Wednesday, July 16, 2008


the gracious seth apter of 'the altered page' has presented me with two awards... i tried to talk him out of it by pointing out that i've only been blogging for a mere few weeks, but he wouldn't budge! thank you seth! you exemplify all the best of the art blogging world! i'm passing this award on to all of the artists in my blogroll-- there's no way that i can decide on just 7... i've gotten so much from your blogs over the past year and i thank you for that!

on another note, yesterday was a picture snappin' day. some days are like that...

an early morning shot of the creek. that's my chair down there... the perfect place for perusing lynda barry's 'what it is' and dawn devries sokol's '1000 artist journal pages'.

the road to alturas, CA, on our weekly grocery shopping trip. 40 miles of wide open spaces. i never get tired of this drive, or of taking pictures of it...

tiles outside the door of an office building... alturas is full of old buildings with things that people don't do anymore, like put tiny tiles outside the front door.

standing at the tiles, looking west at the hardware store and this cool truck. what the heck are those things?!

looking south now. this light is one of my favorite subjects-- it always looks great!

and finally, looking north... this street light. i think it really looked better before i did the watercolor thing to it, but hey, i've always wanted to do the watercolor thing.

and then back home. the camera finally seemed ready to rest! : )


  1. You take such beautiful pictures.
    I bet your happy to be home again.
    I know we all are but we sure do miss those journaling days on the bluff.
    We miss you Lynne!Maybe somtime you'll get to come and visit us here in SC.

  2. Thank YOU Lynne! Great pictures. My favorite is the street light shot.

  3. hugs to you and tony too, lisa! yeah, maybe i can drop down and see you the next time i go to virginia to see my sister... i'll bet we can get a little journaling time in. those days on the bluff were sure sweet...

    seth, i LOVE that light! i swear it never lets me down!

  4. just let us know when. We would love to have you.....Lisa

  5. Lynne, there's another award for you back at my blog. No need to go through the process again unless you want to. Its more of a sign of recognition or appreciation for a lovely blog.

  6. Dont underestimate yourself Lynne, this is a truly beautiful and inspirational blog.
    Love your journal, your wonderful photographs and what you are doing with the watercolour papers is amazing.
    I will be back to visit often.


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