Friday, April 16, 2010

purely arbitrary and obsessive

muslin, plaster cloth, collage elements, acrylic paint, oil pastels, colored pencils, matte gel medium


as you can see in the pic below, when i was stitching up this journal i got off the center line about 3" from the end, which, i'm tellin' ya, for a virgo will never do. so i took the stitching out and redid it, but alas, the holes from the first line are still there... i'd like to send this book out to a loving home - someone who won't mind its slight imperfection... other than these holes it's fine, and it's got a nice antique button on it...

it has eight, 5" x 7" pages - 16 sides altogether. if you'd like to have this book, leave a comment saying so and i'll pick a name from the hat on sunday!

oil pastels, matte gel medium, colored pencils, acrylic paint

the first page in my new muslin journal - this one is 4 1/2" x 5 12", which doesn't seem much bigger than 4" x 4", but it is. i have enough room to use oil pastels on the faces, which i really like.

oil pastels, matte gel medium, colored pencils

this is what became of the piece i showed in the last post that had the stitching on the plaster cloth. i ripped some off both sides of it, and then sewed it onto a piece of 4" x 6" watercolor paper to make a postcard. i sent it to the people that wrote this book thanking them for turning me onto the idea of using a sewing machine to make your own perforated stamps - i love that! i also found some good resources in the book...

the sewing machine stitches through one layer of plaster cloth just fine... more mail art is high on my list of things to do.

a couple of things at amazon that you might want to know about... a 320 page hundertwasser tear-off calendar (by taschen) for $2.80, and a 128 page tashen diary/calendar of matisse cut outs for $5.00. i just got the matisse calendar and it's fabulous. he did so much more cut out art than the ones usually shown, and i swear i love them almost as much as his paintings.

at the green shrine tree today... sunshine!

* * *

People often remark, when looking at my paintings, that I employ the same signs and symbols over and over again, or they will point out things that they regard as symbols, for example, the Star of David, a crescent moon, astrological signs, even fish. If I had the patience to reproduce playing cards I would include them too... Invariably the question arises, why, what does it mean? Usually there is no good reason except that it pleased me to do so... If the Star of David occurs, as it does so often, it does not mean that the subject matter of the painting has a Jewish cast ... The point is, in any case, that these repetitive signs and symbols are purely arbitrary and obsessive, impossible to account for except by cunning analysts who are usually wrong.

~Henry Miller, Paint as You Like and Die Happy



  1. Hi there!

    I LOVE your work. Beautiful. I also LOVE your journals and I would love to own one! I think the imperfection makes it all the more perfect. So yes, my home is a very loving home where your journal would be loved, cared for and put to good use.

    Have a great creative day!

  2. Hi there Lynne, I love the neutral tones of your new journals. Reminds me of the link you sent me. Simple is beautiful. The machine stitched postcard is lovely, mail art is such a nice way to brighten someones day.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. i'll be quick, not that that matters :) ! i'd looove to have the muslin book, even being a virgo and all too but somehow it doesn't bother me :) i enjoy off centre stuff. especially made by someone who's work is so very inspiring.. oh and how beautiful is the loveheart rock.. and the 2nd face speaks to me a sacred language..

  4. i would l o v e your book. :) your faces hold so much palpable emotion in them, and it would be an honor to hold them in my very own hands.
    and i'm also l o v i n g your henry miller theme. anais nin is one of my goddess-divas-of-inspiration and so by osmosis i have a big crush on him. thank you for bringing him into my life in this way!
    also, thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. i value your opinion highly, and really appreciate your feedback! :)

  5. Oh I would just love to have one of your beautiful books! I just love all of these faces.

  6. Your beautiful little journal would be very happy here. I continue to be inspired and in awe of the faces you paint. Genius mail art!

  7. who wouldn't want your wonderful book??? !!

    I love all your symbols and I get the same thing, questions about the recurrent symbols of wings, hearts fleurs and such and I just say that they are my personal symbols and they come up from my subconscious and are a part of my iconography... my story and I am stickin to it!!
    ps love liliian and will get some pc this weekend! xo

  8. OK LH, I would like that book but I must say I would love to see what Sharon Tomlinson does with it! Wow, that would be something to see! So even though I want it (I love imperfections) I am crossing my fingers for Sharon!

    Love, Love your latest sharings!

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  10. Hi Lynne,
    i love your art a lot, so your muslin book will be received in a caring home. Please, count me in. :-)

    The mail art is so lovely, that would cheer up everybody's day.
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. I would love to have a chance at the muslin book too.

    Your faces are so evocative and soulful and I'm enjoying your blog. Your "mistake" is perfect for me.


