Monday, January 10, 2011

jane (l) and gwen (r) ~ paperclay heads who appear to talk non-stop

jane: really, gwen darling, i think lynne should tell everyone what she's found out about preventing streaking on her pogo prints.

gwen: yes, jane, i think she should...

ha! so what i do is run the piece of blue paper (that comes with each package of paper) through the printer every time before i print (with the lines facing down). before i starting doing this i had a lot of streaks, and since then, none...

* * *

"You paint as you live. True creation faces you with your tendency to stop the movement of life by thinking, clinging, and holding to what you do. It keeps you inwardly on the move through its demands to go anywhere, anytime, no matter how unfamiliar. To truly create is to enter the fluidity of time and energy.

~ Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley, 'Life Paint and Passion'



  1. you are
    SO wonderful
    love it all
    as always...

    xox - eb.

  2. Thanks for the hint about the streaks, I got a Pogo for Christmas and am loving it.

  3. Thank you for the smile this Monday...this quote is a true gift. Thank you for sharing. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
    I am still waiting to buy a pogo :O)!

  4. Are you two gossiping again? teehee

  5. lynne how i love your BEing! fantastic!
    and the gift.. i thank you from the very depths of my heart
    you are truly amazing
    xx viv

  6. My favorite: talking heads! Happy day, sus

  7. Oh, yes, they are sooo cute. (How did you made them -you told somewhere on your blog?).
    The pogo-printer - I am getting nervous about - like to have one too. ;-)


  8. ok ... these two are the best ever!! love them and the quote, and I love that book, got it from the library and it is on my ... to buy list!! thanks dear one!!!

  9. the only streak you have is a brilliant streak!
    lightening can be tamed in the living flesh, i think.

  10. Okay, I may be simple, but what's a pogo print? I have that book, BTW, and love it!

  11. You are absolutelyt the grand master of the head/face!

  12. I love seeing your little faces in dimension--they come alive!


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