Sunday, April 11, 2010

bird on a wire

acrylic paint, oil pastels, colored pencils, pencil, matte gel medium

whew, i'm feeling slowed down... like being quiet and resting...

on friday jim and i drove up to ashland, OR so that i could go to roxanne's gallery opening. oh, i had fun! yes, i think i'm probably recuperating from all of the talking that i did in a mere three hours there... the pic above was one of roxanne's many paintings... you can go to here to see more pics from the evening...

i finished my latest 4 x 4 muslin journal. i had to get all three out and gaze at them.


deirdra doan made a magnificent muslin journal, which got me thinking about adding *something* to mine... i like to keep them simple so that they lay flat when open and don't have stuff that gets in the way while i'm working. but those buttons on hers sure were nice... so i got out my 'great aunt clara box' of buttons and did some (more) gazing...

this is my new journal - i'm trying out this idea. the button is outside the journal on a tab thingie, and so far it seems okay. thank you for the inspiration deirdra... and janine, and melissa, and michelle!

i've had some questions about sewing on plaster cloth so i did a little (very little) experimenting. you can definitely sew through one layer of it, that much i know. the pic above is confusing, but the inset is what a strip that i sewed through looked like before i covered it up with paint (on the right). i did have to glue it down with gel medium, but it stayed flexible, which surprised me considering how rigid two layers are. there seems to be a lot of potential for sewing with it.

we've had a couple of days of blessed sun. i went out walking on one of them and immediately found a smooth bone... my dh gave me the stick before i set off - i wasn't sure i'd be able to find any dry ones in the woods; we've had weeks of clouds and snow.

one of two christmas cacti blooming now. they just stagger me with their beauty. this one stays open all of the time, the other only opens in the morning...

* * *

thank you, nicole, for posting this video on your blog... thank you, henry, for being you...



  1. Hi.
    Very good your "Bird on a wire"
    it was great!
    Thanks for the link of River Garden Studiostudio.
    and the video of Henry Miller is beautiful.
    I visited the Nicole's blog,
    very good!
    His three muslin journal
    are very unique and fantastic!!!
    Thanks for sharing with everyone.

    (sorry, I hope you understand. I used the Google Translation)

  2. Oh Miller is right..."God Wants Us To Be Happy." Lynne, I'm glad you enjoyed the show, her works are breathtaking! Love the Bird on a Wire! LOL and those sticks. Now how freaking cute are those? LOL
    As always, you are a breath of fresh air my friend. Enjoy, Play and KEEP Creating your MAGIC!

  3. I so enjoy wandering through the journeys you share with us, Beautiful Lynne. So much beauty and thoughtful things to soak in.
    Big Love to you.

  4. I agree with Henry, it is about the contrast! wonderful post lynne and great links! xo

  5. Oh so much wonderful eye candy thank you!

    I love your journal! The bird coming through the face on the first pic, love it! The one on the wire and the covers of your experiment and your bottom journal pic! Inspiring!

    I miss Ashland OR. I haven't been there is years! Wonderful little town!

    Thanks for the links and the video! OMG! You linked me too! Whatever you are thanking me for you are welcome! Was it me? I had better! You inspire me to no end thank you!

    I have to see Deirdras journal...I hope she posted!

  6. Hello Lynne, your Completed books look wonderful. I'd love to sit and look through one. Other peoples art journals are so interesting. I'd really like to look through one of Karin Baltimores too.

    I always love seeing your sticks. I think it would make someones day to accidently stumle across your shrine tree.

    Love xJ

  7. Stunning work! Magnificent.

    Have a lovely day.

  8. Thank you Lynne for that fabulous post - I so enjoyed the video (great man!) and I am so inspired by your plaster cloth journal - just lovely!

  9. I love the video Lynne. I bought his book, Paint the way your love and die happy! (pretty sure that's the title, w/o checking to be sure)about 20+ or so years ago.... and maybe he could be considered one of the first "outsider artists" - he was both a pill AND a hoot!

    I love my stick!

  10. I do love when you let us walk through your mind... -J

  11. hi quase blog da li, thank you so much for your kind comment! yes, i understood everything perfectly! : )

    thank you, michelle... i will and you too... : )

    thanks for coming along, kim, and big love to you right back. xo

    thank you, cat!

    lol, janine, i was thanking you for your muslin art inspiration!! more people need to go see janine art... : ) yeah, ashland *is* nice. xo

    thank you, jasmine... the muslin books really are so sweet when they're finished. just compact little gems... xo

    thank you very much, sally. you have a lovely day, too...

    hey rosie! thank you! yes, that henry is inspiring, isn't he? i think a good dose of him will pull a person out of most any doldrum!

    hi anna, i just bought the book! can't wait to gaze at the paintings... i think he was one of the first 'outsider artists' - there were so many artists of all kinds erupting onto the scene in his early days. paris must have been one amazing place then. love you!

    jayne, and i always do love to see you here...

