Wednesday, July 9, 2008

can build

yesterday's page, arrived at after much painting over and adding to...

while i was at my art table painting and repainting, the spice rack that holds paints, letter stamps, etc. fell over, which put a halt to further arting until i got everything picked up. at the bottom of the pile was the 'can build' clipping. perfect, i thought. i can build! and rebuild! yes i will!!

i woke up this morning knowing that the thing to do was disassemble my 'daily book', keep what i've done and start anew, a la l. k. ludwig in 'mixed media nature journals'.

here are the loose pages... they have more life already. how nice it is to pick up individual pages and turn them over... the rest of the paper (that i was very much not enjoying working on) can be used for post cards, or, or...

here's the bundle that will go in a pocket in the new book. feels so much better. looks so much happier-- not so perfect and tight.

yes, i'm on the right track...

and, the lilies are at their peak... bees love this pollen!

look at these anthers... they've been wiped totally clean of pollen.


  1. Wow! That stack of pages and the tied bundle look so amazing.

  2. hey seth! thank you once again for your inspiration-- you were the catalyst for this!

  3. hi lynne
    it's soooooo good to see all the stuff you are doing...and it looks amazing...and your pictures look great also...many more changes for lisa and me...take a look at our new place on our blog...anyway...i love your blog...what a great way of keeping up...and catching up...

  4. I am SUCH a fan of re-working, re-cycling, re-purposing art...beautiful bundle!

    Your photos are stunning...


  5. tony, i just popped over to your place and had a look... yes, many wonderful and amazing changes in your lives!

    thank you stephanie! yes, recycling/reworking is the best... feels so great to reuse materials, and they bring such a nice energy with them...

    thank you for stopping by!


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