Thursday, August 28, 2008

maira and more

i was watching jim search through the bargain books at barnes and nobel earlier in the week when i saw a drawing on a spine that looked familiar. hmmmm, what's that? oh my goodness, it's maira kalman's 'the principles of uncertainty' for $3.98! but i already have a copy! i can cut it up! no way! i can give it away! yes!

i'll send it to the first person who says they want it. if you lurk and would like it-- don't hesitate to unlurk! if you live outside the u.s., that's fine!

you can go here to read about it on amazon. this book is such a joy...

i scanned a few pages - it's impossible to pick favorites.

edited to add that it's found a new home in the u.k. - yippee!

i woke up this morning thinking that it's time to get out and wander, visit tree and rock friends that i haven't seen since early summer, before the days of sitting in the creek, beating the heat... we live a few hundred yards from the nat'l forest so it's easy to pack up some stuff and head out. i'm an angle-of-the-sun watcher, and i see it getting lower and lower. cool weather's not far off...

i didn't take a lot of pics, but here are a few.

just after i cross the creek, this soulful trailer.

walking up the dirt road in the nat'l forest, these burls on a stump. how have i missed this all these years?

about a mile up the road i get to the bearing tree. i love this tree and was very happy that they didn't cut it down last spring when they cut down dead trees along the road.

it's huge...

i got off the road and followed a small creek a mile or so west-- every pic that i took along the creek was a dud! but here i am, heading north and out in the sun again. these thistles turn out to be wonderfully photogenic, even in the bright sunlight.

you can see the lava rock outcroppings. i love these... juniper trees often live on these rocks. mindblowing...

a lone bud...

most of the flowers looked like this.

i sat under a juniper tree near these thistles for, well, quite a while. i had some crayons and i painted. eventually i walked back home in the glorious late afternoon sun. felt so great to be out wandering again...


  1. your surroundings look beautiful and very inspiring and i would LOVE that book if it is still up for grabs - and if i win i would be happy to pay you for it and the postage etc those pictures look fab!

  2. oh kate! i'm so happy you want it!! it's yours! no, the postage is on me-- i'll wrap it up and put it in a global priority envelope. send me your mailing address... i still have your envelope but i want to make sure i get it right.

  3. Oh wow...another Maira Kalman fan...I love this book, so will the winner, it's brilliant!!!
    Lynne, those thistles are so stunning, I have never seen them this colour! and that amazing burl...Your surrounds look incredible...thank you for taking us on this journey!!!

  4. HI Lynne,
    SO fun to see your post. I feel like I just went hiking with you. It's beautiful. I don't know this book but it seems I better look into it. I love finding bits of inspiration on your blog!

  5. good morning Lynne - how i love to start my day with coffee in hand and your blog - I must find that book - it looks wonderful - thanks for the hike - it was fun -

  6. oh wow! i think this is the first time i have ever won anything :o) and I've had a really rubbish day so now i am feeling a bit better :o) as if visiting your blog isn't reward enough in itself i will soon be the very happy owner of such a lovely book. thank you so much x

  7. Rats! Snooze and lose. I'll definitely have to look for that little volume. The pics from the hike through your lens (all it's connotations)- wonderful. I agree with Jeane, this is a great way to start the morning. - xoxoxo

  8. jo, isn't this book brilliant? i started to try and describe it but took the easy way out and put a link to amazon instead. and the thistles -- i don't think i've ever seen them this color either, or the way they spread out like that as they're drying.

    hey caroline, come hiking with me ANY time. : ) yes, check this book out...

    good morning, jeane... when i think of people who would like this book, i think of you. she has a genius way of putting words and art together that reminds me of you.

    kate! i'm pretty sure this could not be making you happier than it's making me!!

    thanks kathy -- you would've loved to tromp along in person, and i would've loved your company...

  9. hahah! I got so excited about this artist, I raced over to read the interview and off to amazon in a frenzt to order my own. Thank you so much for this link. I had a few of the max books and LOVED her painting. Now I can savor them. Maraia is my new hero....

  10. I guess I have a hole in my education but I have never heard of Maira Kalman. Thanks so much for bringing her to my attention. I will be on the lookout for her books. So glad that Kate is receiving the book! Fun! Enjoyed walking with you. The burl really spoke to me. It looks like the face of an old man or woman. Years of wisdom embedded in those lines and curves.

  11. hi grrl+dog, you're welcome! as a lurker at your place i'm very happy to see you here, and glad that i could be of help! i love her drawings too-- i gaze at them and try to absorb how she puts colors and lines together. it's so rich what she does.

    hi kate... i can't see a face at all! what i see is an image of a person with their knees drawn up to their chest, and the head sort of tucked down. yes, check out maira's work!

  12. What a great looking book. A new author for me. Lucky Kate!

    Lynne I will join you on a walk any day. Love the bearing tree and the stump with burls....and all your photographs.

  13. Maira's book is a MUST have and one that should be on every shelf.

    Love your blog Lynne!!

  14. robyn, come along any time-- you know you're always welcome. : )

    yes, kelly, it's true... this is one of the MANY books that you've turned me onto. thank you!!!

    welcome home!!

  15. I love your header, you have a beautiful blog.
    I love Babettes Feast as well.

  16. hi lily hydrangea... welcome and thank you!!!

  17. ohh.. those photos of the lone bud and the other ones are so special--pure and mandala like. I have never seen these.

    There is a great little Maria thing on Utube...she's very funny.


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