Monday, February 16, 2009

nowHere (nowhere)

nowHere (nowhere), 2/14/09

the words say (for fellow ponderers : )

the search for enlightenment that has remained ever elusive leads you to the same destination, for there is nowhere for you to be beyond where you are right now. so long as you perceive yourself to be short of the mark, you will experience discontentment, regardless of how far you have journeyed.

from 'oneness', by rasha



  1. Hey Lynne,
    Haven't been smiling allot lately...but have been loving coming here quitely and visiting you...Jo xx

  2. hey jo, i've been thinking about you... please stay quiet for as long as you'd like...xxoo

  3. thankyou, I neeeded thst reminder. Lists, always pushing. It's OK to just be.

  4. she looks sad..... very poignant post Lynne. I have noted down that quote from "Oneness" in my journal, I need to read that every so often.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jacky xox

  5. it's so easy to forget is what i find, grrl...

    hi jacky, i don't know if she's sad or not... i just know that i look at her and smile, because she somehow speaks to me.

    thank you! xo

  6. Hi Lynne,

    This quote made me take a deep breathe...and ponder.

    Thank you for posting this. I needed it today (everyday ?).

  7. When I read the quote, I pictured my dog chasing her own tail, as a puppy :) caught up in the searching I often miss my true self, once still, like your image things happen... wonderful post.

  8. Beautiful painting.
    I love the delicate and powerful images you create. The quote is a wonderful reminder of the grace we all need to aspire to but is so elusive.
    I'll have to post this quote on my studio wall for inspiration.

  9. my copy is an absolute fringe of neon stickies and highlighted passages. I need to find this page and mark it as well - please advise.

  10. A point I will ponder over...thanks Lynne.

  11. a self portrait of pondering? :) she makes me smile ... then again, it could be the floating heart that makes me smile ... naw, it's her. :) I love the play on the word for the title - clever and yet, so not trite/flip - (make sense? seems appropriate).

    thank you for being where you are right now.

  12. hey kim, yeah, i could be reminded everyday. : )

    karin, yes... so caught up in the search the self is forgotten. so silly. so simple. what i often say to jim is 'it's so simple!'. so simple and we complicate it...

    hey leanne, thank you so much...

    kathy, i just spent about 10 minutes trying to find the page, but it's eluding me. i'll keep looking and e-mail you... xo

    lol, kate! thank you for the smiles you give me. : )

    you are welcome, robyn...

    hey jeane... yep...

    hi rambling rose!

    michelle... well i didn't come up with this play on words -- i've seen it *somewhere* before. yeah, i think it's perfect. : ) it could be a self portrait of me pondering... i never know about these things. : )

  13. it seems appropriate that the passage is elusive - perfect actually.
    - k

  14. Fabulous quote Lynne! I will ponder this one! I love your painting!

  15. Another great face Lynne. These are yours and no others.

  16. Lynne -this is so true, isn't it?

    Love Renee

  17. thanks, manon!

    gee, thanks seth... i'm honored that you think so!

    yes it is, renee... xo


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