Sunday, February 15, 2009

LuminArte 40% off sale

LuminArte, the company that makes the twinkling H2Os that i paint with, is going out of business. all of their products have been marked down 40%, even though it doesn't say this on their website. they sent an e-mail to their customers on friday with this information... the sale isn't limited to recipients of the e-mail -- anyone can take advantage of these savings. i love these paints because they're highly pigmented and most colors have no 'chalkiness' (i don't know what the proper term is here), so you can blend to your heart's content and not get muddy colors.

below are my color sheets (i did not make these; i was not that smart. my friend leigh did and i am forever grateful to her!) -- it gives you a bit of an idea of what some of the colors look like.

click to enlarge

if you want to order but feel hesitant because the 40% off price isn't reflected on their website, you can always call...

edited to add:
if you order online the 40% off price isn't reflected on the invoice that you receive via e-mail, so i'll post the response that i got from customer service when i asked about that.

Dear Lynne~ Yes, we will take the discount off when we get the orders off of the
website... Best, Courtney



  1. OMG! are you buying them out! geez, don't you just hate when something you love and rely on goes away? - alas-thanks for the heads up!

  2. lol, jeane! no, i only bought about 15 colors -- my favs. it *was* a bit of a shock to find out that they're going out of business, but i'm trusting that a new perfect paint will present itself. : )

  3. Thanks for the info Lynne! I've had them on my to buy list for awhile. Sorry to hear that they're going out of business.

  4. i did click to enlarge - i love those sketchbook pages - little blobs of colourful wateryness - just lovely

  5. Ugh, that sucks, I love the Twinkling H2os. The good thing is, they last forever, so if we stock up now....

  6. Shocking news...these are so popular!! Don't they also make a lot of fabric paint?

    You are inspiring, Lynne....I have a huge set of these paints...never use them. I will get them out today!

  7. am happy that you at least got the heads up in order to gather up those favorites of yours ... looks like there's going to be some fun explorations happening. :)

  8. Once again, thanks Lynne, for all your inspiration!

  9. bummer... and now to shop..*running off brandishing her abused plastic..*

  10. hi manon -- yes, check them out! i think you'll really like them!

    : ) kate

    hey cynjon, yeah, my thinking exactly.

    julie, they make other paints, but i've never investigated them... do try them -- they're really nice. (and thank you! : )

    hi michelle, yeah, i appreciate the heads up!

    caroline, you are welcome -- and ditto!!

    grrl, the plastic must be used! in this case i believe it's necessary. ; )

  11. The funny thing is, I *almost* brought some of my cakes up to the bundle assembling party to break apart and place inside some of the bundles...sure am glad I didn't now!


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