Friday, July 1, 2011

angel tina ~ derwent drawing pencil, watercolors, gouache, china ink & oil pastels - 4" x 6"

angel tina was the last tina that i painted... as you can see i was seriously veering away from the simple china ink and watercolors idea. at one point i wiped about 3/4 of her off and thought (something like) "i can't do this. this is too hard." there are a lot of times when i feel that painting requires me to dig way deeper than i really want to dig. or maybe it's let go way more than i want to let go... it sure isn't always easy. anyway, as is often the case, my favorite things about her were caused by sheer accident in the process of wiping stuff off.

i drew her with a venetian red derwent drawing pencil. that is one sweet pencil...

* * *

prismacolor pencils on a piece of bone - stuck in the bark of a cedar tree



  1. All the tina's are a point of departure but I love them too! I love your comments on process and it is exciting when the best thing about a painting happens by accident!

  2. I heart a heart.

    LERVE that bark surpise.

  3. The Tinas took you on quite a jaunty journey, Beautiful Artist One. Love to see the discovery and the experimentation. Another example of how the creative force sometimes just moves through us to be released into the world.
    I love the heart stick in the tree. What a beautiful love offering.
    Have a wonderful long weekend !

  4. lynne, what a wonderful post. I am diving in to my art journal today- with some fear of the unknown, but am going to heed the words of a very very wise woman(YOU) and let myself feel these feelings and trust that there is something to receive on the other side. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for these words today. Angel Tina was heaven sent!

  5. I really love the look in angel tina's eyes, Lynne.

    What you say about digging deep and wiping away, I find myself doing that, too. The family portraits I did recently made me dig waaaay deep, which is why they took so very long to finish.

    When I'm almost finshed with a painting like this, I love to wipe away bits here and there to uncover the beautiful secret colors and textures hidden beneath the surface. It's like learning more about a person, the longer you know them.

    The struggle is definitely worth the effort, in the end. Your art is a testament to that. I love your new portraits, and I really (really!) appreciate your honesty and generosity in sharing your process, and your struggles.

    Love and hugs, dear woman,

  6. She is lovely and wistful, love that foggy background

  7. you continue to amaze me Lynn - your work is maturing so much xo

  8. Hi Lynne,
    I discovered this book too, and like you, I was immediately drawn to those faces! I found a u-tube video of Tina Berning painting a face with such ease. I couldn't reproduce that, but I did learn a few things from my tries. It is hard work! I think yours are beautiful!

  9. some how it is encouraging to hear that painting is not always easy for you.
    I struggle with it. I will stare at a sketch that I want to paint for days or weeks before touching it, fearful of not being able to honor the sketch or ruin it or or or.....

    this turned out wonderful.
    what does 'tina' mean to you?

    The photograph of your bone heart is wonderful.

  10. Letting go of the "shovel" to dig deep

    Dear guru. That b beautiful !

  11. She is soft and so lovely to me. I love that you are digging deeper. What happening is amazing. And I love watching you change and grow as you dig, (or just rest by the creek). happy sunday dear one. roxanne

  12. I like what I see..As you are digging deeper..I think there is a lot to uncover in your creative world. You inspire and it makes all of us to dig deeper..Thank you my friend.

  13. Love the Tina! and love your words about digging deep, and sometimes thinking this is too hard... Ive been there lately, and can be exhausted after doing some painting on plaster (which is all new to me... both the painting and the plaster). Keep on working at it, your pieces are so very lovely!


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