Monday, January 24, 2011


milk white horse ~ gouache, watercolors, oil pastel, pencil and casein paint in 3 1/2" x 5" hand book

inspired by a children's poem on natalie merchant's CD, 'leave your sleep'. the CD is very good and very inspirational. it got me thinking about how many ideas and images there are in children's poems and fairy tales...

gouache, watercolors, pencil, colored pencil, and casein paint in hand book

colored pencil in hand book

pogo prints...

and in my 3 1/2" x 5" zecchi journal,

red and green map

i'm painting 'maps'. the zecchi journal appears to be the same as this journal (the sketchbook with 48 sheets). and speaking of journals, i've written to moleskine asking about the carcinogenic plasticizer in the covers thing. a friend sent me an article by someone from moleskine that says they stopped using it in august, 2010. if i hear from them, i'll post their response here.

mauve map

these are all done on white casein paint that i've tinted with tube watercolors. i'm putting these 'maps' on the backs of all the pages. it's a great deal of fun...

celestial map (for star travelers)

i usually smear soft pastels on the page to get some more color action going. i rub them in well so they don't smear onto the opposite page.

sunday map

this is a bigger version of the pic in the pogo print above. we went to redding last wednesday, and i snapped *a lot* of pics of mt. shasta coming and going. this was one of the first,

and this was the last...

* * *

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”

~Kurt Vonnegut, via tumblr



  1. so creative ! i like very much these nice home made hand books, so personal !

  2. Are the zecchi pages smooth like moleskine or textured like watercolour?

    I love your drawings.

  3. i remember that view of mt shasta, loved being up there and got a day or so at the ocean too, took little dog and she was thrilled to meet the ocean!
    with your celestial map, one could find a way... xo

  4. awesome soul growing, Lynne, as always ! Perhaps there is a fairy tale that your beings want to tell ? Or do they tell one each time they appear really ?
    Thanks for the gorgeous mountain views too.
    Happy Tuesday !

  5. each and every piece is wonderful Lynne. I love your maps they are enchanting, makes me want to travel there.

  6. I love Mt. Shasta, it has been years since I've visited there but your pogo brought back memories.

  7. As always I am inspired by your prolific, free exploration of soul and media. Stunning picture of Mt Shasta. My Buddhist monk friend spent 25 yrs at Mt Shasta Abbey. I always think of her when I see a picture or pass by.

  8. good morning Lynnie - I so love the drawings of the dresses and shoes and the maps, well need I say more? xxo

  9. Mt Shasta in two "lights". Inspires my mind to believe in a sacred power right here on earth, waiting to be noticed. Thank you.

  10. OMG, these are lovely. I still haven't worked with gouache... Thanks for sharing these pretty pics. Love the dresses!

    I just got some moleskine cahier journals to work in. I was wondering about that--and whether surfacing over the covers will help at all. Sounds like a silly question, but it's all I have. Thanks for letting us know what they say...

  11. Hi Lynne

    I think that I may have finally found some casein paint at last... I've ordered it, should be here in the next few days...

  12. Lynne--First of all I love the maps. Really nice! And then, there is Mt. Shasta! Man...every time I see pictures of that mountain it brings back so many wonderful memories of when we used to live in Ft. Jones and saw that mountain all the time. You are lucky to live so close to such a majestic mountain. Keep up the good work with those maps. Love the red shoes too.

  13. Love your never ending variety and creativity. Your faces will always be my favorite but I am digging those maps too!

  14. hello lynne! i am a new follower. i love this creative place and that you keep art journals. i am hoping to start my own this year. i used to draw and paint so much when i was younger- you inspire me to start again! have a great weekend :)

  15. I am always so happy after taking a whirl through your blog posts!

  16. Hi Lynne,
    I am a little late for this post. But I really love the maps - they remind me of Saint-Exupery - don't know why. Also good to see some of your pogo prints again. :-) And you have such a wonderful nature there ... so spreading.

    with greetings

  17. I love your maps! Your red and green one, the sunday map (especially) and all your images... very springish and light... roxanne

  18. Lynne,
    Wonderful photos of Mt. Shasta. Does the mountains send you all that inspiration..They must my friend.
    Always enjoy viewing your world.

  19. I'm so happy that I came over to see you after sooooo long an much joy and exploration, so many places to go and maps to chart the ways...
    much to love.


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