Friday, January 7, 2011

john (on a day when he realized things) ~ watercolor, colored pencil, soft pastel, gouache and casein paint on old book page

i'll put john up here since the pogo deal is no longer happening...

in answer to some of the questions i've gotten re: the pogo printer: it's about 4" x 6", and yes, you can hook it up to all digital cameras but not all cell phone cameras. it's also 'blue tooth capable'. since you hook it up to your camera, you can't edit the images in any way before you print them. the printed image will be cropped a bit (from the way it looks in the camera lcd screen), so if i'm taking a pic that i know i want to print on the pogo, i keep that in mind. the prints are 2" x 3", and if you peel the paper backing off they're ready to stick somewhere. because the printer uses an inkless technology the prints never smear.



  1. Hello! I have been visiting your blog for a little while now as my friend Janine recommended you! I love your work and am always intrigued to read what you have
    used to create your paintings. When you mentioned your discovery of casein paint a while ago I resisted the temptation(for the moment) to go and buy some as I have plenty of things on the go. However, the same restraint did not apply when I read about the pogo! I have not heard of them before so rushed off to Amazon and bought one! I did do a quick ten minutes research first in a most sensible way but I love the sound of it! So thanks for the tip is what I really wanted to say!
    Sarah :)

  2. awesome info, thank you so much!

    Love this piece, today I made to caps... out of old cashmere sweaters... they look a bit elfish, a bit like this cap, so fun to see.

  3. OK, LH, my husband just ordered this for me. I am hopeful!

    Love this piece I love the green you used too!

  4. Hi Lynne...another stunning,wonderful and brilliant piece! such an entrancing face, a gentle soul..! I love the essence all your work carries..!!
    Shine on!

  5. how much you know! you amaze me... love him... nice hat xox

  6. love John, he looks like a bit of a jester, my favourite kinda guy! Gotta check out the pogo thing. What no stick??

  7. Thank you for the great info...I will check Amazon and try to get one on sale...I put it on my wish they contact you when it goes on sale...just asking. I love John. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. I had no idea what a pogo printer was. Thank u.

    Love it the way it is. Sure softens resistenceturbulance to letting go
    In a world of conceptual baggage. Nice.

  9. How very cool!! thanks for sharing :)
    just stopping by to wish you a wondrous and happy new year lynne,
    xox K

  10. Great picture. I have not heard of pogo printers before. i will have to check them out. Take care sweet lady :)

  11. Glad John had a day of realizations! Great piece.

  12. John looks like a thoughtful kinda guy.

    I am not surprised you liked the winged heart, it could have easily been inspired by you (except I didn't know you then, haha.)

  13. Liking John a lot, and I'm glad there are days when he realizing things.

    I have a pogo, but it doesn't work with the iPhone, which was disappointing.

  14. You can see in John's eyes that he is very wise.
    Love this and YOU!

  15. Seeing John made me remember Gilberto. BTW: he is handing in my bathroom now and I look at him every day when I soak in my tub. Somehow I know that he is trying to tell me something. I hope he isn't too set on staying in that location. We are listing our house for sale this week and he might have to make a move. But, I'm sure he will be happy where we end up when the times comes. Moving...such a difficult decision to make and I am never quite sure if it is the right one. I am trusting my divine intuition to guide me.

  16. Hi Lynne,
    I love John! I should visit him so we could realize things together :-)


  17. I really like your paintings and your blog. Thanks for following mine! anne


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