Wednesday, July 30, 2008


yeah, that describes my time away! great food and happy times with friends, most of whom i rarely see. there were five of us, and NO one was inclined to do anything other than what was purely fun and celebratory. my, how refreshing that is!

we all fell in love with 'mama mia'... if that doesn't make you wanna put on your dancin' shoes, i don't know what will! the cast is fabulous and the choreography impeccable, but what moved me most was meryl streep's performance. that woman inspires me! now i need some ABBA tunes... : )

i drew this the night that i got there... it's quite the long story, but it has to do with giving a homeless person money. the sadness on his face when he saw it was only a dollar; the sadness in my heart that i didn't give him one of the other two bills in my wallet at the time-- a ten and a twenty; the shock that the person in the car behind me was laying on the horn because i didn't immediately bolt when the light turned green-- no time out for giving. and lastly, the feeling i felt when i saw how quickly he tried to conceal his disappointment at a mere dollar. he didn't want me to feel bad about only giving a dollar... one other interesting little thing is that i'd stamped 'practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty' on the background before i left home... it's the first and only time i've ever stamped words on a background.

i painted quite a bit while i was gone, even though my plan to buy the perfect small light on the way failed. i bought a book light at barnes and nobel but it wasn't nearly bright enough... back to the drawing board on that. good light for painting is hard to come by when you're traveling. if anyone has suggestions about a good traveling light, i'd love to hear them.

so much more i could write, but i'll end for now, leaving you with these oleander blossoms. thank you all so very much for your kind comments to last weeks post-- i appreciated every one!!


  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts.

  2. thanks seth, it's great to be back and blogging again. was just over at your place checking to see if anonymous has turned up yet.

  3. Welcome home, Lynne! You were missed. I love the photograph with the yummy food (chocolate favourite)and 5oo Tiles. Every picture tells a story. Glad you had fun!

  4. robyn, what an eye you have! yes, chocolate truffles for sure-- many were the flavors we sampled! and 500 Tiles... it went where i went, and i'm *still* perusing it and gazing at details...

    so glad to be here writing you back!

  5. food...the best way to celebrate! So interesting that your stamped message acted as a kind of subconscious intention. There is power in writing things down... Love your image.

  6. kate, lately i've been thinking that we probably have no idea of the power of words-- i'm sure it's so much more than we realize.

    and yeah, food is a great way to celebrate... there's something about sharing it in an atmosphere of celebration that generates laughter and good conversation.

  7. Ah Lynne... again we share something a little... I dunno. Nearly normal?

    I give people money, too, although around here (in Dubya country) you gotta be quick before the police or the sheriffs escort them to the county line.

    There but for the grace, you know.

  8. ps. I love the painting.

  9. jan! i've been thinking about writing you since the rutilated quartz post! what you wrote really got me thinking. i'd never thought of star sapphires and cat's eye minerals as being the result of rutile inclusions (is inclusions the right term?). hmmmm... that rutile is amazing...

    and the money giving... surely that's one reason you're down there in in that, uh, stingy land...


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