Friday, July 29, 2011

prismacolor pencils on western red cedar branch and creek rock

i drew the heart on the rock and then i thought, hmmmm... i could put this rock in the crook of this stick... and then i was delighted, hee! i've been working on this stick on and off all summer...

a poor pic of some of it... it's leaning near my chair - i like to gaze at it...

by the time this post goes up i'll be in ashland, oregon with the lovely roxanne, and the women in this post. we're getting together for another show, and i really do imagine i'll be laughing and talking up a storm right about now...

* * *

“The real artist’s work is a surprise to himself.”

~ Robert Henri, via Mary Ann Wakeley's tumblr



  1. lovely....
    a heart in the crook
    of friends!


  2. Love the branch - and the heart-rock is just perfect. Have a good show - and isn't laughing & talking with your women friends the best!

  3. Gosh, I wish I was in your back pack going to Ashland! Have a fabulous time with your pal. Love, sus

  4. i know you will have a great show and much fun with R... enjoy each moment...xo

  5. hope you are having a wonderful time!!!

  6. sounds like a wonderful time to spend with artist friends! savour and enjoy! hope your show is a great success!

    and in the spirit of your quote you always surprise and delight!

  7. Your heart stick is beautiful !

    Thinking of you laughing, and laughing...

  8. Faboo, my friend! I hope you had a terrific show!

  9. It looks so lovely, but more wonderful is how it makes you feel. When I finish something I love I put it on the shelf beside my bed so when I wake up I see it and it makes me happy first thing in the morning. A great way to begin the day! Hope you are having a wonderful time with friends!


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