really love to get my hands on those book pages. They beckon to be held and I imagine they have some heft to them! I have never seen or heard of a crop-a-dile before but I was very impressed by its nine-in-one functions (I can always use some forearm strengthening)!. Looks 'tool tuesday'-worthy to me! I love the vellum and your bird painting. And thanks so much for the music. Your mmmmmmmmmmmmmm says it all!

  14. Love the conglomeration and conglomerate rock word link; you let us into the webbings of your mind.

    Love also that feather--its all so richly done.

  15. kate, i'm so glad you enjoyed stan and astrud. i agree, mmmmm... says it all.

    mansuetude, your comments are as much of a treat as your blog...

  16. This book just keeps getting better and better and better.


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