Thursday, February 12, 2009


life and blogging...



  1. good thoughts! the pic is amazing...

  2. Love this shot, Lynne !Happy pondering ! Life and blogging, both are good...

  3. I like your word, make sure to bring it to the pedestal. xooxo

    Love Renee

  4. I often find myself pondering life and other such things ... usually the pondering leads me either to 1) ponder a little more (usually much more obscure thoughts than the original) or 2) create something.

    May your ponderings lead you to a happy understanding. :)

  5. I think I have an overuse injury on my butt from blogging too much.

    Push. Back. That. Chair.

  6. thank you, jeane...

    thank you about the pic, kim. and the wish for happy pondering -- i appreciate it. : )

    lol, sweet renee... i'm bringin' it with me. ; ) xo

    michelle, yes, pondering often leads to those two things for me too. and i can get quite, quite obscure in my ponderings. : )

    may your ponderings lead you to happy understandings too...

    my dear grrl... thank you for the laugh. the thing is to find what's right for us, huh?

  7. stop it, stop it right now - this can't lead anywhere good. ;^)
    I love the photo you chose to accompany your pondering, and I love your shared ponderings...
    xoxo K

  8. karin, rofl!! here i am rolling around on the floor again clutching my sides . ; )

  9. Mmmm I've been doing a lot of pondering lately too....and some of it about blogging...

  10. Great pic! I think I've spent my life pondering maybe too much time!

  11. Very cool pict.
    And I really like your journal pages:) Happy weekend

  12. hi jacky, i can just imagine that you have a lot to ponder now, what with the fires and all... and i think blogging presents much to ponder over... xxoo

    hi manon, thank you! i'm a lifelong ponderer myself. : )

    thank you, christine!


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