Thursday, February 19, 2009

loose ends

tying them up...

i love black and white tagged me to show the 6th photo in the 6th folder... it's a bead photo in a folder of bead photos i'd forgotten about! for pure visual delight check out this post of covers for manholes and miscellaneous underground things on i love black and white's blog...

and i want to thank robyn at art propelled for awarding me with the proximidade blog award. thank you, robyn... it's an honor...

after much pondering i've decided to post shorter posts more often, and talk less... please know that if you feel like waving as you pass by instead of commenting, i'll see you. sometimes i find myself wishing that bloggers would slow down with posting because i can't keep up with commenting! so, yeah, feel free to wave!



  1. Hi,
    Dear lynne,I really like your long posts with lots of fantastic word and artworks!please continue in this way!your posts are wonderful!

  2. Waving and commenting!
    I love the bead and I just checked out i love black and white's manhole post. I'll definitely go back and take a look around!

  3. Lynne hoppe, Thank you for this beautiful "bead - heart". Love your posts! and waving!

  4. Waving and smiling and then waving some more!

  5. Hey Lynne,
    I love you bead - it has such a strong presence. nice that you got to revisit a forgotten friend :)
    xox K

  6. doing "the" wave!

    long and short ... am hoping you decide to mix it up once in a while.

    Congratulations on receiving the award - well deserved!

  7. Yeah, but did you thank your mom and dad? And the little people? and basically, me? LOVE this piece!

    I am waving lots and lots and getting kicked out of class again.

    Now I have to go look at the link some more. Really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  8. hi parisa, thank you for your honest feedback -- i appreciate it! i'm always happy when i see you here! xo

    hey manon - thank you! yes, those covers are worthy of further investigation!

    hi b& w, and waving back!

    thank you, leslie! and i do appreciate your wave!

    mary ann, now *i'm* smiling -- and waving! : )

    hi karin, yes, it was nice to revisit it. i remember making it distinctly, and probably should have told that story in the post! i was at a loss for what to do that would make it a 'non-boring' bead, so i grabbed the spiral press and just pressed down quickly without thinking about it (not my usual virgo approach ; ). then i added the circles on the left edge and was duly amazed by what happened with virtually no thought on my part. : )

    waving back, jeane!

    thank you michelle for the congratulations and posting feedback... i appreciate both! xo

    lol, chris... you're not getting kicked out of *this* class! thank you about the bead... and yes, right now i am thanking all of those people -- especially you for reminding me...

    smiling, jo... and blowing you a kiss right back. xo

  9. Waving at ya...and saying a big ol' Thank You for the gifties! Keep an eye on your mailbox!

  10. hey cynjon -- waving back! and you are welcome!! xo


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