Friday, February 20, 2009

red angel

red angel, 2/18/09

in case it's not obvious, these faces are from my journal... since i've gotten caught up on pieces for the graffiti wall collaboration, i've been able to work in my journal again. which makes me extremely happy!

a couple of people have asked about left handed drawing... most of the drawings that i've done lately (these faces and the birds before them) were drawn primarily with my left/nondominant hand. i don't have any rules about this -- if i don't like an eye or the the lips after i've drawn them with my left hand, i draw them with my right. and also, i erase until i like what i have. so i don't just draw quickly with my left hand and that's that. in this painting her beak was drawn with my right hand -- there's no way i could draw lines that straight left handed! but her head, wings, eyes, and neck were mostly drawn left handed. i say mostly because if i don't like a particular part of an eye, i erase just that part and redo it with my right hand -- or left. whatever feels right. i've been drawing left handed since i started journaling in 2006 -- it's amazing how much better you get with practice!

if you haven't watched this interview of rosalie gascoigne on jo horswill's blog, mystory, i highly recommend it. this is what rosalie says about art/her work: "It’s not about how it looks, it’s about how you feel about it." yes! thank you, jo, for sharing this video!



  1. I'm loving your red angel. The character and quality of your non dominant drawing - it's purity and nature, just calms and tickles me at the same time!
    xox K

  2. thank you, karin... i'm feeling calmed and tickled reading your words. : ) xo

  3. Red angel/bird, left/right hand - what a combination! Lovely image

  4. Interesting comments re: drawing left handed. I did wonder at some of your writing if you did that with your left hand too. I sometimes write quotes and things in my journal left handed (and I dont know the reason)...pretty scruffy, but I enjoy having to slow down a bit.
    I love your red angel...especially her beak.

  5. try drawing on bumpy bus journeys too - its fun

  6. I love your journal page! I'm big on my journal also! I can't believe how well you can draw with your left hand.... pretty cool!
    I checked out the interview with Rosalie Gascoigne and it was well worth watching! Inspiring!!

  7. Lynne, I love your red angel. I wrote this on Karin's blog and just copied it over here.

    I had a dream that you, Lynne, Laurel (from studio lolo) and I were all living together in a cottage by the sea. It was brilliant.

    You three painted and I just sat and loved everything. You and I were on the couch relaxing and gabbing and Laurel (who is an animal whisperer) was whispering secrets to us to make us feel good. It was working. And as she whispered both you and I would yell Lynne, can you bring me a rum and coke in a tall glass. Lynne said 'in a minute because I'm tying a flag on a tree.'

    It was awesome.

    I think I will copy the above and put it on Lynne's and Laurels blogs so they can share in our (sorry I mean my) dream.

    Love Renee

    p.s. when this really happens I am having a room to myself.

  8. love the red angel and I also loved the interview video at Jo's -

  9. thanks for the link, Lynne. :)

    YOU have VITALITY in your works. I love that & I love that you stretch yourself so much ... and not limiting yourself with rigid rule. I learn a lot from you.

  10. Sounds like fun! I love your red angel!

  11. hi rambling rose! thank you!

    lol, jacky, i don't know the reason i write left handed either. slowing down is sure a nice aspect of it. plus somehow it just seems to be what's called for at times. thank you about the red angel. : )

    smiling, kate! yeah, i will do that...

    hi manon, i'm glad you like the interview. i sure did... and thank you.

    oh, lol, renee! hanging tree flags was a priority over taking rum and cokes to you and karin!! hee! i'm just smiling away at the image of all of us in a cottage by the sea... it's just lovely, isn't it? xo

    p.s. i want a room to myself too -- it doesn't have to be big, just a tiny place in the attic is fine as long as it has a window and i can see the sea. : )

    hey jeane, thank you!

    thank you, michelle. well, i've tried the rules way, and it seems to lead nowhere... as i'm sure you've found yourself... xo

    hi robyn, waving and saying thank you!

    thank you very much, flower girl. : )

  12. Non dominant hand drawing- now there's a great idea for loosening up and letting go of perfection. She's beautiful! and yeah, that was a great video at Jo's.


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