Thursday, December 11, 2008

lotus love

lotuses from my journals of the last two and a half years...

they're in no particular order -- some are from my travel journal, some from my early gratitude journal, and the rest from daily journals. i started journaling and painting in the spring of 2006 -- at the time i was a full time glass bead maker who was tired out from making, photographing, and packaging up beads. painting seemed so restful - i lost myself in it. my experiences with bead making taught me a lot, not the least of which was that producing art is not my thing. with that in mind i've let painting have its own life, live at its own pace. it nourishes me as much today as it did in 2006... and i just started a new lotus yesterday!

if there is text on the page, i've put the source under the photo. and, in case you're interested in writing sanskrit words, i drew these using 'sacred sanskrit words', by leza lowitz and reema datta as a guide.

notes from the universe, TUT

'oneness', by rasha

osho zen tarot, online here

'oneness', by rasha

osho zen tarot, online here. is this a lotus?! i don't know, but i love these words!

when this post goes up i'll be on my way to a meditation retreat ~ happy weekend! happy full moon!



  1. I'm drooling... not very becoming, especially in response to such spiritually linked imagery, but I think someone who creates a lotus bone might understand! Humor, grace, beauty, peace - you and your art are awesome Lynne. I love it all!
    xox Karin

  2. I try to imagine how you feel when you draw your lotus - what your mind, body and spirit emit when this image is created - perhaps it feels like when I work on a face - when I'm drawing it, I can actually feel it on my own face - these repeated images are fascinating to me - I think most artists repeat certain images over and over - certain color palettes, shapes, favorite materials - it's a wonderful mystery to me. have a fabulous retreat!

  3. Lynne...I love the lotus flower...I remember seeing my first beautiful lotus in Bali 15 years instant reaction was a flood of tears! How beautiful your lotus flower artwork is, have a wonderful retreat...Jo

  4. haapy esbat in Gemini from me.... as usual it is pouring rain.

    Hey you are the Goddess of color.. it just drips. Cant decide what I love, but it may be the house one with the hand reaching from the eye. Hound , of course reckons the bone lotus is tops.

  5. LOVE these!!!!!!!!!


  6. I hope your retreat was special Lynne.
    I love all your lotus paintings , they are all so full of life and meaning.
    The full moon tonight was perfect winter magic, how lucky we are.xx

  7. AAhhhh....I'm visually fulfilled.
    Thanks for the dose of Lotus's (Loti?)
    I can have a really good weekend now.

  8. Great paintings/collages/drawings. Enjoyed "our" flag trip - or, really, going along via photos on yours. Mt. Shasta is gorgeous. What a neat idea to hang flags there. jeanne in Oregon

  9. Your lotus art has enriched my day.
    Enjoy your retreat.

  10. Wow!
    I am going to have to come back and look at these many times to be able to appreciate each one. They are so amazing each one with it's on life and story. Wonderful all!
    Happy weekend at your retreat!

  11. This post is almost as wonderful as when I got to hold your journals and pour through them myself on that saturday in the fall. Oh....Lynne all your Lotus painting are lovely, and your words, your pages and your designs are so intriguing. I could look at them again and again...I hope your weekend is wonderful! Roxanne

  12. oh, my. Look at this gorgeous stuff. Life everywhere! I like the colors. I have to tell you, though, that when I first glanced the bone with the flames, I guess I was in a certain mind-set, because I laughed thinking about what happens with my doggie when I tell her she's getting a treat. She burns rubber to the snack cabinet!!

  13. Fantastic collection. So much power in these images when you see them all together.

  14. Okay, my childish side snorted at the "bone and a lotus" piece, but it's wonderful to see all the lotus imagery!

    We grow lotuses ("loti??") in our pond, and I have to admit to being rather taken by them, beyond just their symbolism.

    Simply exquisite.

  15. I loooove lotus flowers, such an exquisite flower and wonderful colouring - so love this post.... a visual feast.

    I think my favourite is April 7th (and the one below it).

  16. what do you mean - producing art is not your thing - it looks to me that it is totally your thing. These all have a lovely quality to them - sort of dreamlike - lovely

  17. om mani padme hum

    xox - eb.

  18. hi everyone,

    thank you all for your insightful, kind, and funny words... i'm snowed in near chico, CA, but should be home in the next couple of days (and back to fast internet). until then i'm smiling with gratitude!

  19. snowed in... hmmm...

    i want to know your link to Sanskrit now... :)
    no wonder.

    my favorite of the words on your art are these, "Hello, I love you."
    I think you wrote those.
    You are ready to write your own soul phrases... i have noticed this before. :)

    stay cozy.

  20. You use colour and imagery like a sage and a child. A wonder to behold. The first is my favourite!

  21. These are lovely! Your work is very inspiring! RM :)


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