Wednesday, April 7, 2010


plaster cloth, muslin, acrylic paint, oil pastels, colored pencil, matte gel medium, beeswax

messing about on plaster cloth...

several people have asked if the plaster cloth just sticks to the muslin, and the answer is yes. it's super easy... dip it in water and lay it on the muslin - it dries nice and flat...

collage papers, acylic paint, gel medium, colored pencils

from the last few days in my journal... still doing most of the final drawing with colored pencils, but putting bits of paper and acrylic paint down first.

you can see a little bendy place in the upper left of this page - that's because i didn't put a layer of gel medium down before i started gluing on pieces of paper. the muslin buckles when there's paper on parts of the page and not others if you don't put gel medium down first.

have you seen Amelie? it's very smile making...

* * *

"Cezanne, you see, is a sort of God of painting. Is his influence dangerous? What if it is! So much for those who are not strong enough to withstand it! Not to be robust enough to be able to sustain an influence without weakening is proof of impotence."

~Henri Matisse



  1. I just found your blog via the Studio at Crow Haven Farm. I love your work! Beautiful.

    All the best,

  2. Hi Lynne,
    always nice to have a look at your blog. I like your collages a lot.
    Wish you a nice day


  3. The plaster pages are just so wonderful and textural ... another great journal of your faces!
    Love the dark backgrounds. I have just bought some black gesso to play around with for backgrounds. I am hoping I get a similar effect.

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us Lynne.

    Jacky xox

  4. You know Lynne? I was thinking that you should teach a class so we can all come and learn this. Oooh and part of the class should be on those prayer flags that I adore. : )
    All your work is awesome. It makes me smile when I visit.

  5. I just love all of your faces! Very inspiring.

  6. Well I have tried this plaster over muslin and I like it. I think I might find a small canvas and apply plaster cloth and paint over it. I may try using watercolors. But the sky is the limit. I love what you are doing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. This is fabulous stuff, Lynne! And, yes, "Amelie" is one of my absolute favorite films, too.

  8. love Amelie!!
    and your new work is wonderful, but where do you get plaster cloth? hardware store? I am thinking it makes a tougher substrate than the plain muslin? been making paper fabric with muslin and having lots of fun! thanks for the nice comment about my stitching! xxx's

  9. I can't really notice the little bendy you mention, not noticeable on my screen. The plaster cloth sounds intriguing but I think I will leave that to you, I have enough stuff to experiment with. One weird thing I tried was some old wallpaper paste, it turned out to be similar to gel medium in the way it worked. I still gain inspiration from your drawings, they have a life of their own. What stories they can tell!

  10. I have the plaster cloth left over from a class I took. Hmmmmm, I need to find it and give this a try.
    I think your faces are wonderful. I wonder what will emerge on my pages?

  11. hi sally, thank you for coming by, and for your nice words...

    nicole, thank you... i feel the same about your art...

    ah, thank you, jacky. was just thinking about getting the black gesso out... xo

    hee, manon, so far i'm not clear on the class thing. i feel like the techniques are very simple and would hardly take 10 minutes to share! as for the rest, well how would i share just sitting down and letting whatever it is that comes, come... i'm smiling at the thought of you smiling... : )

    thank you so much, buffy!

    janine, have you tried putting matte gel medium on the plaster cloth before you start working on it? it makes it a lot more user friendly. and thank you!

    hey angela, oh, amelie is so wonderful, isn't it? sending you smiles...

    you're welcome cat - i LOVE your stitching. you get the plaster cloth at michael's (at least that's where i got mine). it costs about $10 for a roll. xo

    hee, jan! the 'little bendy' is probably only visible to me! wallpaper paste... that's something i'd like to try. maybe it would be a (non plastic) replacement for gel medium? thank you for that...

    lol, bea, who knows... : ) xo

    and that's a big 'ol ditto, kathy... xo

  12. ohhhhh, I agree a workshop would be wonderful. LOL I must be out of the loop, haven't seen Amelie? I believe tomorrow will be a plaster cloth expertiment day. Have you tried using paverpool? I might try it to see what happens...well let you know. Have fun everyone and thanks again Lynne for sharing your works and getting our creative engery running into full gear. Tis the Season to breakout the art supplies...well, everyday is, but it's sunny now! LOL

  13. I love the translucency of these very much... and I like to hear other artists talk about other artists rather than themselves.... Matisse was on to something..

  14. ah lynne.. love amelie! and you have inspired me to go and use some plaster cloth right now! i made a tree out of it a few months ago but haven't touched it since.. will share later :) love love the faces. very intriguing.

  15. I so love the faces you paint and their emotions on it, i can't describe it but they move me a lot.

  16. More inspiring faces. I haven't seen Amelie but now it is on my list of films to see. Have you seen Mirror Mask? Its is visually spectacular. And the quote by Matisse is brilliant!

  17. ooooh nice effects. plaster cloth, plaster cloth must get some plaster cloth.

  18. michelle, i haven't tried paverpool - i've never heard of it! i will investigate... and i say thank *you* for your support and enthusiasm... i appreciate you... xo

    julie, as far as i can tell matisse was onto a lot of things. i like the taschen book because it has a lot of his quotes in it... xo

    hi viv, always smiling to see you here!

    oh thank you, momo luna... i feel the same about yours... xo

    patti, i haven't seen mirror mask, but i will put it on my list. i'm glad you liked the matisse quote - i sure did!

    hee, kate, yes, you would do magic with plaster cloth... xo

    heya rosie!

  19. Lynne...I have just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! Your work is beautiful, and your posts are wonderful! Thank you! Cynthia

  20. hmm.

    perhaps its time for an online class??

    you are making such cool discoveries.


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