Friday, February 6, 2009

w i p

the center of my canvas for our graffiti wall collaboration... no gluing yet.

below are bits of the papers that i've received from seth and julie... i've just started to rip and glue, which i must say is an awful lot of fun.

these are from julie,

and these are from seth.

me for round two...

as of two days ago i'm sticking with neutral pieces. (okay, i'm gonna try)

the things i've used most...

raw umber, sepia, black, yellow brown, and brown pink sennelier oil pastels. ohhhh, brown pink! i like to just say 'brown pink' -- only right brain can grok brown pink!!

my trusty portfolio oil pastels... rust has seen a lot of use.

my water bottle. thanks jeane.

pan pastels -- black and umber. a friend gave me these and i love them. much more subtle than oil pastels -- great for old-i-fying and shading.

what would i do without these? i also used ranger alcohol inks (in the little bottles) a lot. intense, permanent color, and it goes nuts spreading around. i like to drop it on and see what it'll do.

which is what i did here on the right page. these two journal pages have been a work in progress for weeks now... i said 'enough!' this week and finished them. since i wasn't crazy about either page, i paper clipped something else onto each one. the left page is covered up with the vellum page protector that i use to keep paint off the page before and after the one i'm working on. i love the way they get all multicolored and beat up...

and last but not least, my fortune from last week's teriyaki tofu... this i wanted to share because it's the most cryptic fortune i've ever gotten, and it makes me laugh every time i read it. for a while i was getting ones like 'a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush', or, 'a rolling stone gathers no moss'. what??? those aren't fortunes! i was beginning to have my doubts about the fortune cookie industry... well, i guess i still am...



  1. I'm starting to get a little complex're having way too much fun destroying my art! LOL Go at it, Lynne!! Yee haw!

    Also neat idea to have a supply tour...things get packed away and I forget about them...nice refresher!

  2. What a lovely post and I love all of your supplies...LOL Aren't Portfolio's the BEST!!!! Looking foward to getting to know you better! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Great to see what you are doing with the grafitti wall. And I agree with Julie...the supply tour was really inspiring.

  4. I'm enjoying watching your art adventures Lynne. It's going to be fun seeing how the collaboration develops.

  5. Lynne, this is going to be some collaboration! I'm already loving it, and the idea too.
    Hmmm of course I like the sounds of neutrals :) will look forward to seeing how you respond to such a limited palette.
    I love seeing your art supplies Lynne...I have some the same. I love the look of those pan pastels!!!
    Your spray bottle is just like mine (blue glass)...mines in the fridge with rose water in it today. We are battering down the hatches for a record breaking hot and windy day! As we say down under it's going to be a "scorcher".

  6. What wonderful art you have been sent to "rip up". I am soooo looking forward seeing your work for this project...mmmm neutral shades looks lovely. I always admire them in other peoples art but have so much trouble sticking to them when I am creating.
    Loved seeing the pastels, inks etc. that you use in your art!!!

    Like Jo we're battoning down the hatches too. We have fires in very close proximity and have been on fire alert for a couple of days. Pretty scary, getting close to deciding whether to stay or go. The boys want to stay, I'm a scaredy cat and think we should go. Can always replace material things. Keep your fingers crossed that the winds dont change today for us. A cool change maybe later tonight, so hopefully some respite. Summer can be scary living in the bush.

    Jacky xox

  7. thoughts of ripping up another artists work makes me tremble ... part is thrilled at the thought & the other absolutely beside myself with horror. funny, eh? :)

    you've got some great pages to play with. looking forward to the next wall update.

    ps - thank you for your kind, kind words & heart. much appreciated.

