Friday, January 14, 2011

bill (brother of john) ~ watercolors, gouache, colored pencil, collage, and casein paint on old book page



  1. Bill knows things.
    I am in the middle of concocting Luke.
    When he is ready he will take care of things.

    They should be great friends.

  2. if Lisa says Bill 'knows' then it must be true
    gotta love Bill !
    Lynne > I have read [almost] everything by Tolstoy and I loved everything I read ... never got to War and Peace though. Should I ????

  3. Bill,
    Nice to meet him. I wonder if he knows things?
    I bet he does and I do not think he is going to share..LOL.

  4. Hi Lynne, I just made the most beautiful journal with fabric pages covered in traditional gesso. I will put pics on my blog just as soon as I can get the camera batteries back off my partner who has put them in the tap timer!!!!!!!!

  5. The's in the eyes. Love the eyes. Casein? Gouache? Holy Moly. How exciting.

    1/11/11.....LOVE IT

    The quote before.......making many copies.

    Happy New Year, Lynne. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. bill and john... reminding me of two other brothers in spirit (!) The way you name your people is so mysterious, like they just tell you who they are. I love your poetness! roxanne

  7. I bet John and Bill BOTH know things!

  8. Bill is a gentle soul - i used to know him a long time ago... nice to see he's ended up in good company with you, Lynne.

  9. ethereal and gorgeous.. a magnificent soul..your work is outstanding!! Shine on! i feel the sense of buttrlfy wings and spirit here!


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