Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what the bird said

'what the bird said', 2/21/09

'find yourself', 2/22/09

on saturday i walked past this gate until i'd had enough of walking through soft, melting snow; then i got off the road and headed up the south facing slope to my left, where the ground was mostly bare.

i hung out with the rocks and juniper trees for the first time since early november. it was nice! this stretch must have been a giant lava flow at one time, and now these peaky, pinnacle-y rocks are just downright magical.

every few steps you see a juniper that's been there for hundreds of years. being with them is like visiting all of the old, wise people you ever knew. you feel like you're about to burst with goodness after a few hours with them...



  1. WOW! The juniper tree is amazing! What beautiful landscape you get to walk through!
    Love the bird!

  2. I love the bird. So sweet and lively.
    And your landscapes are beautiful wish I could explore them in person but you bring them to us in your photos.
    Thanks for sharing your beauty.

  3. Been meaning to tell you for ages - your eyes! All of your painted eyes seem amazingly real and, don't take this as a bad thing, eerily penetrating. I love that your figures, portraits, illustrations have a minimal basis in realism, but are so REAL and engaging! Does that make sense?

  4. Oh I love your bird - that expression of wise knowing with a hint of taking it all as a bit humorous, just makes me smile. I agree with kvk, your eyes are wonderfully engaging and highly expressive. the woven background is really cool, too.

    The landscape and trees are magical. I so crave a good dose of nature - thank you for giving me a taste.
    xoxo K

  5. Beautiful walk...

    I love Da Bird !

    Happy trails !

  6. Lynne - oh, so love 'bird' - enlarged the photos and just was blown away by the lava bed - what a gorgeous photo

  7. Oh, this is such the best thing about hiking/camping, all this wideness and infinitude! I love these photos.

    Your bird? AWESOME! Love me the birdies.

  8. Thank you for letting us walk with you! Beautiful post!
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Such a regal tree. But what really draws me in are the two pages!! Winners yet again!!

  10. heads or tails? ... heads or tails? BOTH! oh yeah, good pages, Lynn. :)

    How many pictures did you actually take while you were oout? just curious. I have always loved seeing trees/plants that seem to be growing right out of stone. Feels hopeful.

  11. yes...the ents are all speaking and wakin gup now from their sleep...

  12. I'm lovin your watercolors!!...knitting, tree flags and more!!

    I've been away and I dislocated my shoulder. I always feel like I miss so much in blogland when I don't check in.

    keep it up, Lynne.

  13. hey manon -- thank you! i do love this place...

    hi leanne, thank you... i didn't think he came across on the screen, but maybe he does!

    well, YEAH! it makes perfect sense my friend!! and thank you about the eyes. when it came to me to paint them like this, i felt that i could happily proceed with painting faces. : )

    karin, i would send all of these rocks and trees through the screen to you if i could. and thank you. : )

    thank you, kim! i almost didn't post him because he looked pretty flat to me on the screen... so i'm glad i left him!

    thanks, jeane... the sun was coming into the lens so it gave the photo a surreal look. love serendipity as it relates to photography or *anything*! of course taking pics looking into the sun is one of my fav things in general...

    hey chris! thank you! yes to the infinitude of nature -- it's positively expansive!!

    thank *you*, michelle for coming along and taking the time to leave a comment!

    why thanks, seth... as i said above, i don't think the bird comes across -- or the other page either! but maybe they do!!

    thank you, michelle... i agree about seeing trees growing out of rocks seeming hopeful. there are *so many* trees growing out of rocks here that you feel practically overflowing with joy and hope after you leave them!

    heyya grrl... i'm not sure if they're coming out or we're waking up!

    thank you so much, b & w!

    hi karen, i hope you had a peaceful, healing time while you were gone... and are just easing yourself back gently! xxoo

  14. I love your journal pages, particularly quirky bird! Thanks for the walk.

  15. Thank you for sharing this walk... so lovely and ancient.... soon my walking days will be back! Have a great weekend! Roxanne

  16. beautiful photos - and I really loved the music to yarn bomb by -

  17. This is a beautiful place. I will stop by again, thank you x

  18. My God, and I am not kidding. How I love this bird.

    How I love this bird. Let me count the ways. To the depth and breath.......



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