Monday, December 8, 2008


. . .

going to mt. shasta to hang the tree flags...

there is one road that goes up the mountain, and we're almost there.

taken at 7,000'... we got out of the car and walked about a mile and a half up from here.

wouldn't you like to live in this bird's home? it's more than 80' above the ground. and look at how round that hole is...

jacky's flag on the left, grrl's in the middle, and mine on the right. all on the same tree (click to see them better). i don't know who was happier, me or the trees. there wasn't a breeze stirring until they were all hung, then i could hardly take a picture they were blowing around so exuberantly. yeah, i was smiling...

wish you could've been there jacky and grrl...

looking at the top before we head down.

back in town...

setting sunlight...

thank you grrl, and jacky! thank you trees!

and finally, therese, the girl with the grass hair that i briefly introduced you to last week. she's a gardener... she said she's ms. le reux's gardener as a matter of fact! small world!!


  1. And here I am blogging about YOU!! ha hahaa... are we staking each other?

    You know how I feel about Mt Shasta... what a beautiful thing to come across in the walk. I hope you document what happens to it.

  2. lol, and i was just over at your place commenting!

    well, i don't know if i'll be able to find them again. they're off the road quite a ways... but maybe they'll call to me so's i can visit them in their later years...

  3. what a gorgeous day to go to your mountain - taking bits of your friends with you - then arranging yourselves together in your spiritual place......I love this positive action...

  4. what a grand journey! Your flags all looked beautiful out there, fluttering in the winds - and I love your painting Lynne.

  5. Lynne thank you so much for taking us on your trip to Mt. Shasta ... love all the pictures so we can share the experience.

    The tree flags look brilliant and I can imagine the breeze picking up and them flapping in the and beautiful. What a wonderful day in the mountains.

    And, ms. Le Roux (hope I remembered that correctly) looks fabulous on your journal page.

  6. I love the mountains....but alas, I don't go very often because the drive makes me horribly sick. If only they could make straight roads up and straight roads down...

    Love the flag project....

    and um, Lynne? I could EAT that page!

  7. what a lovely sanctuary of a place! Snow on the mountain, so beautiful... the trees must be singing in their new scarves...

    what whispers did the mountain send up your spine!?

  8. Lynne, thos images of Mt Shasta are incredible! The bright crispness of the colours. Contrast between blue sky and snow capped mountain...WOW...literally breathtaking.
    That bird holding on to that lone tree with a bit of growth.
    Then the flags...all perfect.
    I love "grass haired" girl, yes a gardener...hmmm green hair (been there once)

  9. Such wonderful shots of your trip to Mt. Shasta. Thanks for the little diversion. Those flags look so happy there on that tree. I think the wind must have started blowing to take them for a test run.

    That tree would be some funky place to live, wouldn't it? I love the angles of the branches and the soft mossy places.

    Love the girl with the grass hair too.

  10. hey jeane! positive action, indeed... so happy to have been in on it...

    thank you, karin... oh i do love to see those flags blowing in the breeze!

    hi jacky, thank *you*!! yeah, free and beautiful is the way of tree flags... love that...

    oh, poo, julie! if you could make the trip you'd be so happy once you got there! the road up mt. shasta is definitely not straight, though... thank you about therese!

    mansuetude, the mountain sent so many shivers up my spine -- it always does, but this time more than ever. the biggest shiver was about Love. being in a compassionate, light, open place... the mountain will get its message across, i tell you!

    thank you, jo! it is so breathtaking there, with the clear air and the contrast between the snow, the blue, and the green. everything's very sharp there -- always...

    yes, i was the grass haired girl once, too. ; )

    i love your new pic!

    lol, leslie, wouldn't that tree be a wild place to live?! you'd have to be fearless for sure! my father once told me that john muir used to tie himself to the tops of tall trees during windstorms. i think about that every time i look at the top of a tall tree...

    as for the tree flags blowing... i'm not *exactly* sure how it works, but somehow or other the tree gets the wind to blow so it can send out a greeting of love and appreciation. : )

  11. Looking at your mountain makes me go all shivery and wide eyed ( can you be shivery AND wide eyed?).
    I can just imagine the air, cold and crisp and you smiling at the trees. Wish I'd been there too!x

  12. Oh Lynne, how beautiful to see your three flags together, kindred spirits hanging from the trees on our beautiful Mt. Shasta. I think the gods are smiling down on you for passing on this day to us...
    and I love the girl with the grass hair!!!

  13. Beautiful post, Lynne. How wonderful to fly those flags together in such a magical place. A flag swap?????

  14. annette, i wish you *could've* been there -- i would've been smiling an extra big smile!! you would LOVE mt. shasta and it would love you...

    hi roxanne, it's my pleasure to pass this goodness on to you! thank you about grass girl... i worked on her for days before i listened to her and covered up half her face. ; )

    hi karen, yes, isn't it wonderful? i feel very grateful to be a part of it...

    yes, yes to a flag swap!!

  15. I loved seeing your trip up the mountain! Wow! How beautiful to see the flags flying.And Therese....she is a mischievous one isn't she?

    I would love to be a part of a flag swap.

  16. There are shivers going up my spine too. Such a beautiful mysterious mountain bedecked with flags that have been flown in especially. How absolutely awesome!

    I love grass hair, gardening lady even more now.

  17. Mt. Shasta looks spectacular. Wouldn't mind being there right now. Tree flags are great! Very cool project.


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