Monday, July 14, 2008


jesse reno on painting... if you paint/draw/create, watch it! (thank you kelly for telling me how to embed a video!)

next, bobbi s. of cobaltika fame recently posted photos that she took on a quick trip from kansas to california and back. absolutely amazing photography. go here and click on the text under the photo. each one is a gem.

and finally, i saw these last night... tony blackwell of Zoa Art is casting in bronze and shibuichi. check out the blue patina on this bronze wing and this bronze skull and crossbones pendant. everything in their etsy shop is gorgeous, but these two are my favs.

okay, i'm off to see if the quinoa is done. this is the first time i've fixed it in years and directions from various internet recipes were conflicting...


  1. Hey Lynne, what a beautiful blog you have! I love your art and your pages, I don't know why I didn't know about your blog?!!

  2. hey hanna! thank you! well you probably didn't know about it because i just started it a few weeks ago! thank you for stopping by-- i've gotten many smiles and a lot of inspiration from your blog!

  3. Hy Lynne,

    As far as embedding a video from you tube, when you go to youtube and click on a video there is a little bar to the right that says Embed Video copy and paste that link into a blog post and that's it :) Publish the post and voila! :)
    Some times the embedding is disabled, too, fyi! It will say it though.
    Reno's isn't though!

  4. wo!
    wonderful and beautiful and so veryvery cool - beautiful images and beautiful work from a beautiful person. And the youtube link! I loved Jesse's paintings at Jackie's restaurant, but had lost track of his name - so nice to see work that is original. Looking forward to checking out all your links ... where do you find all this wonderful stuff??? Much to say and catch up on. Also, veryvery glad your path grows clearer.
    more soon. til then - big smooches

  5. Jesse Reno is one of my favourite artists. Generally I don't download video clips because it takes me so long (no broadband), but this I am having to see! It's already taken me an hour to download a third of it! Thanks for sharing. I am loving your blog. Very fresh and innovative.


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