Friday, July 18, 2008

they all live in trees

it's been a bit of a rugged week creatively... the Groove seemed to be just out of reach for most of it. i had some good picture taking days, and that was good, but the painting muse was making itself scarce.

i started out the week painting the flowers and snake above... i paint these flowers a lot, just for the joy of it-- the colors, the shapes... but it wasn't so satisfying this time because what i *really* wanted to paint was something that i couldn't quite get to.

midweek i painted this, and in retrospect i'm *pretty sure* that's me gasping for creative breath there! i took heart in the fact that some sort of Help seemed to be coming my way. : )

i need to order some more white pens. i seem to want one every time i turn around lately.

yesterday i felt i was beginning to touch what i'd been trying to reach ...

i altered a couple of pages from the original book for writing on-- should have spent more time doing this and just forgotten about the painting. i'm loving the fact that this kind of journal keeping has room for all kinds of art making. making these pages is fun and easy... the pic of the car came from the latest 'free people' catalog. i LOVE these catalogs for collage material. besides cool layouts and photography, you get the words 'free people' three or four times! go to to get on their mailing list.

a few more pics from the week...

a bear and a heart from the creek...

more pebbles, and...

jerry and amelia

keeping track of things...


  1. I love what you do with watercolours....the washes, the dots and flicks and whatever you do to make the page look earthy. "they all live in trees" is enchanting....especially the owl! I get the feeling that you live in an enchanted forest.

    And the "gasping for creative breath" painting is wonderful!

  2. thank you, robyn... one of the things i want to do is create a tutorial for how i've been doing my backgrounds lately. it's simple!


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