Friday, February 13, 2009

holy fallout

What is that luminous rain I see
All around you in the future

Sweeping in from the east plain?

It looks like, O it looks like
Holy fallout

Filling your mouth and palms With Joy!

from 'There Could Be Holy Fallout'

. . .

approx. 8" x 8"

this is what the piece of canvas i showed you last week looks like now, thanks to seth and julie...

approx 16" x 20"

seth says it so well (here)...

"Turns out, once you start... tearing
art apart is not so hard after all!"

still pondering...

: )



  1. your piece illustrates the poem brilliantly!

    I have to admit that I am liking what's happening with the ripped up pieces parts ... though I still don't really believe Seth. :)

    AND ... if I could shrink myself, I would so love to do so and sit right in that spot that you photographed. *sighs*

  2. Oh to have my mouth and palms filled with joy ! Happens some days, doesn't it ? May it be more often of us all !

    (Your project with Julie and Seth is getting really juicy !)

  3. dear lynne, your poem and painting are so lovely together and the title of this post makes me happy..."holy fallout..." I need some!
    And watching your project with Seth and Julie unfold is so fascinating...
    I know you are pondering, but thank you for sharing your work and corners of your world on your blog. How else would we see it? love, Roxanne

  4. Wow- your project looks really amazing, Lynne!!

    Is it wrong that I went to bed with your and Seth's papers last night???

  5. Love the holy fallout painting..... just right for the poem.

    Enjoying the rip canvas too and am so pleased you are sharing this project.

  6. Lynne...the wall of papers is looking incredible already. Such a blast of color. And the pondering. Hmmm. Now you have me pondering about what you are pondering about!

  7. I like your art..(first time visitor)..very colorful and enjoyable to look at..

  8. thank you, michelle... and i believe you would be a beautiful addition to that spot in the picture if you shrunk yourself down. : )

    yes, kim it does... some days... and thank you about the project piece!

    thank you for all of your kind words, roxanne... here's to holy fallout falling on us all... xo

    lol, julie, you are funny. : ) and thank you!!

    thank you, robyn...

    and, as usual, thank *you* kate.

    lol, seth -- don't go there! we ponderers will handle it! although, heh, i know as a good virgo you're gonna have to do some pondering. ; )

    thank you very much, orly. i love your art.

  9. That canvas is incredible Lynne, I love the thought of tearing/ripping art pieces. Daunting, but must also be exhilarating.

    I love your piece Holy Fallout and the poem...thanks for sharing!

  10. I LOVE that first piece. I'm really enjoying this project you're working on with Seth and Julie. The anticipation is killing me. ♥


  11. hi carmen, thank you so much. honestly, i'm quite astounded at how beautiful the ripped up and glued down papers are (for the project with seth and julie)... i'm not sure how much writing over them i'm going to be able to do!


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