  8. lol, julie! seriously, if this work wasn't meant to be ripped up, i wouldn't be able to tear even a tiny corner off... xo

    hello studio at crow haven farm! thank you so much! and likewise!

    hi seth, well i haven't done much yet to 'the wall', but i did start ripping and gluing last night. i'm going slowly, feeling my way as i go...

    hi robyn, yes, it'll be interesting for me to see how this goes too. i've never done anything like it...

    lol, jo, i don't know how i'll respond to a more limited palette -- i'm making an effort though. actually, i seem to do okay with warm neutrals, but cool ones are another matter. those pan pastels are definitely worth checking out... *really* nice. i'm sending you cooling thoughts...

    hee,jacky, i'm not one to stick to neutrals myself! it's so easy to veer away. ; ) please be safe my friend... this is the way our summer was last year. almost surreal, it was...

    hi michelle, well, if it wasn't made to rip up, believe me, i'd be trembling too... but i do love ripping up this 'rippable' art. and you are so welcome for those words... i couldn't have meant them more. xo

  9. I'm really getting the full scope of this project now (I'm a bit slow on the uptake - like I still can't figure out w i p), and it's pretty dang cool!
    don't you love those pan pastels? i've been gradually adding colors to my stash :) loved seeing your collection of supplies, and look forward to the evolution of the graffiti wall. How many paper exchanges will there be layered on there?

  10. Stunning post, love all those pictures! You have been tagget over at my blog. No obligation, it's up to you.

  11. lol, karin, it took me a while to get 'w i p' too... work in progress. i think i saw it spelled out somewhere -- i didn't just figure it out on my own. ;) yeah, i LOVE those pan pastels! as for the number of paper exchanges, i'm not sure. i think 3 should do it. xxoo

    thank you b & w! i'll play on my next post!

  12. Love these pages so much. I would love to touch them. They invite someone to touch them and explore the boundaries of your books. Thanks for showing all your tools. That's always fun to see.

  13. love your fortune cookie conversation; i often wondered about them, too. Lame this one is not, though "South" could be your toe, so watch out!


    got snow last week and now its heading towards 65; I am thrilled.

  14. The project looks like so much fun! I am going to enjoy seeing what you all cook up.

    And the pan pastels. I never heard of those. Google, here I come.

  15. Wonderful post...nothing more exciting than seeing collage papers, saved scraps...and oh, those oil pastels. I just bought one of the Distress Inks and can't wait to use it and the pan pastel is new to me!

  16. What an amazing progression, and what amazing fun you are having! I love the photo's of Seth and Julie's papers, and your supplies... good luck with going neutral! Have a beautiful Sunday... Roxanne

  17. hey leanne, you're welcome, and thank *you*!

    lol, m.! i pondered 'south' for quite some time! also 'coming afternoon'... was that this coming afternoon or some other 'coming afternoon? : )

    hi leslie, oh, check out the pan pastels -- they're in a class by themselves...

    mary ann, i think you'll love the distress ink. i started out with a couple of colors and now i've got 8, i think. very versatile... thank you for your nice words!

    lol, roxanne! i''m taking *your* advice and going neutral! okay, more neutral... i think pure neutral is beyond me at this point. xo

  18. you must feel like a kid in a candy story! - all this lush material from your collaborators and your supplies! - I have to say, I very seldom stray from my tried and true art supplies, but you have really tempted me to try some of these other dodahs - some are completely new to me!

  19. wow that fortune cookie does not fool around, does it?

    and I'm loving the messy free loosness of your pages... they are a breath of fresh air..

  20. jeane, i think you would love the pan pastels... and of course the sennelier brown pink is *your* color.

    lol, grrl, no it doesn't... thank you about the papers. xo

  21. Art, like humanity itself, is a wonderful WIP.

    Each canvas is different, too.

  22. Hi Lynne,
    I don't know how I found your blog but I love it!
    BTW.... Portfolio pastels rock!!

  23. hello, david... yes, each canvas is vastly different, inherently unique. thank you for stopping by...

    hi manon, thank you! and i love yours! and i do love portfolio oil pastels. they're essential...

  24. hey lynne,
    love the music notes in back of one of the collages (i think you got from a friend) and so cool to see all of the supplies that inspire you - maybe after the show i will do the same:) i like your posts... they are full of different things and something i can really bite my teeth into to get inspiration. ok. have to stop typing, my left arm is hurting from my tetanus shot today:(... at least i don't have to worry about getting poked with rusty objects in india!
    xo+gratitude for you and your blog


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