Monday, July 25, 2011

watercolors, casein paint and pogo print in milton book

the pogo print is of a photograph that i saw on tumblr. i made the image as full sized as it would go, then i took a picture of it and printed it out on the pogo printer. somehow it seems amazing to me that i can take a digital picture of a digital image and then print it out on 'paper'!

colored pencil, watercolors, gouache, oil pastel and pogo print

some people have asked how accurate the pogo prints are, and the answer is, it depends... sometimes they're accurate, and sometimes they're not. it helps to fool around with your camera settings and see what works best. but in the end i try to be happy with whatever comes out - i think of the printer as an artist who has her own mind about the way things should look. ; )

* * *

'curtain call' ~ andrew wyeth

“There are no rules in my work. I don’t really have studios. I wander around — around people’s attics, out in fields, in cellars, any place I find that excites me. I dream a lot. I do more painting when I’m not painting. It’s in the subconscious. I begin to see an emotion building up in my mind before I ever put it down on the panel… Sometimes I do my best work after the models have gone away, purely from memory. And that’s what makes me laugh when critics say I’m photographic. I’m not photographic at all. Nothing against the camera, but it doesn’t work with me.”

~Andrew Wyeth, via tumblr



  1. Love the bunny hug and the Whitman quote. Comes from deep inside the heart as only you can do!

    I love this line from Wyeth: "I do more painting when I’m not painting."
    Yes, I understand this. And they look so much nicer, he didn't add that part because for him this probably wasn't true!

    Right now there a a rain storm of moths banging against my windows sounding like a summer rain. Strangely creepy and weird!!

  2. I was in your neck of the woods for the past five days (Shasta, Klamath, then off to Bandon, Oregon by the ocean. I thought of you SO many times...when I saw all the drift wood on the beach (oh...Lynne would like these), when I saw flags here and there, when I would pick up rocks and think what it would look like painted. It was nice to have you along with me!! Thanks for being there.

  3. Love the Wyeth quote - it's how I picture you - wandering around - out in the woods, making art & making art in old found books . . . dreaming of art -
    beautiful photo of the girl & it is wild how we take great finds and transform them digitally to make them be what we see -- and then share that!

  4. I sometimes think of my camera that way - she is capable of more stuff than I will every choose to learn, but I just press the buttons and get what I get to work with.

    I think I just may need a little pogo fun in my life...

    Happy Tuesday, Artist Heart

  5. it must be a wonderful thing to be discovered by you on tumbler...and to find ones way into such capable hands, to reside beneath such wisdom, and forever hold a small warm blooded creature, in a white tutu, barefoot and open hearted.

  6. great whitman quote... one of my favs and yummy pages...

  7. What inspiration you give to me..Wyeth my favorite...I have put your area on my bucket list to visit..

  8. LOVE Wyeth's work. great quotes this post, really love your pages too.

  9. Just love your pages! The picture of a picture is so perfect and yes, the pogo is mercurial. Isn't that what makes any -thing or any -one interesting?
    I envy how you have the self control to just print out one or two pogos at a time. DH and I went to the beach for breakfast on Sunday and I am now printing my 11th pogo print of our day. I've been sticking them down on an 8 1/2 x 11 journal page that now has a watercolor background of beach and sky. So many pictures, so little time...

  10. I often take pictures of the tv! They come out surprisingly well. I love the Wyeth painting and quote of how he works-especially the part about doing more painting when he is not painting.

  11. Oh Lynne these pages are so beautifully made, great quote, love your work.
    Hugs Anni


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