Friday, December 5, 2008

lori found!

oh my goodness, i'm so excited... the elusive lori has been found. thank you, lori, thank you, cosmos! seth, we await further instructions!

words from the osho zen tarot deck


  1. great painting - it reminds me of a pillow my great aunt made for me years ago...

  2. hi Lynne hoppe, I love your blog, the video is amazing, beautiful illustrations, thank you!

  3. i am so so smiling!!!


    Yes, yes, quantum expansiveness, i feel it now, stretching in my smile, too! Enjoy the Mt Shasta...

  4. Kowabunga

    spelling again... hhoo hoo.:)

  5. Ah, the power of the universe/internet!

  6. Thanks for all your help in finding Lori! I couldn't have done it without you!

  7. I love love love this bird, the house, the sky, the whole painting. The colors sing just so. I adore your light touch, the whispers of rain and the sweet words that inspire.

  8. One word: YUM :-)

    Hi, Lynne ... I've just found your blog today and have been meandering through -- Thank you for what you've created ... I'll be visiting regularly ...

    I've tagged your blog :-)


    :-) Jaliya

  9. ian, wow, a pillow like this! how fabulous!

    thanks, kate!

    thank you i love black and white! so glad to see you here - i love your photographs and blog!

    lol, mansuetude... that kowabunga is tricky!!!

    smiling here... mt. shasta was exponentially expansive. : )

    hey cynjon... oh ain't it the truth?

    seth, well, it's pretty wild... the universe works in mysterious ways, that's for sure. : )

    thank you, leanne... that is very, very nice of you to say.

    well hi, jaliya! i was *just* at your place a few minutes ago -- i 'saw' you on karin's blog! thank you for your kind words... and now i'll go back and see what the tag says!

  10. I just love this gem of a painting! makes me feel joy - thank you!
    xox K

  11. Lynne - discovered your blog to-day - via Seth. I love this painting,

  12. karin, it makes me very happy to read this...

    thank you, karen... it's done on matte gel medium using twinkling h2os and caran d'ache crayons. ahhh, the colors they produce!

    dear jo, yes, yes, isn't it so...

  13. Love the painting! Words from the Tarot...great inspiration.

  14. hi robyn, yeah, i love the tarot for inspiration. i have a lot of decks and i love to gaze at them, ponder them...

  15. word id: somediv - I am adding an a here to BE...

    SOMEDIVA that you are

    sweet sweet special remarkable Lynne

    I give you my personal amazing Grace award...

    xox - eb.


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