Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sun flowers

drying flower heads, snapped at sunset in our non-yard. if you have a minute, click on them... they really are so much nicer full size.

ahhhh, sunlight. what a magician...


  1. such an eye - you are a magician as well. And regarding the previous post - what beautiful pages! Stitching and eyelets and pockets, oh my!
    xoxo - kvk

  2. these are amazing shots!

    Gig Harbor florist

  3. These are wonderful! And even better full size. Are your posted photos automatically clickable or have you figured out how to make them so? I still haven't figured out how to make mine clickable.

  4. thank you, kathy! the stitching and eyelets have my heart. the pockets i'm not so sure about. ; )

    thanks arlene! and thank you for stopping by!

    hi kate, mine are automatically clickable, but i can't figure out how i got them to be that way. i've looked and looked and don't see anything anywhere that has to do with this. SO, i will write a fellow blogger and ask!

    and thank you for the compliment!

  5. I agree, you are definately a magician.
    Those pictures made me get goosebumps! Lovely.

  6. hey - your photos and journals are exquisite - looking fwd to seeing your soul journal stuff - i just about to start the dolls :o)

  7. Beautiful photos especially full size. Thanks to blogging I'm really enjoying taking close ups and little details.

  8. The light in each of these photos is magical.

  9. Hi there....not sure whose blog led me to yours, but I'm glad I stumbled across it! Wonderful stuff!
    (mind if I add you to my "you should check them out" list?)

  10. thank you, annette!

    hi notmassproduced! i'm proceeding with my soul journal -- the page with the cut out squares on it. i'll definitely be checking your dolls!

    robyn, i think blogging has got me taking more of *all* kinds of pics. i was a picture taking fool before, but now it's worse!

    thanks seth. i think the light was really poppin' that night... as i looked at the same flowers tonight,they didn't seem nearly as brilliant.

    hi machinarex, thank you! i just left a comment on your blog... your work is amazing!

  11. Every picture I awed over, then I blew them up... I awed even more!! I love pictures taken in these lighting conditions. You have done a splendid job..

  12. Oh, these are beautiful...and just look at all that LIGHT!!!
    I clicked on the dandelion seed head...and made a wish.
    Thank you Lynne.

  13. Oh, they are lovely!

    The Broken man


  14. What a magician you are with the camera, whoever thought you could capture angel hair at sundown!


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