Monday, August 11, 2008

tape and pocket houses

more soul journaling...

the assignment for day 9 involved putting various kinds of tape on two pages, so i taped up the front and back of a sheet of heavy watercolor paper from india. duct tape is missing here-- must get duct tape. i think we were supposed to leave the page with just the tape and paint, but i added some strips of tye-died velvet that a friend recently gave me. i tried to take a close-up of the threads that came from unraveling it, but the camera didn't want to focus on them. boy, is this a contrast to the 'soul armour' page that it falls behind in The Book or what?!! i don't know if my eyes are smiling at the contrast or not!

the back... oil pastels, paint, india ink, a strip of muslin, and a piece ripped out of a catalog. oh, and see that beautiful blue green in the upper left corner-- uh huh, that's the black crayola marker smudged around with water.

this is my 'pocket house'. i didn't use a brown paper bag for the pocket, but instead some cool lokta paper i found in my paper drawer. it took about an hour to paint the pocket because the lokta paper is only slightly less absorbent than a sponge. and here's our son, outside the pocket, flying by. being twenty and the beautiful person he is, he needed wings... miss independent said she would tip right over the edge if i made her do a whole family of paper dolls, so i only made one. she had to admit she kinda liked those wings though...

and my neighborhood. i forgot to add the collage elements, so it's just watercolor (twinkling H20s) on st. armand paper-- the back side of the pocket house page. i'd really like to have some of those vertical prayer flags here at our house.

and now for something REALLY important! the incredibly talented caroline douglas has started blogging ... the name of her blog is come clay with me. caroline's work is, well, beyond words... and she is (truly) one of the kindest souls on the planet. go see...


  1. oh wow! these are wonderful - and did i say how much i loooove that gorgeous photo of the table with the cup on it. Is that where yu create. I'm pleased i found u too :o)

  2. thank you notmassproduced! well, i used to create at that table, but then i got a new chair so there wasn't room for the table any more. it's now a table-in-waiting... ready and waiting for when i need more suface area. (we live in a tiny place so everything here is small : )

  3. I am really enjoying your play in all the mediums.. is there anything you don't do?..imagination overflowing...

    Love the bright spots of color that pop out here and there and the texture is marvelous!!

    such fun and so free!!

  4. The more I hear about the decisions made by miss independent, the more I like her! I love the wings and the articulated arms of your son...very playful. And your drawings are so whimsical and fresh. A pleasure to view!

  5. thanks, gwen... yeah, i had to put those bright spots there!

    kate, lol! miss independent is ecstatic that someone's on her side. ; )

  6. well it's a beautiful small space and i admire the fact that you have spare surfaces!! Do u mind if i put a link to u on my blog?

  7. Love your blog. Just found it through Jacky's blog.

    I really like your stacked rocks. I love rocks and all the wonderful photos. I am looking forward to checking out your older posts, you have so much to see.

    Jill in Florida

  8. Hi Lynne! I found your blog through Kathy V's blog! I love checking in on your creative journey. Mostly I love to see what "miss independent" thinks of the whole process! Sounds like your move back to CA was a very good one! Our summer here in PT is hit and miss! Finally back in my studio working! Lisa J. and I working on things for a joint show! Talk soon!

  9. notmassproduced -- i'd be honored! and may i put one to yours on mine?

    hi jill, thanks for stopping by!

    hey jeane! so good to 'see' you! lol! miss independent is entertaining for sure! ; )

    it *is* good to be back in california, although i do miss beach walks. but the sun. i love the sun here. i heard that the port townsend summer has been crazy. i hope you get some warmth and sunshine before winter sets in.

    i'm glad you're in your studio working... i will check your blog so's i can keep up with your creative journey too. : )

  10. Love the first two pieces...the layers, the colours and the texture and am smiling at your son gliding passed the window, LOL.I can hear in your blog voive that you are having such fun.

  11. Lynne, you are such an inspiration. Just looking at your happy pages makes me smile and reach for my arty goodies. I want to play too!

  12. so much depth and mind to these, like layered impressions in memory. Love your cow, too. Hello to the cow from me.

  13. The overlapping designs and textures are incredible on your first two pages, the way you put things together is just wonderful...and your son looks adorable! I'm looking forward to our art group on Thursday! Roxanne

  14. thank you, robyn... yeah, i'm havin' fun... : )

    oh, annette! do play! it'll be full of magic *i know*!

    hi mansuetude, i'll say hi to the cow for sure-- although she seems to find great pleasure in ignoring me. (which makes me like her even more) yes, i think many layers representing many layers here...

    hi roxanne, my bags are almost packed! thank you for the compliment on the first two pieces... i wonder where i want to go with this? it's tremendously gratifying to do pieces like them...

  15. Gee, Miss Independent sounds allot like someone I know!!! 'Me' at the age!!!
    I like those wings you gave your sons paper doll...was that a hint? :) and do you think I should try it? :)...once again Lynne, you have created an amazing amount of artwork here...what a joy to look at it all.

  16. lol, jo! miss independent is alive and kicking in my 52 year old psyche!

    no, the wings weren't a hint... he's off and on his own -- got the independent gene, don't ya know. ; )

    thank you for your sweet words!

  17. Such great texture and so many layers on your two taped pages! So very tactile.


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