Tuesday, December 2, 2008

peeking in

venus, jupiter, and the crescent moon as i pulled into the post office on sunday night. jupiter! the next time they'll be this close (and visible) is november, 2052. the moon and jupiter at the same time! it makes me giddy!

i'm resting and recuperating from my foray out into the world. as wonderful as my time away was, i'm happy to be back in my quiet life again. and painting! i didn't paint while i was gone. five days... i missed it a lot. i've just started this face. she has grass for hair...

and this collage... painting in progress and more messing about to come.

i only recently discovered that paint splatters make almost everything instantly better.

the model on the collage page came from the clothing catalog, toast. the paper is heavy, and the photography stunning. i highly recommend it... i read about it on a blog whose name i no longer remember, but i say thank you none-the-less!

oh that i could capture the wonder of these walnuts in a photo. they come out of the shell in one piece, and they're so fresh they're almost juicy... given to me by the friend i stayed with, and grown by her friend.

yes, just peeking in... can you see me smiling as i reread your comments on last week's post?


  1. welcome home Lynne - it feels so right to be scrolling down reading your new post as I lay here in bed listening to the coyotes howling and before they started, there was an owl hooting down in the front woods...I love your picture of the sky from the post office - you are really good with that camera - my fav is the paint splatter pic - it's absolutely the right thing! - missed you - xxo

  2. jeane, and may i say how right it feels to be sitting here reading your words, thinking about that owl hooting and the coyotes howling. so happy to be back...xxoo

  3. Yes, it must be lovely to be back...settling in to your routines. I have to tell you the quarantine guys have radiated your lovely "owl scat" and they should be returning soon to me.

  4. Welcome home Lynne, so lovely to be reading one of you posts again (and it was only 5 days!).
    Gorgeous pics as always.

    The photo of the crescent moon with Venus and Jupiter (I hope I got that right) is fantastic. The same picture was in our Sun Herald today and from Australia is appears like a smiley face - Venus and Jupiter the two eyes and the moon the smiley mouth.

    Love your journal pages and those splatters ... what fun.

  5. Look at my moon photo on the blog...so neat how the orientation is different!

    Good to see you back ;)

  6. think maybe i can feel you smiling ... i didn't know what those two bright stars were, last night i was saying how it looked like a stairway up into the moon (an airplane had added a third dot) ... my moon was above the two bright stars, and they were aligned below it to the right>

    love your watercolor... its like the crust of the earth, a yellow pond on the cheek, curving circular and with a consciousness within, almost awake, aware of all.

    sweet walnut, all heart_its you!

  7. Welcome home, Lynne!
    Weren't the trio in the sky brilliant? (literally!)

  8. Lynne, I'm enjoying wallowing in all your gorgeous art again. Love the collages and the face with the grass hair.

  9. Lynne, your back :) and with another post full of wonder!!!
    Stars & Moon...did you make a wish, because it looked so magical.
    Although my eye initially went straight to that sign! It's a fab pic!!!
    Grassy hair girl is fab, as is 'splatter'.
    Now that walnut pic is amazing!!! you have captured allot more that 'just a walnut' here Lynne :)

  10. Welcome home dear girl. . missed you.
    Such wonderful pictures, we couldn't see the sky that night, too cloudy, so thank you for showing me the starry heavens.

    That walnut .... is it me going potty or can I see an origami Oak leaf?

  11. Such wonderful photos.

    I'm going to splatter paint on everything right now and step back to see how it looks.

  12. grrl! you're paying to have them irradiated!! i didn't know that... i thought they were going to live out their lives in a quarantine dump, reentering the cycle from there. i must say i'm VERY happy they will be coming to live with you soon...

    hi jacky, isn't this arrangement of the moon, jupiter, and venus something? yes, i saw a photo of the smiley face they made in some parts of the world. it seemed to me a sort of cosmic message that all is well.

    hey julie! lol! i am smiling! didn't it just call to you to photograph it? i kept snapping and snapping too and only got one good image...

    mansuetude, yes you can surely feel me smiling. and doubly so now that i'm reading your words. i'm trusting that you're back safely (and happily) from being spread about like nutella...

    oh, the walnut! yes, all heart!!!

    cynjon, truly they were brilliant. and it seemed like they left an afterimage in my consciousness. very beautiful...

    sarah, so happy to be back, 'seeing' you!

    hey robyn, and i enjoyed wallowing in your 'nest' post. feeling very happy to be back here 'talking' to you...

    hi jo, yes, that sign -- it really stood out didn't it?! the crazy lighting they had outside the post office created the yellow glow on the building, and i guess my flash lit up the sign. everything was quite lit up, that's for sure. : )

    thank you about the walnut... so much power and beauty there...

    thank you, parisa!

    my dear annette, i feel quite sure it is your brilliance that enables you to see the origami oak leaf.

    lol,leslie... yes, do, and you'll see what i mean. : )

  13. Brilliant photos, I love the one of the moon and jupiter. The walnut one's fantastic too - I always thought walnuts were beautiful, in their own special way, and you captured it perfectly.

  14. It is another evening after work and I have been scrolling through "peeking in" ... I have missed you too! Well, I love to see what your are working on, your colors, the way you design a page, but what I really love is your last journal page/painting. That you see others in yourself, and yourself in others. Maybe that is why we all have this connection. Just beautiful. I will keep on thinking about this...... I am thankful for you and your wisdom. Roxanne

  15. yo Lynne! - tonight on my way home - I heard a wonderful piece on owl pellets by Ted Leavitt on VPR/NPR - will try to find a link - it was so cool and he talked about the "gift" - so love visiting you - it is always deLIGHTful - love you...

    xox - eb.

  16. oh and yes!!! - we saw Jupiter and Venus - bright as can be - gorgeous - as is your photo...

    xox - eb.

  17. Welcome back Lynne. You were missed. The first photo is a knockout!

  18. hey ian! thank you so much! i must say i do miss your photographs, but am very happy you're pursuing your bliss with music!

    hi roxanne, and i am thankful for you and yours...

    oh eb, this is such a gift! thank you!! and it's deLIGHTful having you here...

    hiya, seth! thank you about the photo! and so glad to be back!


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