Wednesday, August 20, 2008

inside out and upside down

wow, so much to catch up on... it seems like it's been a whirlwind of activity since we got back from our trip. i feel like my painting/creative energy has been turned inside out and upside down...

first something from our trip... i painted this in my green travel journal while we were at the cafe (with the great coffee and delicious scones). drew it with my left hand so i wouldn't get hung up on the Perfect thing.

when we got back, the first thing i did was finish the soul journal page i was working on. our 'assignment' was to cut out silhouettes from a magazine and use them as stencils. what i ended up doing was ripping the silhouettes out of the page i'd originally stenciled them on, and gluing them onto the front and back a sheet of st. armand paper. (satisfied my need for texture)

i glued the figure over the stencil spot on this side (she was covered with black paint at this point). i liked it better this way.

this side is a true stencil.

early in the week robyn at art propelled gave me a heads up about kelly snelling's blog, soul humming, which was full of great info about the jesse reno workshop she'd just attended. from kelly's i went to blogs by other people who'd attended the workshop, and came away fully inspired! on the same day my friend anna (one of the ashland artists whose work is below) told me about studio sfumato. whoa!!!!!! after exploring their website i was about to explode with inspired goodness!!

so i got out the acrylics and started to paint...

and paint...

and paint...

i was completely engrossed in the process of painting these -- i had so much fun! and there are many more in different stages of finished-ness... the last two may or may not be finished. the top one is mail art, so it's (almost) outta here.

yeah, i've got my eye on jesse's website for news of upcoming classes...

some mail goodness that arrived yesterday from kate at this disordered life -- you should've seen my eyes light up at the sight of this envelope!

her zine was inside, along with some extra bits and bobs, one of which went on the back of the (yet to be written on) painting/post card above. nice, huh? thanks, kate!!

one last thing... jeane, at art it shows the progression of one of her pieces here. i met jeane when i was living in port townsend, WA... she's a tremendously talented artist whose paintings evolve over time. i'd be surprised if this one stays the way it is, but i'll keep checking to find out. she's going to show us what happens with it over the next two months.


  1. Lynne - i love your left hand drawing - and your soul journal stuff and your vibrant paintings. They all look wonderful - you have been busy. It's so nice to see my litle extras being used - so quickly. you are so creative.

  2. I expect to get an eyefull when visiting your blog. Both eyes are totally full of all your glorious experiments into Jesse's technique. Love the stencil pages in your soul journal too.

  3. morning Lynne.....I have to say your color sense is really lovely....I actually liked the first acrylic painting you showed....I don't know what mail art is - explain?...your blog inspiring as always....and thank you for the mention! And you were right....the painting has changed...not much, but still in transition...xxo

  4. thanks for the holler, lynne! i'm pretty sure that jesse is coming back to carol parks' studio in october. you might contact her for more info. i believe they are doing a five day master class where everyone stays at carol's house and just paints and paints. but they are also planning a one or two day class as well, last i heard. your paintings are vivacious and alive. kudos!

  5. hi kate, thank you... i love those bits and bobs that you sent... and i love the glassine envelope they were in. that kind of thing just really makes me smile.

    robyn, i'm experimenting away... adding watercolors on top of the acrylic. so far so good! and thank you!

    jeane, mail art is any kind of decorated thing that's going in the mail. have you ever googled mail art? omg, there are people out there who do nothing but mail art, and it is fabulous. that little painting'll be a postcard-- and the back side'll get decorated too. one of the things that i love about mail art is that it is never sold. the idea is that it's free art, period. art for the masses... thank you about the color sense. if i have any it's intuitive, because i can't seem to get behind using something like a color wheel.

    heya kelly! nice to see you here! okay, i'll check with carol, and thanks for the heads up!

  6. oh, my gosh! "mail art"....a whole world that I didn't even know I belonged all those ripped, torn, bits and pieces that lay about in my workspace actually have a name...I just called them junk and used the blank sides to send notes....amazing...thanx for bringing me up to date...J

  7. lol! yeah, jeane, a whole world you didn't even know you belonged to!

    here's a link to ruud janssen's iuoma (international union of mail artists) blog...

    love it...

  8. Tony and i just love Jesse Reno's work.
    Your soul journal is just beautiful.
    We should all have soul journals...

  9. I can feel your enthusiasm from here in Aus!!! Lynne, your post is sparkling with inspiration!!! Thank you for all the links!!!
    Your left handed drawing is are your soul journal pages...Jesse's work is so free and uninhibited it. Soul Humming is sensational too.......and just as I was wanting to pull myself away from this computer!!!

  10. hey tony and lisa, so i was just over at your place asking if you're journaling now... and yeah, jesse's art is wondrous. i 'found' him a couple of years ago in the outsider art section of ebay. i couldn't stop looking at his paintings...

    hi jo! yes, well as you said, when i get enthusiastic about something i'm like a bull at the gate. : ) glad you liked the links!!

  11. Wow! Do you ever spend time not creating? You even create while enjoying a coffee and a scone! I'm impressed! As I am with all your experiments...bursting with colour and energy. Don't stop!

  12. Lynne~ Thanks for stopping by my blog : ) I too just got back from a trip and gosh it can be hard to get back in that part of my brain and stay focused.

  13. I'm new to this blog, so I'm just discovering your fantastic collages and photography, but what I've seen so far is amazing. These are probably some of the most beautiful and interesting collages I've ever seen.

  14. kate, i don't feel like i'm gonna stop any time soon! when it rains it pours!

    hi lisa! heh, i don't think i'm dealing with the focus thing at all... ; )

    arnold, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! i went to your black and white photography blog and your photos are stunning. thank you for you nice words and i hope to see you again!

  15. Such an inspirational post, filled with wonderful art, new blogs/websites to explore, and a sense of abundance. Thanks!

  16. seth... feeling a sense of abundance for sure!


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