Monday, July 18, 2011

a little

analyzing the surface of audrey


so i don't think that i made it very clear as to exactly *why* i'd be putting a fixative on beeswax except to keep the pages in my book from sticking together... the other reason is that i'm getting ready to be part of a show at the end of the month, and i can't sell these pieces unless they have some kind of protective fixative on them. i typed in all of the stuff that's on the surface of the wax on audrey... she was painted on the teabag too, but then this stuff was added to bring out what was underneath...

yeah, so that's why... ; )

if you're wondering about the buff titanium watercolor of her dress (i'd be!!), it's from daniel smith. it is dense, good stuff. roz has it in her gouache set; that's where i found out about it.

'her wings were invisible' ~ with wax and black casein paint

on another note, i put wax over 'her wings were invisible', and then black casein paint in the outline. i like her better now - she's more interesting to me...

* * *

“It’s more like I’m having an experience than making a picture.”

Cy Twombly, via tumblr



  1. All your art is amazing, all the best with your show. It's going to be great!

  2. Good luck with your show!

    I loved "her wings" before, but the beeswax and black casein really make her look deeper, stronger and more determined. Gorgeous!

    Did you add the fixative directly after the beeswax, or over the paint you added on top of the beeswax? I always wonder about what to protect my finished work with, so your new process is fascinating to me. Thanks again and again for your generosity in sharing how you work!

  3. wonderful quote, i feel like I am doing both....

    I love what you are creating, both pieces draw me in, some about their spirits as well as your artistic expression. Lovely day to you.

  4. thanks for sharing bits of the experience ! ;-)
    love the quote - I get that impression often !
    Happy Tuesday, Artist Friend !

  5. I don't know about the various media used but I know I like it! :)

  6. Hello Lynne - Thanks for the info on the finish on top of the wax... I have been wondering what to use and whether to get something to mix in with the wax. 'Audrey' and 'Her Wings' look wonderful! THanks for sharing.

  7. Oh Lynne,
    I love "her wings were invisible!" Its so beautiful, both ways, but the final version speaks to my heart! I hope you have a wonderful show!

  8. sweet sweet lynne you are wonderful! the picture of mt shasta in my letterbox xxxxxxxx thank YOU dear soul xxx

  9. Congrats on your show- how exciting! I'm really surprised to learn that you put paint ON TOP of the wax, and even more so that it's watercolor- I wouldn't have thought it would adhere, but have never used wax before, so what do I know? I love the labels on Audrey to show us your materials! Also love what you did with "Her Wings..."; they are both gorgeous! Good luck with your show, my darlin'!

  10. Mmmmm yummy. Exciting stuff..having a show...I wish I could come to that :o) x

  11. Looking at your work is such an inspiration. Thanks for your sharing of the how's and what's etc.

  12. Her wings were invisible. So wistful and dreamy. I am so excited about seeing you (in two days!) and our show. And to see what you are bringing!!!! sending love, roxanne


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