Thursday, December 4, 2008

desperately seeking susan, er... lori

lori, seth's done just about everything besides look into his crystal ball to try and find you... yes, it's true that he heard from you just last week, but he doesn't know your e-mail address so he can respond! there are many of us here in blog land that want to send you vintage stuff from our vintage stashes, so please, please send seth your e-mail address! we all thank you. : )

and now, it is my great pleasure

to accept this award from jeane at artit.

the award says:

"This blog invests and believes the proximity-nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of the prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers, who must choose eight more and include this cleverly written text into the body of their award."

thank you, jeane! i'm flattered to receive an award that calls my blog 'charming', and it's certainly true that i'm not interested in 'prizes or self-aggrandizement', which i can hardly spell! so i'm to choose eight, eh? oh my, there are so many... how about four that are near and dear to my heart; four soulful and very charming blogs...

seth at the altered page
roxanne at river garden studio
dneese at grrl + dog
annette at fairy shoes and other things

thank you all for sharing your lives and your art with us!

and now, onto something that i very much want to share... if you've been to karin bartimole's blog beyond words, you probably feel as i do, that her art is beyond words. i highly recommend a visit to her blog -- it's like taking a dip in a cool, clear pool.

it was on her blog that i saw this video, and with her permission i've put it here. i loved it, to say the least... if you don't feel you have time to watch the whole thing, go to 5:30 and listen to what she learned from a teacher about judging her paintings. yes!!

this is what the collage in tuesday's post looks like now. maybe done...

the weather's nice and mt. shasta is calling. tree flags must be hung and the mountain communed with one last time before the snow gets deep. i'll report back soon...



  1. Dear Lynne, the collage is so fresh and cheerful. Just great!

  2. hi jo, thank you! i covered up so much, but i loved what was left. yes 'fresh' is just how i feel...

    i'm smiling looking at the new picture beside your name. : )

  3. i want to know what Mt Shasta sounds like when it is calling? Is it an old voice, rock deep grumbly dry windy soulful... think about the answer and it will be right...

    i think Lori is lost in the snow on mt shasta, waiting for you too... :)

    ok i feel silly.
    that's a good thing, i am certain in my far too serious soul. love your images, going to watch your video!

    kowabunga... (i don't know what that means)

  4. thanks for the video--its so hard to let the inner (often unspeakable amorphous emotions ideas) outward, into life. It happens too in writing, the desire to undress the words, the carve back the block , to let some of the truth up; we are all made of such stuff... etc... quantum expanding us.

  5. Lovely collage!! Mt. Shasta- fantastic!! Have a great weekend!

  6. lynne - thanks so much for the video - I've watched it three times and I don't have time, so what does that say! - it is compelling - have a wonderful time at your mountain!

  7. Hi Lynne,

    Guess who? It's me Lori! I'm com-pletely BLOWN AWAY! I was just reading along and happened to notice the words "desperately seeking Lori". I just don't know what to say but THANK YA'LL SO MUCH much for the obvious persistance to find me. My e-mail is I'm so anxious to hear from ya'll. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Sincerely, Lori

  8. Wow Lynne,it's chuffed I am to be getting such an honour from you!
    I really don't know what I did to deserve it, but thank you sweet one!

    I think our Oak tree needs a tree flag . . . Enjoy your walk and capture the magic to share with us, please.

  9. Congratulations Lynne, you certainly do have a "charming" blog, I love to come by and visit.

    I love your latest collage, amazing colours, so vibrant and has a real nature feel to it.

    Enjoy your visit to Mt. Shasta before the snow comes.

  10. mansuetude, i'm smiling!! i will ponder the calling of mt. shasta question, and look, lori's responded! i'm feeling very happy at this moment...

    yes, the undressing of words -- i think it's the same with all art, no matter the form. this revealing of some nub or essence, and when it's revealed there's such a light, a recognition.

    quantum expansiveness... here we are expanding in the same time/space! kowabunga!

    thanks, julie! i will, and you too!

    jeane, compelling is a good word to describe this video, i think. it brought me right in to look at what i'm doing now with my art and why... as did karin's art. they both stopped me and made me look.

    lori! as i've already written to you in my e-mail, i'm so excited i could pop!! thank you so much for responding! i'll hand it back over to seth now to proceed with the gathering of 'stuff'!!

    lol, annette! what you did to deserve it is have a magical and thoroughly charming blog!

    yes, yes... the Oak tree does need a tree flag...

    thank you, jacky... i truly feel the same about your blog. and thank you about the collage -- it feels finished, although it doesn't come across so much that way in the photo... ah, well!

    i *will* enjoy my visit to mt. shasta -- and i will hang your tree flag!!

  11. Thank you for introducing me Lynn, and your kind words :)
    I really love the way your collage evolved, and it's pretty cool knowing all those layers are under there forming the foundation of what has emerged.
    Congrats on the much deserved award!
    xox Karin

  12. HAng on...hang on..

    Your tree flags are on Mt Shasta?? Oh my! I had no idea. Such an intense place.

    OK, now...first of all, thankyou for this very refreshing blog award. Such real sentiments, thankyou.Will be hard to pick, like you, but will have a go.

    A hot 32 degrees here and I am baking cupcakes.

  13. Had to come back and say the video is so simple and honest, and from the soul.
    I love her imagery, strong and free, and to watch her process...

    thaks for the nice morning watch.

  14. oh, karin, you are so welcome! thank you for your art and generosity! and thank you about the collage...yes, i'm getting more and more fearless about covering stuff up. ; )

    grrl, your tree flag, jacky's and one of mine are getting hung tomorrow! yes, it's exciting isn't it?!

    smiling at you baking cupcakes and liking the video...

  15. Glad you have found Lori!

    Emotional work by this artist in the video...

    Enjoy the peace of your mountain Lynne, and I love seeing your collage.

  16. hey jo, thank you -- i will enjoy the peace of the mountain. lift off is scheduled for tomorrow morning. ; )

  17. A fresh collage. Exactly! And you found Lori. Well done Lynne. Enjoy decorating Mt. Shasta...and don't forget your camera!

  18. I love your collage, the flowers are great and thank you so much for introducing me to Karin, her work is amazing.

  19. Thank you for the award Lynne! I will pass it on soon, I am thinking about it right now... I am so glad you found Lori, and I bet you are home from Mt. Shasta by now.... Your newest collage is beautiful and so fresh. I also love your photo of the gazing ball! Roxanne

  20. hey robyn! camera was in hand; serious overtaking of pictures occurred!

    hello ro, oh, it is my pleasure to lead you in the direction of karin! thank you for coming by!

    hi roxanne! yes, we're home from mt. shasta. a beautiful and moving trip...

    the gazing ball -- it's been on my memory card since last summer. at the time i wasn't very happy with how it turned out, but now it seems perfect. : )


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