Thursday, January 6, 2011

pogo printer

pogo print of shaman the horse in pocket moleskine

amazon has pogo printers for 29.99 again... and a good deal on pogo printer paper here.

edited to add: wow! never mind! they were 29.99 for one day! it seems worthwhile to check back periodically, though, as the price can change quickly and for no apparent reason...



  1. lovely
    lightful portrait

    can you tell me what a pogo printer is?
    Do you take a photo from a polaroid and then print it? Or does it take photos too?

  2. I love this simple and oh so quick pogo page !

  3. I went immediately to Amazon and the price is back up to $39.00 so I will wait until they go back down. Lovely works to be dreamed about! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. oooh - i got all excited for a minute! (always wanted a horse of my own as a child).

  5. LH, can you use a pogo printer with any camera?

  6. how long have you kept a horse in your pocket book?

    inner space to roam, oats sunlight grass, all in your hip pocket! Amazing grace. ;)

    yes to the side bar comment.


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