Thursday, April 29, 2010


muslin, plaster cloth, pieces of paper, acrylic paint, oil pastels, pencil, colored pencil, matte gel medium

it turns out that i've been doing more art than walking in the woods... a wet and windy cold front came through on monday, and since then we've had lots of rain and snow. and hail mixed with snow. and snow mixed with rain. and sleet, hail, and rain altogether; a veritable smorgasbord of precipitation!

the pics below are from my 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" muslin journal...

on this page i used only colored pencils and pencil,

but on most pages i used the whole 9 yards - acrylic paint, oil pastels, matte gel medium, colored pencils...

i saw some mustard boots in the sundance catalog. mustard boots?!! oh! my color loving self wanted those boots!

watercolors that i brushed matte gel medium on. i was surprised that only the paynes gray (wings) smeared. i was going to add another layer, but decided to leave it as it is...

last week i got a moleskine pocket sketchbook, which, as you may know, is pure drawing joy. it's so easy to quickly draw in one - the pencil glides over the page. i go from the moleskine to my muslin journal, back and forth... i am happy!

i like to try new stuff in it. like arms that stick out at crazy angles,

and figures that aren't colored in all the way.


little people whose clothes go all the way to their chins... i think they're saying something like this:

mssr. turquoise body: look at her! of course she took it! how can you doubt it?!

mme. pink dress
: mr. turquoise body! you wound me! surely you know i've never stolen a thing in my life!

mme. waving arm
: acch! you two! do you ever stop quarreling?!

ha! well, i haven't colored in mme. waving arm's eyes yet, so her words may change. the eyes say it all...

this is the spot beside my chair... my little moleskine pocket journal with a button on the elastic - it was stretched out and not doing its job, so i made it shorter and sewed it back together with a button on top. in the back right is the hundertwasser calendar (that i think i gave you the wrong link to last time) i ordered for $2.80 from amazon. it's fabulous! i left this pic especially huge so you could check it out... the quality of the images is wonderful. and every day a new hundertwasser!

a plastic cow that i covered with plaster cloth and a little paper clay... she's waiting for a naturalistic paint job. i got a whole bag of animals at the thrift store; i'm not sure i'll cover them all, though. they're so nice the way they are. judy wise provided the inspiration, here.

i wanted to tell you about the slotin folk art auction catalog... you can get one free by e-mailing slotin folk art and requesting one. the catalog for the next auction is 139 glorious pages of outsider art. here's an example...

* * *

"But one of the moments I like best, after having done what I imagine to be my utmost, is the realization that it won't do at all. I decide to convert the quiet, static picture in front of me into a live, careless, free and easy thing. I strike out boldly with whatever comes to hand - pencil, crayon, brush, charcoal, ink - anything which will demolish the studied effect obtained and give me fresh ground for experiment. I used to think that the striking results obtained in this fashion were due to accident, but I no longer am of this mind. Not only do I know today that it is the method employed by some very famous painters (Rouault immediately comes to mind), but I recognize that it is often the same method which I employ in writing. I don't go over my canvas in writing, like the meticulous Fraenkel does with his drafts, but I keep breaking new ground until I reach the level of exact expression, leaving all the trials and gropings there, but raising them in a sort of spiral circumnavigation, until they make a solid underbody or underpinning, whichever the case may be. And this, I notice, is precisely the ritual of life which is practiced by the man who evolves. He doesn't go back and forth, figuratively, to correct his errors and defects; he transposes and converts them into virtues. He makes wings of his larval cerements."

~Henry Miller, The Waters Reglitterized



  1. You have been inspired these past few days. I love your winged figure. Have a good weekend xJ

  2. I love them all ! they seem quite happy, maybe its because of the bunny, which I think is so cool!
    CPS magizine, I think it was that one, just did some interviews on artists and the weather, seems we all like to stay home on rainy days and make art! Beautiful work

  3. wow you have been busy doing some art. I love all of them,love all the hats,bows and flowers. Beautiful work.

  4. I love your ever growing family of cool and unique people. You have been so busy creating. And this abundant post reflects that so well.

