Thursday, July 14, 2011

'her wings were invisible' ~ oil pastels, gouache and casein paint on plaster, 5" x 7"

i'm still working in the milton book every day, but also outside of it. a few days ago i saw rebecca's painting on cracked plaster and i was tee-totally smitten! i had to try it! so out came my copy of "Plaster Studio: Mixed-Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Carving" by Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee... much ado later, i had this. i will definitely be doing more. it just felt great to paint on this surface, although i'm having to relearn how to work on plaster since i'm no longer using acrylics. i've got to rethink the order of things... thank you rebecca, stephanie, and judy!!

more stuff outside my journal... teabag on muslin flag and colored pencil on bone. this is what i took out walking with me today to leave as gifts...

it's glorious out there! the shasta lilies are starting to bloom and the indian paintbrush is still blooming!

heart rocks at every turn...

and always, tree love...

* * *

via tumblr ~ thanks leslie!



  1. Where do you find time for it all?! You are an inspiration. Love this plaster girl! I think her eyes look bruised because people keep telling her to grow up, that she doesn't have wings. They just laugh when she tells them that her wings are invisible. She finds this a very difficult situation. Still she keeps looking for that one person who will believe her. She will not give up hope. Actually that's her name, "Hope".

  2. i am right beside you,
    smitten to the core with this ancient white powder.

    we hummingbirds sipping indian paintbrush, sharing the pollen of inspiration.

    let's never stop!

  3. You are amazing! I just ordered the book, and can't wait to get plastered, too. :0) Just what I need, another thing to add to my long list of things I want to do. Life is too short!

  4. love the 'lady in plaster!' - and your gifts to Mother Earth are inspirational - but look what she gives back - wow - it is gorgeous where you are! And I think it's truly magical how many heart rocks you find :-)

  5. i am loving the plaster . i need to get with it and try some.

  6. The cracks in the first piece give it so much character. I will be digging into their book soon myself.

  7. Love the plaster effects ! gorgeous !

    And your walk and the gifts you bring make me smile and smile..

    Love you, Beautiful Heart.

  8. Lynne, I think painting on plaster might be a bit like painting on pottery. Surface really draws in alot of paint, colors tend to 'bleed' a bit. love that quote by Jung.

  9. I just read about another blogger painting on plaster, It seems to keep coming up and nudging me to give it a try!
    If I didn't already say (I was having a hard time with my commenting with dial-up) It's so nice to see your faces on my blogroll again.

    xoxo Kim

  10. Now I know why when you moved to where you are that you never left. It has Magic..

  11. hello,
    your plaster piece is wonderful, i love how you were inspired to use color. thank you for sharing your walk with us!

  12. love the quote- i can remember my days filled with outdoor adventures. Your creative works are as beautiful as ever. Am really looking forward to seeing how the muslin mini flags do outdoors. Have a great weekend Lynne!

  13. Hi Lynne, I'm still reading and looking at your blog, just not enough time lately for leaving comments. As always, I enjoy seeing your work and especially the pieces you leave outside. It is fun to watch them do their thing.

  14. Plaster girl is so beautiful, but she looks sad. And that quote is about 750% right... I wish I'd known it sooner...

  15. Love your painting on cracked plaster Lynn. When I think back a few years and see in my minds eye the evolution of your portraits I smile to see you walk your path so beautifully.

  16. fabulous art and sentiments as always here. i love the way your work develops. x

  17. I love your face on the plaster! Wow!

  18. Hi lynne, wish l lived near you to just find one of your gifts. I too leave gifts around when l go out foe a walk but don't know anyone else around me that does.x love your images on this blog todayx lynda


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