  12. OK LH, I hopped over to Dierdra's blog to take a look at her journal! It inspired me to go further and attempt to make my own muslin journao as well. So now I have several in process. I have coated my plaster cloth with gel medium and you are right it does make painting easier! Have you used that metalic leafing yet in any of your pieces? I was thinking of maybe adding some since I have so much! I am mixing gesso and gel medium and slopping it on some of the pages that won't have the plaster cloth first before I begin to assemble. I love this stuff! Thanks again! I forgot to say I love your sticks too!

  13. Oh Lynne, the relationship that you have with your art, your muse, is so joyful that you fill me with joy, just seeing it and reading your thoughts. I loved seeing you this weekend, and am excited to get together with you in the summer, (how about the beginning of June!). Your new journal looks incredible... with plaster(?!) and new textures...
    Thanks as well for the video, and all the links. wishing you a bright sunny day...(if one will only come!) and sending love, roxanne

  14. love your bird on a wire - so sweet! lucky you getting to roxanne's show :)
    great being inspired after inspiring another - and so it goes, back and forth to one another, higher and higher we go... xox

  15. wow!
    henry strikes again :) i love him, and what a wonderful short. i may have to re-post this on my blog! THANK YOU for showing it to us!!!
    and as ever, your journal pieces are breathtaking.

  16. Enjoyed looking through your blog, your art is so innocent and guileless. I don't think plaster paper is available in the Philippines. It seems an interesting material to use.

  17. I believe I would like to step into your friend roxanne's painting and have a little walk, it is so inviting. Aunt Clara's button box looks like another place I'd like to spend time. Is that an old Alka seltzer tube? Everything is plastic these days. I like the bird behind the first face, maybe a raven? always so interesting to look and look at your art, such hidden bits for the patient person to spot.

  18. Hi Lynne, Hope the soy milk experiments are going well. I am making pages for 14 cloth books for my students for a workshop I am running next weekend and have discovered that adding a little whiting to the soy mix really works well. I also saw someone mentioned gesso, so next I might try it using real gesso.

  19. oh so much wonder and joy - always so many amazing things....
    Great Aunt Clara's box, what is it about button tins and boxes?
    The bone painting - hard to think I could love anything more than the sticks, but the bone - yes!
    And Henry - what a delicious little nugget of film.
    so much inspiration and joy ...
    blessings sweet one

  20. hey janine, no, i haven't used that metal leafing much... but why not?! lol, you can always paint over it if you don't like it! gel medium and gesso together - that sounds like a good combo. go, go, go... : )

    hi roxanne! and i'm sending love right back atcha! let's aim for early june! xo

    yeah, k., back and forth, higher and higher... xo

    erin, yes, do please re-post... and i feel that way about your journal pages...

    hi hands to work, it might be called plaster bandage - it used to be used to make casts with, so maybe it's at a medical supply place if nowhere else. "innocent and guileless" - thank you so much... it feels that way to me too - not that i can take credit for that, but it just comes through like that. i only have to try and stay out of the way.

    jan, i don't know what kind of bird that is - a made up bird! i like him back there... : ) and yes, wouldn't it be nice to step into roxanne's painting?

    hi te, the only thing i've experimented with is liquid starch. it made the muslin stiff (but still pretty flexible - i was surprised at that), but it didn't have enough body. i completely forgot to check out the powdered soymilk when we were at the health food store last week - and we only go there once a month or so! what i really want to try is the milk paint. although i'll still get some soy milk powder and try it. now what is whiting? i've heard of it but i don't know what it's made from. thank you for checking in!! xo

    kathy, i don't know what it is about button tins and boxes, but they sure do have a pull. yeah, this video is a nugget and so is henry... i just got a book about his art and it's refreshing to the Nth degree... spring smooches...

  21. Whiting is like powdered chalk. It is used in the making of traditional gesso. Skim milk powder does work very well or you can do it properly and get a litre of skim milk add lemon juice to curdle strain and wash the curds then add pigment and thin with water as needed I think you need to add a little borax as well but I dont have my books with me at the moment as I am away from home.
    I must send you a list of resources and links if you are interested.

  22. And again a great, lovely and very inspiring post. Thank you so much!


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