  5. Your images are all so lovely.The eyes scream out a story they wish to tell.Your last quote is amazing.I just have to put you in my "Blog Highlights"Section..Truly wonderful art and words.Warmest Regards,Cat

  6. I always feel transported by your posts. That is something, you know, Artist-Lady, that you transport me completely out of the room I am in into the world that you create in. I love that experience so...

    Love the conversation of mmr.turquoise body and mmrs pinkdress ...thinking wabout what it is that was taken...

    Thank you for the quote - it so works with where I am today - breaking new ground rather than going back over the old to "correct" mistakes. Appreciate that.
    Big love to you, my Artist friend.

  7. I always feel transported by your posts. That is something, you know, Artist-Lady, that you transport me completely out of the room I am in into the world that you create in. I love that experience so...

    Love the conversation of mmr.turquoise body and mmrs pinkdress ...thinking wabout what it is that was taken...

    Thank you for the quote - it so works with where I am today - breaking new ground rather than going back over the old to "correct" mistakes. Appreciate that.
    Big love to you, my Artist friend.

  8. An excellent posting!
    A pink eye & a green eye, my favorite colors on one face.
    Happy Friday,

  9. Hi Lynne,
    it was again very interesting to have a look on your Blog. I like your way of working with the different materials a lot. It's so funny and creative. Nice new photo by the way.
    I wish you a nice weekend.


  10. Yes...the weather. I does hinder us sometimes, doesn't it? But on the other hand, look what you created in the absence of that walk in the woods. Sometimes we all need a bit of a nudge (I'm talking about ME when I say this!). I love the different faces and heads: some with wild hair, some bandannas, some bright bows...very creative. And thanks for that link. I am going to check it out. I have some $$ burning a hole in my pocket. Buying art feels better than paying bills!

  11. LOVE IT, LOVE IT ALL OF IT! LH, more love and inspiration....I am such a wannabe! I am adding a button to my Moleskine journals! I especially love that angel!

  12. Lynne, I'll never forget the first time I found your blog and how happy your images made me. This posting has cheered my day: I love your faces and figures, and the idea of being reglitterized is wonderful! Thanks for all the inspiration xxx

  13. hi jasmine, thank you... i've been reading 'paint as you like and die happy', a book about henry miller's paintings and essays on art. it's tremendously inspiring... you have a good weekend, too. : ) xo

    hi lori, the weather thing - that may be why the pacific northwest has such a concentration of artists... the bunny was inspired by one i saw in the slotin auction catalog! and thank you!

    buffy, as always, thank you so much...

    seth, yes, the 'family' of what we create expands as we go along, doesn't it? whether it's people or collage, we keep growing, spreading out...

    hi cat, the whole essay 'the waters reglitterized' is wonderful. henry miller is wonderful! i highly recommend the book about him, 'paint as you like and die happy'. and thank you. : )

    my dear Big Heart, love to you right back... and thank you for your words... xo

    hi joanie, oh, i love pink and green too! but actually the pink eye is lavender... which is also a favorite combination - any kind of purple and green. thank you... : )

    hi nicole, i have been thinking about you... your video started me on a wonderful henry miller exploration that has given me so much joy; in henry i feel i have a real comrade. ; ) and thank you for you nice words... xo

    teri, if it keeps raining like this, i'm just going to have to get a raincoat and go out walking anyway... i think i will discover a whole new world out there if i do. but yeah, for now it means i stay inside... and do art... : ) xo

    hey janine! thank you about that angel! hey, you should check out henry miller's book 'paint as you like and die happy'. i think it will inspire you...

    lumi, that is a big compliment coming from you... i love the image of us ALL reglitterized!

  14. oh, kim, i forgot to say... i believe that mssr. turquoise body is accusing her of taking his indigo colored pencil. and you can easily imagine how upsetting that *would* be.


  15. those feet knock me over! what an image!

    are they ticklish, i will get a feather and try to tickle them through the internet... you will feel it!


    love this series, the flower headed women and the EYES... emotive. I think that little girl in the pink dress is expressing something very heart deep... she could steal (a heart or two)!

    I love love the quote about painting and writing too... that is a lot of the word love. (maybe i am being lazy) (might have to get that book)

    the South is weather heaven right now down here... a soft warm.