  12. Put my name in the hat, please. Scorpio's just restitch it over and over with RED thread! :)
    Symbols, signs, they have been around long before some people claimed them to represent their own beliefs and ideas. You know I love your work. :) Hey, got a new challenge going, Saturday Through The Lens you might be interested in. :)Bea

  13. Are you kidding??? I would BUY this book.
    I love the words you choose...
    purely arbitary and obsessive...
    I'm diggin' the the green shrine, too :)

  14. I would really LOVE your muslin journal. (I'm a wabi sabi kind of gal).

    The first face on this post is so gorgeous and the best thing of all is I can feel the joy emenating from the page. You really love epressing yourself this way don't you Lynne?

  15. yes please, xxo love the first face - Lis and I to Seattle today :))))

  16. I am totally enamoured by your muslin paintings... recently found your blog through a friend and you are now a daily must-read! Would love the opportunity to have this wonderful piece. Enjoy the weekend ~ Deb

  17. So much to see! Love Lillian....oh so much.
    Waving my hand for the muslin journal. Wow such a generous offer.
    Thanks Lynne!

  18. I had an aunt Lillian - she lived in Miami and was very sparkly, not unlike your Lillian. She seems very sparkly as well. Come to think of it - you're own little self is pretty sparkly! Sparkly is a good thing..... xxoo

  19. would you please put my name in the drawing?

  20. My life has been a little off centered here lately so this beautiful journal would be perfect for me.

  21. Throw my name into the hat. You have a wonderful style—the eyes of your subjects are very intense.

    On a secondary note, regarding your use of symbols, I often use the crescent moon in my drawings as well. I like the energy it casts in the sketches and paintings.

    Look forward viewing more of your work as time progresses!

  22. Lynne,
    I want that imperfect journal so bad I can feel it...I want to do a cloth journal but never seem to have the time to do one my self...ready made with you as inspiration would be too please throw my name in the hat...hug, hug

  23. me too, me too. your work has inspired me to try some joint compound on fabric today; a little twist on your plaster gauze explorations. I have lightweight and regular to try. wish you were here to pitch in. xo

  24. Please add me to the list of lovers of your journals, and one who would love to have one. I find your work so inspiring and your blog brightens up my day! Thanks! Cynthia

  25. I'm obviously not a Virgo because the holes not only don't bother me, they thrill me. I love a little messiness! I'm really liking the colors you've been using on these--intense in areas, soft in others. Thanks for the Amazon leads too.

  26. The reoccurring symbols you use are part of your personal visual vocabulary. And, I believe when it starts to come around again and again one becomes a more mature picture maker (artist).
    Hey! I LOVE imperfections! I love the orphaned book!
    Imperfections are my life!
    ...and I even have 5 planets progressed in Virgo!

  27. lol, bea! thank you for that laugh!! well let me just clarify here... my virgo-ness would never let me *sell* this journal. if i'd been making it for myself the holes would've been welcomed with open arms... (okay buy maybe not the crooked line ; ).

    jayne, yes, i agree with you completely about the visual vocabulary. i appreciate henry's quote because he speaks of how it pleases him to use whatever he uses. and he speaks to the thing of people wanting to interpret others' art, which is something that i have never understood. for me it's a feeling thing that cannot be grokked on a mental/analytical level.

    thank you everyone for wanting this book!! i do believe it's laying in there on the shelf positively glowing! xo

  28. i love mail art .i thought it would be a wonderful thing to do with a group of friends.i think i need another lifetime. lol

  29. Being a Pisces, I think going off center is very cool...your little muslin book would be quite happy in my home. Besides, I would like to show it to my Virgo daughter just to see her cringe!!!!

  30. first, my word verification right now is "excidn" which Expresses my feeling for your book--the Virgo in me NEEDS it, and yes, i think all the little holes mismatched are kinda sensually like old stockings but i am not gonna say that!

    second, i have had people come up to me about my writing, and say that too--one guy disected a short story i wrote and it was all about a certain book in the bible, but for me, it was just a story. He made perfect sense, too.

    third, I have a beautiful goat in my hands, and he is Home! It made me happy to receive him, and happy that you Lynne, that you exist! I share the world with a beautiful you.

    Forth, and most important for you to remember is this. If you do not make a calendar this year of your work i will literally come steal things off your blog and make one myself and send it to you! For Christmas!

    I found another peice of coal on the beach yesterday.... thought of U!

    love from me and my goat. I love your images!!!!!!!!

    exo s multiplied by breath!

  31. ps.

    your images are very anti virgo, very soul in flight and flinging it into the creative absolutes! A perfect balance i think!

    (goat wrote this) : )

  32. Throw my name in your hat, please. Your little crooked sewn journal would not bother me in the least to have and use.

