Thursday, July 31, 2008

sign of the times


  1. Hi Lynne...... I am so happy to see all of these signs! An 18 year old friend of ours died this week fighting fires.... I am sure his friends and family really appreciate seeing these as much as I do.... Thanks for taking the time to share.....


  2. robyn, it is amazing... these signs are *everywhere* in communities that have been hit hard by the fires.

    andrea, aren't they wonderful? i had no idea that andy was from port townsend... wow...

  3. Nice to see some appreciation expressed. We need to do that more often...

  4. kate, i think that's what struck me about these signs-- the fact that so many people actually made them. now-a-days it seems that we rarely take the time to express our appreciation... the fact that so many people did in this case really moved me.

  5. Large signs of gratitude - got to be a good thing on many levels. Thanks for an alternate visual - good contrast to your "yum" post - so much to be thankful for on so many fronts.
    many blessings dear one - kvk

  6. i love your "thank you firefighters" photographs! I remember your town and loved it! Roxanne

  7. What great community support.

    I live in an area in Australia where each summer we are threatened by fires (as much as I love summer, it sure puts a different perspective on the seasons for us).

    We have had a few close shaves, and had to move our stock a few times. The firefighter and their supports crews are amazing.

    Lovely that you have put up a post in recognition of them.

  8. thanks, roxanne!

    jacky, yes, the fires sure do put a different perspective on things. you really appreciate fire crews when a fire is burning close-by-- thank you, thank you i want to shout! did you know that there are fire crews from australia in california this summer? our son said that there were some at the fire camp he was working at...

  9. Excellent post on a group of people who are the 'salt of the earth'...I live in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Australia. We have a huge fire threat here every summer. I lost someone I knew in the fires of 98...and many people I know lost thier homes...our home was saved by the firefighters!
    Lynne, great photo's.


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