Saturday, December 20, 2008

happy solstice

my blogging voice has been hibernating! each day i think i'll post, but nope, no words... tomorrow's the solstice though, so i've marched it outside to say (at the very least) 'happy solstice'. i send you wishes for a magic filled day... yes, i know that the calendar says that it's the first day of winter, but anyone with an ear to the ground knows that life begins to stir after the winter solstice; little by little everything starts to wake up... and then suddenly it's spring and the results of this awakening are visible everywhere. tomorrow, on the shortest day of the year, i honor the quiet and marvel at the awakening that will follow...

thank you to all who commented on the lotus post ~ how sweet it was to read your comments while i was away! seriously cynjon, i never thought about that when i was painting 'a bone and a lotus'. ; )

my time away was refreshing... so much change is in the air and i feel happy to be in the Flow of it all. i took this pic of mt. shasta as i was leaving home -- i simply cannot resist photographing this mountain that puts a smile on my face every time it springs into view. the only reason i didn't take pics of it on my way home was that the road was snowy and icy, and sensible lynne insisted that i really, truly be Sensible about the whole picture taking while driving thing.

i've only done a little art since i've been back... finished the lotus above and this small painting. i think i'm suffering from a bad case of art ADD. there are so many things i'm wanting to try now. i picked up some paper clay while i was out. judy wise's paper clay doll has me itching to try it. and i'm knotting a long citrine and pink chalcedony necklace. and, and, and...

i'd like to say a big 'thank you' to sarah fishburn for sending me a free copy of pasticcio, issue 5. sarah had a drawing on her blog a while back, and i won -- thank you, sarah! if you've never purchased pasticcio before, be prepared for a treat. sarah and angela will surprise you with the breadth and depth of their knowledge about all things art and beyond. articles about mosaic (done with paper as well as more traditional materials), book reviews, beauty tips (uh huh), articles focusing on mixed media artists, links to helpful websites, and on and on.

one of the things i loved most was an article about the artist ione robinson (1910 - 1989). yup, these women will open your eyes to new artists and new ways of doing things. oh, and there's the art... pages and pages of art to feast your eyes on. you can purchase it here. thank you again, sarah...

i leave you with sweet lullaby by deep forest... have a beautiful solstice and a glorious, happy holiday season!



  1. glad your are home safe and had a wonderful time - Happy solstice, Lynne - we are on our way to the light!

  2. The latest lotus painting is a wonderful way to begin this post. Happy Solstice to you, Lynne!
    (I'm a great fan of early Deep Forest.)

  3. Wonderful lotus, happy your back safe and well.

    Happy Winter Soltice Lynne...your post has stirred up some nice emotions in me...

  4. yes we are, jeane! have a beautiful day tomorrow!

    hi robyn, and a happy summer solstice to you! i love it that we're in winter and you're in summer!

    oh yes, early deep forest is some of my favorite music too...

    thank you, jo! and happy summer solstice to you!

  5. Magic is in the air Lynne, relax and enjoy.
    Solstice greetings to you and yours.x

  6. Love the Lotus beautiful. Happy Winter Solstice to you Lynne. Glad to see you back safe and sound. Can't wait to see what you do with paper clay!
    Have a wonderful, Holiday Season!

  7. Hi and Happy Solstice to you! This is my first visit, I found you on Jeane's Artit and I will make your site a regular stop!
    Mary Ann
    ps plan on picking up Pasticcio Quartz...very interesting and make up hints too!

  8. my friend just told me today that the Solstice is a good time to start new projects so all your ideas should bear some luscious fruit. Thanks for a lovely post.x

  9. Lynne, this song and video almost makes me cry, it is so moving... and wishing you the happiest of Winter Solstice's as well. i love your new lotus and seeing the mysterious Mount Shasta... and the roads have been horrible lately! Miss you... Roxanne

  10. What a lovely solstice lotus. Positive energy bursting forth. Thanks for reminding me that soon things will begin to stir. I'm ready for a much-needed stirring.

  11. annette, i am smiling... knowing you're reveling in the magic on this day... xo

    thank you, leanne... and a beautiful solstice to you, too...

    hi mary ann, so happy to see you here! yes, make up hints, lol! happy solstice to you, and i will be stopping by your place soon!

    hi kate, you are welcome... and i'm sending you big solstice love today...

    oh roxanne, isn't that music just the sweetest? i'm thinking of you today... trusting that you're having a quiet and magical day. yes, the roads are bad -- i was glad i got home before the next storm rolled in. xxoo

    hello kate... so happy to see you here. yes, that stirring will be moving us all...

  12. Lynne I love your latest lotus painting and also the LOVE page.

    Always wonderful to see a photo of the majestic Mt. Shasta (thanks for sharing another photo with us).

    Your necklace and paperclay doll sound very interesting. I will pop over to Judy's blog and take a peek.

    Happy Winter Solstice.

    Jacky xox

  13. Happy winter solstice, we're celebrating the opposite down under, with lovely sunshine.
    Your paintings are joyful, love them. I too bought our equivalent of paper clay to play with over the holidays, 'cause I really need another art material. Judy and I seem to be on the same wave length. Ah Deep Forest,
    I have that music in my computer, I think I'll play it while I'm working through my last day at work for the year.

  14. thanks, jacky! happy summer solstice to you! yes, do pop over to judy's -- it'll have you wanting to buy some paper clay pronto. : )

    hi ro, thank you... yeah, i need another art material *real* bad. (snort) happy summer solstice!

  15. both paintings are a real treat & can't wait to see what you do with the paper clay you purchased.

    happy belated solstice!

    (we actually had friends over on Sunday to celebrate the holidays - perfect time to do it, I think)

  16. thank you 3rdeyemuse! and a belated happy solstice and early merry christmas to you! lol, yeah, the time for celebrating the holidays is upon us!

  17. Yay yay yay! Happy Yule, and lots of gorgeous scenes for you to see, like the one you posted. Don't you love Mt. shasta? The best of all to you and yours.

  18. Happy solstice, happy Holidays to you, Lynne!
    Love your painting very much!

  19. uh huh...

    Isnt Pasticcio great? I forked out over $70 for my copy, with the dollar and postage, that is how much I dig it.

    Oh the pellets arrived back and with them the gorgeous fabric flower brooch..Now I have a dilemma, the doggy or the flower????

  20. Well, I was here on the solstice... but that video music link enraptured me on and on and on exploring the other links in Utube connected to it and i never got back to thank you or wish you your good worth of wishes! (explanations ARE exhausting! )

    I love your photo, it looks like a bird is coming out of the mountain, to wash us with song...

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, on the Solstice i had just finished building a fire and read your wishes and thought of you and send a blessing back. I hope you caught it in your heart!

    Grateful to know you are out there... sanskrit will have to be mentioned later. :)

  21. thank you, chris -- and the same to you!

    thank you i love black and white! i send you wishes for a peaceful and creative new year!

    lol, grrl... i'm very happy that they've both made their way to you now. they had quite the stay in the customs place... i'm *happy* you now have a dilemma!

    oh mansuetude... yes, yes, you came through loud and clear on the solstice.

    i just love that you see a bird coming out to wash us with song, and i'm *very* grateful to know you're there...

  22. Happy Solstice to you! I had to smile at the art ADD I can so relate :)

    :) Cat


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