Thursday, April 22, 2010

i like...

pencil and colored pencils in moleskine pocket sketchbook

sarah vaughan and nina simone;

but the earth,

i love...

happy earth day (today and every day)...


p.s. have you seen these pictures of the sun?


  1. Gorgeous pictures of the sun, thanks for that link.
    Lilac Wine................sigh.......
    always loved that song. I'm working in the yard, Mother Earth and I are having a little talk about weeds. She wants them in the garden, I do not. We are at a standoff. :)Bea

  2. Arent the images of the sun amazing...I heard about them on the radio yesterday!
    Lilac Wine. I love that song too. Have you heard the version by Katie Melua (I love her music), just lovely.

    Have a beautiful day Lynne.

    Jacky xox

  3. happy day!

    love the whirling circles forming off the sun... kinda goes together, the sun the earth the spirit music!

    its a beautiful day.

  4. Yes, I did see those 'hot' pictures of the sun...amazing.
    I love the earth too...hug, hug

  5. Happy Earth Day ! I like lynne hoppe too.

  6. SWOON!

    I subscribe to NASA's updates, and it just blows my mind.

    Happy Earth Day. I love it to. I just wouldn't live anywhere else.

  7. I love love love


    especially her quirky arm and springy colors..

  8. Vaughan in one ear and Simone out the other! -J

  9. thank you, everyone, and a happy day of earth love back atcha!! xo

    and m., been listening to ziggy marley's 'it's a beautiful day' lately... i can hear ziggy right now..

  10. Happy Earth Day Lynne,

    I like women jazz singers so much. I also adore Ella, Billy Holiday and some young blood like Nora Jones, Diana Krall and for some amazing Celtic sounds I never get tired of Loreena McKinnett. I can close my eyes and be transported to a castle in the 14th century. :)

    I would like to do something to help the bee population. It is scaring me how badly they are doing. There is a Honey Mead business that teach about bee keeping. I am going to look into it.

    Blessed is the Earth

  11. Howdy,
    This is image So serendipitous! I just posted some lyrics from a Sarah Vaughn song on my blog - it's in the 'Summer Breeze Challenge' post.

    Would love for you to stop my blog by for a visit when you have a momnet or 2.


  12. Some great singers mentioned in your post and your commenters. I've had the song by Colin Hay running through my head lately, "Oh my oh my oh my it's a beautiful world!"

    And Maude "The Earth is my body, my head is in the stars!"

    Happy Earth day to you all.

  13. This is adorable and happy earth day to you.

  14. Thanks for the link to those remarkable shots of the sun!


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