Friday, January 28, 2011

a burning love

prismacolor pencils and woodburning tool on western red cedar branches

that's what i've got...

this is huge if you click

i finally got jiggy with the woodburning tool on branches... experimenting with different tips and just generally learning how to do it. this is a montage of (some of) what's on the sticks above, as well as another long one that i'm about halfway through. i (evidently) am unable to not*completely* cover each stick.

wild turkeys by my 'stick sculptures'

some pics from the last few days... it's been mild and mostly sunny. been out wandering with my dh; stick reconnoitering and general gazing...

juicy fuji apple and my trusty knife

sky, rocks, tree.

wet weather waterfall

jimmie holding a heart rock he found

thank you to new followers and to everyone... i am thinking a lot about blogging these days. ways to continue on; whether to continue on. and tonight i do not want to end this post without saying that my heart is with the people of egypt...

* * *

prismacolor pencils and woodburning tool on western red cedar

"Don't repeat, don't copy!" We have heard that statement over and over. We assume that to repeat a subject is proof of our dullness and our lack of inventiveness.

On the contrary, it often shows sensitivity. When you paint an image or a color that has great feeling, it is not only natural but perhaps essential to repeat it. The more powerful the image, the deeper its root, and the greater the likelihood you will have to repaint it. As you do repaint it, you are exploring different aspects of the feeling, with all their subtleties, from every possible angle. The image will come back as long as it is needed to fulfill its role."

~Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley, 'Life, Paint and Passion'



  1. Blogging Heart and Life - I selfishly hope you continue. ;o)

  2. Wonderful sticks! And, yes, let us remember the people of Egypt. xo

  3. Great sticks and I love that quote at the end. It reminds me of children's schemas-the way they repeat the same action, such as spinning anything spinable or throwing things or getting inside things. They repeat these things for as long as they need to , learning more and more as they go. Perhaps artists have schemas too! I just love drawing faces but they are, in a way, all quite similar, but I still love it.
    I like the shots from your walk-it looks lovely where you live. And yes, thinking of the people of Egypt too.

  4. i am with leslie on this one, but if you don't continue, please keep in touch... k?
    love your sticks! and that cassou quote, and adored the book, thanks for that one! xox

  5. This morning I was tidying up my computer desk. On one side of my laptop, I keep a bowl of stones - some healing crystals, a piece of jasper with a gorgeous heart in its formations, and one beautiful piece of smooth round obsidian that a dear friend sent me along the way. I put that blackest of rocks into my palm this morning and felt a complete jolt go through me ! I felt a sensation of "Oh, I needed that !". I held the stone for a long while, and remembered and sent love to my friend who found it on her travels and saw fit to send it my way. Gratitude and peace filled me up in those moments.
    That type of connection through a simple object with a loved one I have never met gives me hope. Hope for all of us.
    Prayers, light and love to all of us....

    ps : if blogging needs to be less or go away for you, please, please find ways to keep in touch. I am grateful to know you by heart. ;)

  6. I love your blog, it inspires me and touches my heart I hope you continue.

  7. I what you're doing with the sticks and these comments mirror my feelings. What Sarah says makes a lot of sense to me.
    Your blog is inspiring to me.
    xoxo Kim

  8. Burning sticks suit you. You are always making me think, inspiring me to try new things. Love to see your art and the world through your feet.

    big hugs

  9. Another voice out here that selfishly says, please stay here in blogland. You inspire and fill me with light! Your people and projects show me what it's like to live a passionate engaged life. Many thanks to you for your presence so far. And as we all know things change and shift and I respect your need to do what you must! But don't vanish without a trace!

  10. Love the wood burning and I love your blog. Ponder on and do what ever is the best for you!

  11. Very very magical cedar sticks, Lynne.
    (I can't imagine the Blogosphere without you and really hope you keep posting)! love, sus

  12. your blog is really wonderful!
    I'm happy that I found it. beautiful work, I love the sticks and your paintings.
    best wishes from germany, mano

  13. I would really miss you if you weren't here! Maybe you can find a way of giving yourself a little break without stopping altogether? You obviously spend lots of time crafting these beautiful posts.

  14. your sticks are wonderful. someone told me to be light handed when using a wood burner. I have not tried it yet.
    Oh, I wonder what you will do with your blog. Of course I want you to do what feels good to you. BUT know that if you stop.... I will miss you and your art.

  15. Its all beautiful here

    love wins!
    You, too.

    Happy Valentines to you and your "lightening" . Hope to see you when i get back late Feb.

    xo bless bless

  16. Wow, Lynne, the woodburning tool could take you in a whole new direction. The colored pencils are perfect to compliment the woodburned lines.....even though you don't hear from me often, I'm still here and it would be a loss to the blogosphere if you leave.

  17. I like the woodburning, it suits you.

    I sometimes have thought of leaving the blogging too. So far changing it up has been enough. I usually realize that I think I need to write about what I have been writing about (art journaling) when I would be more interested in writing about my studio art. So I change it and see how it goes.

    I love the quote at the end. I feel the deep truth in it.

  18. Oh Lynne, your wood burning on the sticks is amazing... I want one!!!! They are so cool all together, and the sky, rocks, trees and water around you are as alive and vibrant as ever. Have a wonderful Saturday tomorrow! roxanne

  19. Your quote is so perfect. As is the woodburning and pencil I still have my tool?....can I find it?....I hope so!!.....

    I know the blogging feeling. I haven't been around much lately, but I figure, some is better than none. I end up missing the "scene" and discovering the beauty that is

  20. I love your wood carvings..Please do not stop posting. Who would inspire me..If you do,please keep in touch.. Your spirit always inspires me..Thank you for always sharing.


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