Sunday, April 18, 2010


olivia, the muslin book is yours... : )

the muslin book and i would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you who left a comment... it feels quite quite loved now, and so do i! if you feel inclined to make your own book i hope you'll jump in; there's nothing hard about it, it just takes time. and if you have any questions, please ask...

this is what i've been doing - bending down to smell all of the wild phlox that's still blooming. i've been out wandering and i'll keep wandering as long as these sunny days last. the smell of wild phlox is one of my favorite smells; i undertake a serious course of aromatherapy every year when it blooms.

the sticks, the sticks! they're offering themselves up right and left!

the last two pages in my journal.

i love this 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" page size so much...

happy week to you!

and thank you again!

* * *

"If I encountered women like these in the street I would run away in fright. I do not create a woman, I make a picture. To summarize, I work 'without a theory'. As Chardin said, 'I put on some more (or I remove some because I scrape away a lot) until it is done well."

~Henri Matisse on the women in his paintings



  1. Your sticks are so delightful. I am loving the torso in your muslin journal, very beautiful.

    One of my favorite springs smells here is the poplar trees when the leaves unfurl they let of this heavenly sweet smell. Hmmmmm.


  2. so good to see the sticks are live

    and working well,

    see what a week away does =

    I missed out on

    your give away.

  3. Your pages are beautiful,love the torso one.

  4. I thought of you when I was moving sticks from a fallen tree. Normally, I would toss them in the prairie and later when we did a burn they would burn up. This time before I tossed I paused and thought of you and carefully made a little pile of them at the edge of the woods. SEE, the ripple has extended out here to Wisconsin. lol

  5. Hello again lovely Lynne! Thanks so much for stopping by to greet me back in Blogland. It has, indeed, been far to long and I'm slowly catching up on old friends. It's wonderful to be back here and see your inspirational art and the beautiful places that you share with us. xxx

  6. Thank you, Lynne for your thoughtful comment, made my day :)
    Last week I saw a perfect pebble in my chicken/hen pot and painted a pink heart on it to honor you.

    Congrats to the lucky Olivia!


  7. congratulations to Olivia! well done! love your pages your nude is awesome and i love the wings on the head, or flames? just wonderful!!

  8. Lucky Olivia!

    Great nude, Lynne and the overall effect is wonderful. I love the look of these muslin pages with the soft colour washes in areas.

  9. Oh! Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you! This will definitely put some spark back in my painter's soul! You have no idea how much I needed a little spark these days. I cannot believe I won your beautiful little muslin book - sorry to be so gushy - but I just love it so much!

  10. After reading Olivia's thank you I can't help but be happy for her. I hoped to win but it sounds like she will put it to good use so I'll just make my own if I really want to use one.

    Can't help but wonder if my recent former glory post helped influence your torso painting? It's great, always fun to see someone moving into new directions even when the current direction is so cool.

  11. thank you, patti... i was out checking the poplar buds today - they've got a little ways to go before their perfume really gets strong... i'm waiting... : ) xo

    hey sweet grrl... the sticks are out there on the job... xo

    thank you buffy, i appreciate that...

    hee, bea! i am GLAD the stick love is spreading!! pass it on... ; )

    ah, lumi... so happy to see you... truly did miss your lovely presence... xo

    oh lisa, that is such an honor - thank you!! blowing you kisses!! xo

    thank you, cat...

    hi robyn, thank you... muslin is so easy to do soft colors on... xo

    olivia! you are making me very happy! so glad this book is going to live with you... xo

    jan, yeah, i probably *did* have that image of you in the back of my mind... ; ) in addition to that i've been a torso addict for quite some time. when i was making glass beads they were one of my favorite things to make - although i was rarely satisfied with my results. but that didn't stop me from trying to really *get* the subtleties that make them come alive. to heck with arms and legs - just let me make a good torso!

  12. Congratulations Olivia...isnt it funny how these things always seem to end up with the person they're meant to be with. Something to ignite her artistic spirit again.

    Love the book Lynne (and cant believe I missed out on your giveaway either...).

    Wonderful bargains from Amazon. Might take a look, I would love one of those Hundertwasser calenders (or two, or three.....).

    Beautiful sticks!

    Jacky xox

  13. lucky olivia, lovely phlox and delightful sticks!! happy week to you, too xo

  14. just noticed the Micheal Brown quote on the side. So true.

    glad to hear you have been out wandering, as have I, and you in my mind, I've want to write you some words (seeds of love not fear XO) :) ...

    love your bowl with the treasures in it too. Found a very old brick the other day, and maybe orange beach glass.


    *Torso is almost "in flight"

  15. Hello Lynne,

    I used one of your smaller treated muslin pieces in some artwork posted today. Have a look!


  16. We didn't say anything nice, we just told the truth!

    Love that Matisse quote.

  17. Oh wowsers ... I echo your words back to you about the torso! Yours is magic, pure glory!
    And your sticks? Sigh ... so many surfaces, so little time. ;)

  18. I love when artists quote artists quoting other artists! -J

  19. Oh Lynne, I love the reaching sticks and can imagine you out wandering and noticing the details and the smells of the first flowers.. beautiful torso too... sending love and wishes for sunshine, roxanne

  20. love those sticks... and your books & artwork... and everything! lovely place you have over here.

  21. It seems like you are having a wonderful time. I love what you did on those sticks.


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