Friday, February 12, 2010

have art supplies

will travel...

i'm leaving tomorrow morning for three and a half weeks on the east coast with my family. my nephew's getting married - is that possible? i remember the day he was born like it was yesterday! since i'm not taking my computer it'll be march before i post again... in the meantime, be well and create on!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sunshine briefly

how do i love the sun? let me count the ways! the clouds parted briefly this morning and then for almost two hours this afternoon. it was heaven. i think i'm a little sad now that it's gone again...

in this morning's sun... havaianas have better traction than most boots.

mostly i've been working on The Face Stick (that wonderful stick/western red cedar branch that i showed you in the video last week). i had it for a couple of days before i knew what i wanted to do. and now i have a vision of a whole grove of sticks. not all of them as heavily decorated as this one - this is sort of a Mother Stick.

starting at the bottom on the left, and going to the top... the last two pics are of the back. an eye for each chakra.

i finished my moleskine and have started in a new muslin journal. oh! i am happy to be working on muslin again!

if you live near london, the museum of everything is now open, and from the pictures in 'raw vision', it looks fantastic. for people who like outsider art...

and have you seen the work of terry turrell? wow...

* * *

"What if you could have an experience to show you that every human, plant, and living creature you have ever and will ever encounter is actually you in another guise - would you allow yourself to realize this?"

michael brown, the daily intent