    Blessings to you.

  16. oh, ooopsppsss... i forgot. I love the rocks on your desk. What is that big yellow one, and the pink in the bowl? I wondered that before.

    xo bless

  17. wow, wow wow! just takes my breath away! such a lot of work! love the dialogue going on with your little people whose clothes go all the way up, just giggling over that...
    and the first drawing with the flowers really touches my heart. and those mustard boots are killer!! xx's ps... not another cold and windy thing comin my way... oh yea more studio time!!!

  18. Beautiful and sensitive journal work- I love the winged figure - ethereal and expressive. What a lovely blog to visit- I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  19. Hello dear Lynne,The first painting and the rabbit one is amazing,absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!
    I wish you a nice weekend my friend

  20. m.! aren't those feet lovely?! they belong to a cemetary angel in chico, CA.

    yes, i agree - pink dress girl is a deep one. very sensitive... mssr. turquoise body *found* his indigo colored pencil yesterday and no longer believes she took it! thank god!

    you must get 'paint as you like and die happy' (i will e-mail you this as well, just to make sure you get the message : ). henry talks about writing off and on throughout the essays. each essay is a little gem.

    in the bowl, the pink thing is a carved coral bead - it's exquisite. i saw it a long time ago in san fransciso, and i bought it even though it cost more than i thought i should spend at the time. i'm so glad i did... the yellow crystal is apatite - i bought it in eureka springs, AR. it also cost more than i thought i should spend, and again, i'm so glad i didn't listen to the Conservative Voice. : )

    exo xo!!

    cat, yes, you may have more studio time coming your way! or maybe it stayed north of you... i think you would've had it by now. thank you!

    hi lori, thank you for your nice words and for coming by... i appreciate both!

    parisa, that rabbit may jump over into one of your paintings some day. think of the time he'd have there! xo

  21. I love your muslin pages, the head wear is just gorgeous...spring flowers...

    The moleskin journals are just wonderful arent they? I have nearly finished mine and need to get another.

    The rabbit is just so wonderful. I am quite taken with hares of late as we have a few of them on the farm. I love their wild legs and ears and those very alert eyes.

    Sounds like wild weather over your side of the world. I think we are having crazy weather all over the place.

    Have a lovely week that plaster covered cow (and Judy Wises blog).

    Sending love...

    Jacky xox

  22. :)

    its sultry hot. send a snowflake or two...

  23. I love your new work
    the freedom
    the winged woman
    the turquoise background behind the soulful eyes
    the crowns of flowers
    the leaping rabbit through space
    and the hiding writing
    that mysteriously shows through...

    Maybe this week will be warmer,
    sending love,

  24. lynne, these are spectacular. i want to see them in person! the texture, the layers, the soft lines and colors .... ohhhhh i love them so! xo

  25. Always love seeing what you are up have been busy and you do look as if you are enjoying yourself as wellxlynda

  26. Your posts are always a feast for my eyes!! : )
    Love, love all your work. Those mustard boots rock.... I get the Sundance catalog all the time!!

  27. Wow! what a great post! A visit to your site always makes my day. Love the rose headdress woman,
    The winged goddess, Oh my!
    The jack rabbit is so cool
    And those boots, I have such a weakness for a good pair of leather boots. ;)
    Your moleskine work is so fun
    You have such freedom in all you do
    Don't stop!


  28. Fantastic post Lynne - the muslin journal is just lovely and oh those Henry Miller quotes are to savour! I too love the moleskin sketchbooks! thank you for making my day

  29. Fantastic post Lynne - the muslin journal is just lovely and oh those Henry Miller quotes are to savour! I too love the moleskin sketchbooks! thank you for making my day

  30. You have so, so very many friends! I love to come over and meander through what you've been creating. -J

  31. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, glad you returned so invigorated from your walk. Thanks for all the art to view, I also especially enjoy clicking on your studio shots, I love to peek into artists working spaces and I don't mean the sanitized versions that show up in the Studios magazines. I like the working mess. And all the links, I haven't seen Judy Wise blog before, she is right in Portland near me? cool. I'm late for that auction but I couldn't afford any anyway. Maybe I can still get the catalog.
    Be well.


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