    I love the little blond sailor girl, and Lillian too. Gotta click and look deep to see it all

  33. YES YES YES! I want your book! It would be outstanding to see this in person. You have been an inspiration with this technique! And your characters are quite simply charming.

  34. Good evening Lynn,
    Looking forward to the time when your work returns to your Etsy shop.
    I would be delighted to provide safe haven for your perfectly imperfect journal.
    Happy night!

  35. lol, jaxx, she'll sigh and wonder what you were thinking. ; )

    m., i am laughing about how what the guy said *made sense*. that's just it - so many interpretations/meanings could make sense. i remember when i was in high school and the teachers would tell us what an author meant by certain passages and i'd think huh??? how on earth can you be so sure of that!! yes, exoblissings amplified by breath!

    kathy, well i don't want another lifetime : ), but i sure do want to fit a lot into this one... xo

    jan, melissa, and mrsc, thank you...

  36. hey--been looking ere a while and am curious about the substrates you put my name in your hat, please... i like the lillian piece at the top of the blog.

  37. What I'd really love is to have that book filled with your faces. I love your art. But throw my name in your hat and I'll do my best to fill the book with my own personal symbols (and maybe a face or two?).

  38. Are you kidding me, YES throw my Name in that Hat of Yours! I love your artwork and I can see by this post you have been a very busy girl. Looking foward to working on my pages this weekend. Have a wonderful and creative weekend my friend.

  39. Dear Lynne, lillian,
    this woman in yellow and gold
    is completely devine to me,
    I keep on looking at her again and again.
    I want to paint faces today!
    And do you make your own plaster cloth?
    Oh, I hope your day is filled
    sounds of your gurgling creek and warmth.
    but it is hazy here... sending love,

  40. My home is definitely a loving home!

  41. another rich and fantastic post. I'm in love with lillain - those colors are scrumptious. and I also love exposed misplaced stitch holes!! texture of another sort :) beautiful work, lynne - and thanks for the new resources, too. xox

  42. Hey Lynne. I may be a Virgo too...but I would love to have your book in my home! Great faces in this post as usual!!

  43. I have been coveting one of your muslin books from the very beginning!

    I like the color pallete in the new ones - a little bit different from earlier ones, gives even more mystery to the faces, I think!

    I went out and bought some plaster cloth, but haven't used it yet - you always inspire me! Wish I weren't so stuck right now and could actually manage to get started on something!

    Would love to have your book, needle holes and all!

  44. Love visiting your blog and love your journals. So would love to own one. Thanks. Jonna

  45. what a beautiful book, so innocent, just waiting to be filled with stitching and painting and drawing. I woyuld adore filling its pages. Thank you for the chance to own one of your gorgeous books. imperfection rocks!

  46. I don't think the symbols are arbitrary but I trust that they feel that way. I think it is fascinating how we are drawn to the same or similar symbols over and over - they are part of that mystery that makes us us.

    I know you would have preferred the snake ate vege-bunnies, but it isn't really so bad. In Australia, rabbits are an introduced pest that does terrible harm, so the snake was actually doing a good deed.

    I say that even though I was very fond of Donut.

  47. I love your fabric journals too. I'm trying my own, but would love to cherish the little imperfect one.

    Thanx, Moltengecko

  48. Lynne---i love this new work of yours so much---it is like a ladder and you are going up, step by step--nearing the top-i would love to have your "flawed"book--there is a flaw in everybody and everything--the good flaws (great oxy) add so much more personality that should be cherished--L, i am going to stop circling the issue now---I REALLY WANT YOUR PRECIOUS BOOK !!! sorry about the heavy duty e-mail last time--that Sam followed Alice down the rabbit hole and has chosen to stay there !!! Sam

  49. thank you all so much! i'll put the names in a hat this evening, so there's still time if you're just coming along now... xo

    zom, i agree... they're not arbitrary and they are the part of the mystery. the mystery is what i love... xo

  50. I hope it isn't too late! I love how you incorporated the plaster gauze into the background! Lovely!!!

  51. Well, just got home from a 3-day BD celebration at the coast, read this post, and of course had to try and be "the" one. Oh well, if not and if I'm too late. I love the link that you posted and will check it out. Thanks Lynne, "in advance". (They say you can have anything in the world that you want if you ask with conviction!)

  52. Hi Lynne,

    Love the quote by Henry Miller. I think that is why I like journaling so much. It makes me happy to do whatever I like.

    Lillian is WONDERFUL! She has so much depth. And your journal is just more interesting now that is has a new detail. :)


  53. It's Sunday night. Did I win? heheh..........

  54. I suppose the concept

    of wabi sabi

    was never

    created by

    a virgo?


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