Sunday, August 17, 2008

ashland and back home

but first i must announce who the heart and bone are going to live with!

kathy, my friend, are you reading this? yup! they're coming your way! kathy van kleeck (kvk jewelry) is the name i pulled from the cup, i mean hat. i think that this is all quite serendipitous because on friday i received a wonderful package of beach treasures from her...

she sent two marbles, a bone, multiple pieces of the opaque celadon glass that i love, and pieces of pottery -- not just any pottery pieces, but green ones -- my favorite!! thank you kathy! so glad my little offering will soon be on its way to you!

yeah, she made the little holder for the 'crystal ball' marble. is that cool or what? everything's sitting on the tin they came in... how could i not get carried away taking pics?

thank you everyone who left a comment! i am truly grateful for all of you...

now we're back on I-5, about halfway between ashland and mt. shasta, near the end of the first day. this is the last pic i took... the moon was gorgeous, and look at that mountain. another volcanic peak, but i don't know the name of it.

fast forward to the next morning at 10 a.m.. i'm at my friend anna's house, and roxanne from river garden studio is there, as well as a woman named margie. we're all there to talk about forming some kind of an art group.

i'm going to show you some of the art that these amazing women created...

was i excited after being with these kindred spirits? you guess!!!

we're meeting again in a month, and between now and then we're each going to be working on a book/journal.

this was taken on the final leg of the trip home. i was so tired at this point i could hardly muster the energy to get my camera. was it in my purse? my art bag? on the back floor? or maybe i left it somewhere. oh my, it seemed overwhelming to try and track it down. but that moon... how could i resist? so i scrounged around in my art bag, and sure enough, there it was. one last shot.


  1. beautiful photography, fab art and gorgeous green glass. looking fwd to seeing what comes out of your art group :o)

  2. As usual, this post is loaded with good stuff! It's perfect that Kathy was the winner of the heart and bone! Congratulations Kathy! And oh, how lovely is your package of beach treasures from her! When I was a kid, I was obsessed with fortune telling. I had a miniature Chagga tea set where I would "read" tea leaves and I had a little marble, just like yours, that I sat on a little stand and that was my crystal ball. How exciting about the art group. Judging by the work you showed, this will be a very stimulating experience. Seems like we are both thinking of the moon these days...

  3. Gorgeous moon...and amazing view!!!
    The moon was particularly beautiful last night here too!!! maybe we were gazing at it at the same time! and Kate too... fun! pulls everyone together...

    And what a delectable treasure trove you received.. beautiful worn pieces.. just makes me want to rub every one of them.. funny isn't it how we long to touch certain objects...

    and you are so lucky to be able to get together with so many talented artists.. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. it is so inspiring!! It must make you just want to create so bad, right that very moment!!!

  4. Oh my gosh! Kathy? Kathy V. is the lucky winner of the fabulous heart & bone? Lucky you Kathy! I am green! But as you say, Lynne, very serendipitious! This looks like it will be a very inspiring art group. Will look forward to seeing upcoming work! xxoo

  5. Choc-a-block full of goodies! I've never seen celedon glass...on the beach? The new art group is going to be amazing judging by the gorgeous work you've photographed.

  6. notmassproduced (should you be kate h. henceforth and herewith? : ), yeah, i'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of our group too... have NO idea at this point. i only know that it was tremendously inspiring to be with everyone.

    hi kate, yes, wasn't that a lovely package?

    wow, that is so cool that you had a little crystal ball marble when you were growing up. and you read the tea leaves!! that impresses me! you continue to impress me!

    the moon... yes, i am thinking of the moon these days. but then there aren't many days when i'm not.

    gwen, doesn't it make you want to touch everything?! and lol! you are SO right! it did/does make me want to create so bad!!!!

    jeane, yep, kathy v....

    hey, i've been thinking about this deconstructing thing a lot lately. i seem to be doing so much of it. it mirrors where we are completely-- the constructing and deconstructing thing. evidently i'm doing a lot of tearing down these days.

    robyn, i think this glass used to be dinnerware like my grandmother had. i especially remember the cups and saucers... there was a dump a couple of miles down the beach from port townsend at one time, and all of this stuff comes from there. there's quite a bit of the opaque celadon glass... but still, every time i find a piece i'm delighted!

  7. well, needless to say, I am thrilled! Thank you darling Lynne. The heart is spectacular and your bones are magical. Delectable anticipation - a goodie box on the way!
    Thanks again sweet p,
    p.s. still droolin over that crema

  8. lol, kathy!! so glad i put that crema shot up there!! i'm likely the only person who's ever stopped to photograph the crema in the history of the coffee shop. : )

  9. Hey Lynnie, Thanks for the Mt Shasta pictures and the ones on the road from Ashland. Wow, Mt Shasta sure looked different without the snow. I could picture each stop. I tryed commenting on the bead page at McDonalds but they charge for the WiFi. Back at Panera. LFYS

  10. hi tony and lisa, yeah, it was a wonderful trip... i think it'd be impossible *not* to have a wonderful trip to mt. shasta and ashland, though. but getting together with other art people was really the icing on the cake-- that alone was worth riding in the car for hours...

    hey girlie! i'm glad the comment thing worked this time... mt. shasta looked so different without the snow. i'm smilin' that you could picture each stop. : ) lfys

  11. What an amazing artistic journey I just had, reading through your post! Wow! I feel happily exhausted...
    Love all the jewels you recieved...
    Amazing images of landscape...and THAT moon...she is beautiful:)
    How wonderful to be starting and artist group Lynne. I have been involved in one for over a year now...will look forward in watching and reading about your progress...some amazing artists here...

  12. hi jo, so glad you enjoyed the trip! yes, i'm very happy to be part of an art group with these women. i think it'll be a great adventure. i already feel the impact of our first visit together...

  13. Wonderful image of the moon! And this group sounds wonderful -- such creative and varied photos of their art on this post!

  14. Lynne, what a beautiful post! Your photographs are great, I especially love Anna's painting...I have been so busy with Portland last week and work this week, but I am so excited to get together again! Roxanne


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