Monday, July 11, 2011

prismacolor pencils and beeswax on cedar stick

i've got this stick sitting in the sun so i can see what happens when the beeswax that's on it gets hot... in the late afternoon when it got *really* hot, the wax got shinier and softer, but nowhere near melted. i'm experimenting... it'll be interesting to see how the wax holds up over time outside, and how much it protects the drawing...

watercolors, casein paint & beeswax on teabag and muslin

more experimenting - this time i painted on a teabag, put it over a piece of muslin, and then brushed the front with beeswax. the beeswax holds the teabag and muslin together. again, it'll be interesting to see how it holds up outside - and whether the markings on top of the wax (the black outline of the bird, etc.) wash off in the rain.

janine got me going on the idea of teabags and muslin... i've had some computer kerfuffles lately so i don't have a link to the quilting arts article she sent me a link to, but it got me thinking...

mostly i'm not too focused on any one thing, though. i wanna play and enjoy the sun, the warmth, the creek...

i've found a lot of heart rocks in the creek this summer...

big heart rock, north beach, port townsend, WA; little heart rock, rush creek



  1. The altar in the creek is sooooo cool, and I love the painted sticks... have you read Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins? A painted stick plays a major role in the story. and thanks for testing the beeswax to meltability; I was wondering about that!

  2. Yes, it will be interesting to see how it all turns out. Wouldn't it be lovely if it did protect them? Or if they actually got more lovely than they already are?

    I live in a place called Quarryville and that name really means something. Every time we dig it's rock and rocks and rocks. So I've got piles of 'em. I've been wanting to build such things as you have, but just haven't gotten around to it. One day!

    Adore this post!!

  3. I ♥ your art, rocks, sticks, and ♥s

  4. All these are such beautiful creations and photographs. And I love the idea of your 'sun and wax' experiments.

  5. your triangle of love has me seeing prayer still my heart.

    i have expressed this before and must again, dear friend, you take me places.
    places at once primal, rooted, wrapped in the heart, wet with the blood of the natural world...suddenly, winged, star struck, air dried in the passion of saint elmos fire.

    following you is like unraveling a sacred thread....

  6. Such great great experiments! I have always wondered what would happen to encaustic works in hotter climates. Very cool! And i love the heart rocks!

  7. Love that heart rock, Lynne! All those tiny holes in it. And that bird! Man of have been busy creating. I, on the other hand, have just been organizing... house, yard, stuff like that. I love Sharmon's suggestion for a book read. Will have to check it out. I have a similar rock altar (for lack of a better description---how do you describe it??)here at my house but it is not resting in a creek. How very special. I saw a TV show with Candace Olsen the other day and she featured an artist that was "balancing" rocks in a creek. Very incredible. Nothing but themselves resting on each other. And lots of them. It was a half-hour dealing with balance. Something I need more of in my life!

  8. I love the log lady! It will be interesting to see what happens to her. I suddenly thought the other day that I have made my glass mobile using a wooden ring-which will eventually decay or split-interesting to watch these things. I found an almost heart rock the other day. I have not ever found many-about two I think. I am better at finding ones with holes in! I finally caved in and have ordered myself some Casein paint-can't wait to try it!

  9. Love your faces anywhere they appear, but they are especially magical on the sticks. I thought of them as I drove past Mt. Shasta recently, knowing there were treasures somewhere out there in the woods! the bird pennant is lovely too!

  10. what a <3-ly post! I love your 2 experiments... cant wait to see how well they hold up...... love the bird and yes, the tall stick is gorgeous!

  11. did a lot of those experiments a few years ago... my gallery owner could not sell my encaustics, because peeps thought they would melt... they do get soft, but it has to be quite a high heat to melt them...
    oh well gave up on wax, but it sure makes a great texture... xo

  12. Love seeing your art on and in nature. You always inspire me to think outside the box and to pay attention to the natural world. thank you for that. :)

  13. your work is so captivating...
    I find myself lost in your images.
    thanks for sharing your creative spirit.

  14. I am really just lost for words.. So I will say again INSPIRED....

  15. Zoomed in closer to look at the stick in the last photo. Magic!

  16. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the plaster painting! And was thrilled to see one of your pieces in The Plaster WOrkshop book I just received in the mail! This is a wonderful post so full of things to comment on, love all of the paintings on bits and pieces of wood, and the lovely painted triangular flags... I am wondering about your beeswax experiment.... is it straight beeswax or have you mixed it with something else?


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