Wednesday, February 18, 2009

any choice

any choice, 2/16/09



  1. I really like the colors around her face. Sugary sweet.

  2. Love the pasty face and the script.
    Amazing axpression!

  3. we are so in the same place -
    kind of takes my breath away

  4. Lynne... very deep... I think I know what you are getting at. Any choice you make is right...
    Did you use your left hand? I love how you challenge yourself...(I probably said that before!) love, Roxanne

  5. Thank you for sharing...I love your work and what you say! I hear you! LOL

  6. I love these beings !

    "Any choice...just make one already!" are my words to my self some days !


  7. There's something whimsical, poetic and mysterious about your drawings. I love the handwritten dialog in the back ground.


  8. question ... are these illustrations bits of meditation?

    they seem to have that personal quiteness/thoughtfulness about them. just curious. :)

  9. Such a face...those eyes and the writing...expression of the heart.

  10. thank you, rosemoo!

    i drew her with my left hand, b & w... i do erase if i don't like what i draw, but mostly they come from having a feeling about how everything should be, and then just drawing it with my left (nondominant) hand. and thank you!

    kathy... xo

    hi manon, thank you!

    jeane, xo back

    hi roxanne, yeah, i used my left hand. : ) xo

    thank you, michelle!

    thank you, kim. and lol, definitely what i do some days... what i'm looking at is whether i'm making choices that resonate with me, or whether they're coming from a sense of 'should'... xo

    hi lisa, thank you... i sure do love drawing and painting them -- left handed so they aren't uptight. ; )

    hey michelle, each one is a daily page in my journal. lately i happen to be on a face kick. i've just been getting back to my journal after a month away working on pieces for the project with seth and julie... xo

    thank you, mary ann...

  11. The colors on this one are just right!!

  12. Thank you for being so generous to share your pondering.
    This painting just touched my heart. The colors are beautiful as well as the words.

  13. I love your pondering heads
    I love their sparseness
    I love my visits over here
    and that color chart is lovely as well...

    xox - eb.

  14. thank you, seth...

    oh, leanne -- thank *you* for the words that you share here.

    thank you, sweet eb... xo


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