Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mixin' it up

so much painting going on this past week... painting, wiping off, painting, smudging around... over and over... acrylics and watercolors on the same painting-- i'm loving that.

i started this one last week. many, many, many paintovers here. at this point i liked most of it, but definitely not that swirly stuff in the upper left corner... i liked the beak, but somehow it had to go. i wish i'd taken pictures from the beginning (jeane, you're inspiring me to document the process).

for now i'm settling on this... the upper left will likely change again, but for now this is okay. it looks better in person, and somehow seems like a spot that's holding potential, or possibility.

i used mostly acrylics, but a lot of watercolors (twinkling H20s and caran d'ache crayons) too. the chair was drawn with a caran d'ache crayon. the snake is the black stabilo pencil in my sidebar-- this pencil is so handy because if you don't like what you've drawn, it wipes right off with a damp paper towel. and, it draws on anything, even oil pastels. the flower is crayon and black pencil. a lot of twinkling H20 on the body of the bird/creature. when i was ready to move on from a layer i sprayed it with low odor matte krylon, which is good stuff for people who're sensitive to odors and chemicals. then i put matte gel medium on before painting again. the watercolors don't stick well to the krylon.

a simple little (4" x 6") painting. the tree, the door, the lavender swirlies in the roof are all caran d'ache crayons. oh, and so is that 'ghost' beside the tree. i thought 'hmmmm.... need some white here, so scribble scribble with the white crayon. a ghost! yeah!

more watercolors on acrylic and gel medium. i sprayed her with krylon last night and gel medium-ed her this morning. she needs something but i don't know what. she's just sort of suspended there. maybe i'll go hogwild with acrylics and cover most of it up? sure can't see what right now... if you can see it, please tell me! but, lol, it can't be too complicated!!

okay, here it is wednesday morning and i've started to paint out most of the sky. this morning it seemed obvious that it was overwhelming her... since painting between all of those branches will not be high on my list of things to do, i'm not sure what i'll do there - maybe sort of fade the white into the area.

because i got the gel medium so wet, the yellow started to buckle and raise up here. if you click you can see it better. i love this effect. if there's oil pastel under the gel medium it sometimes comes up entirely, but with paint underneath it just gets all wavy and buckly. the yellows are crayons, and the petals are H20s and crayons. that's my shadow in the lower left-- taking pics on my lap in the morning sun is my latest favorite thing : ).

another painting i was working on this morning... it's more subtle in person and i thought it would stay this way until...

i was messing around with this photo is PSE and saw it here (upper right). there's another bird at the bottom of the page! if you click you can see it easily.

it looks a little different here, but still there (bottom of the tail), so maybe another bird will go there. what a cool way to see what might be hidden in a piece... (in PSE, increase the contrast, click 'filter', 'stylize', 'find edges')

a parting shot taken on our way home from the big city (redding) yesterday. the angle of the sun made the back of this truck glow (we're on the wrong side of the road because we're slowly driving around a wreck). then i started thinking about how united van lines has been around for a looong time, and that their logo's always looked like this. the things that taking pics makes you think about!!!


  1. What is going on with you!!! Can I have some, of whatever is making you create like this ...
    Lynne, I can't choose which painting I like best!!! They all gave me a thrill. Depth, layers colour, symbolgy...lot's going on here! It's wonderful...
    Like the back of the truck...it's a cool photo!

  2. You are having such fun!Best thing is, it's infectious, I think I'm catching it!
    Thanks to you, I've been playing with crayons and H2,Os ooh, I like this!!!I love the little pots they come in, just like sweeties.I've lined them all up, in a row on my table. (Think I'm loosing it here!)
    Your tree woman is lovely, wonder what you'll do to her next?

  3. Oh my gosh! I love your tree woman!
    So beautiful......

  4. Lynne! I love this post - art as "a journey" - I love the second pic - and what is that PS thingy going on? - computer? art? - very cool

  5. so much fun to compare and contrast processes of different artists - right now Jeane and you. good fun indeed. do like the PSE stuff very much. Decided I just don't have the patience for the real deal and need to switch to elements. fun and more fun, ascending and waking up and all good things. - xoxoxo

  6. Is it something you're eating, Lynne? You are on such a roll..it's infectious. I love the one with the snake and the botom one with the birds.

  7. gosh, you have been busy. very inspiring, i love all those rich colours.

  8. You have been positively prolific! I love them all but have a soft spot for tree woman because I associate her with you. I really appreciate seeing your process and reading the detailed explanations of materials and methods used. So generous of you! So you!

  9. i think that the two *main* things that triggered this explosion of creative energy came from jesse reno-- what i read about his process...

    the first is that i stopped having an idea of what i was going to paint when i started a piece. and when i thought about it, why would i want to? why limit yourself right off the bat?

    the second is to 'just paint' until things emerge and then pull them/block them out. this creates a tremendously different effect than painting something in.

    these two things change EVERYthing! all of the sudden so much opens up.

    jo, thank you about the photo! i liked it too-- it's one of the few pics i took all day long.

    annette, aren't those twinkling h20s the sweetest?! i'll love seeing what you do with them!

    thank you, lisa!

    jeane, do you mean is it art, computer, or both? i sure don't know! very cool though...

    hi kathy, yeah, PSE is fun, fun, fun. and plenty to do there still... i am tempted by the 'real' PS, though...

    thank you robyn!! wait a minute-- i think i caught it from you!! ; )

    thank you, kate...

  10. kate s., we were posting at the same time...

    thank you... yes, i suppose tree woman is me... i will stick with her and see how she evolves. something needs to happen in the background for sure.

    smiling that you're back!!

  11. I cant believe all the creativity!!! So much to see in this post and I love it all... this mixed up mixed media of yours!
    Unbelievable!!!!! I love how you have used crayons, acrylics, oils, watercolours etc. etc. etc.

  12. hi jacky! so great to see you here! yes, i love mixing it all up... i've been working with all of these things for a couple of years, but they seem to be coming together more completely (for lack of a better word at the moment) now...

  13. Lynne, your paintings are amazing, the first one, that you painted over the scrolly things has an aboriginal feeling to me.

    Just beautiful...


  14. Such a variety of paintings, all with such vivid color palettes. It was very cool to see some of the progress and read about your process.


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