Friday, April 20, 2012

watercolors and gouache in 'gold dust' ~ 4" x 6"

i've been using white gouache and/or white watercolor pencils for the skin lately. i like the derwent graphitint white *a lot*, but i use inktense white and the albrecht durer (watercolor pencil) white too. the great thing about them is that once they're dry, they're fairly permanent - and they don't take long to dry.

gouache and watercolors in 'gold dust'

more pages...

watercolors in 'gold dust'

thanks cat and ani for telling me that the brown spots on old paper are called foxing! it seems a perfect name for it! there's a lot of foxing on this page. ; )

back to the subject of pencils... prismacolor has quite a few new colors out. i don't have all of them, but some... i really like the deco colors and the grey green is a lovely pale green. dick blick shows which ones are new here.

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total kiki love...

via tumblr - thanks mansuetude...


  1. Anyone named Kiki that has silver hair and nail polish has got to be cool. I would love to visit with her.

    Hope your wrist is healing well!


  2. Oh Lynne... loving your gorgeous pages... the white faces are fabulous... have a few of the newer prismacolors... they certainly are lovely... and I learned something new... had never heard of foxing...

    Jenny x

  3. Really enjoying the white faces- and your bird is wonder-full! Again, thank you for always sharing with us. The 4th photo with the bookshelf in the background intrigues me. What books does Lynne H read? Have a fun filled weekend! xo

  4. good a.m. little acorn flower...i love the dog-eared corners...what other animals can describe a book? ha. the eyes on lass no. 16 is so rich, the blending of color and expression...gently gazing off to a near distant future passed wonder and wandering with her bird companion. i can't decide if the birdie is a plover or gull either way he's saying, i'm home at last. i can't tell which is you and which is the foxing - isn't that grand. i like the little dotted ones in the gutter of the page too...those look like they happen where adhesive met the stitching...foxing is like a little crumb mark left for you to follow. printers use to put little marks (who's name now i can't remember) to aid in the collation of the pages - like your foxing. i think the grey green and eggshell are my favs too but what a mouthfull name, indanthrone blue - who did you say, indanthrone, is indanthrone home! xox a

  5. Oh Lynne, the feeling of ethereal peace and gentleness is in every one of these works. The words shining through too, just like beautiful words can when people speak them or birds sing them .)xxx

  6. This book is becoming more and more beautiful by your hand. May I ask do you prep the pages before you paint? Old book pages are so fragile and beautiful on their own but loving what you are doing.

  7. oh love the bird and the bit about foxing, good to know that, I always wondered if it had a name. And your sweet girl is charming. I always run right over here when I see you've created a new post. Tis a great way to begin the day. Thanks for the update on pencils, the new colors are fantastic and so many of them too. Wish you a delightful weekend.

  8. I am loving the transparent, ethereal quality of your work in this book. The bird (seagull?) especially calls to me.

    Foxing, this is a great word and especially fits with your work. "Lynne is tiptoing with pencils and paint through the foxing"

    And I love the Kiki Smith vid. I saw it on tumblr too but this time I was struck by the ope, child like quality she emanated.

    Keep dancing amidst the foxing!

  9. awww.....foxing and dog eared pages... just wonderful with your beautiful work... very cool kiki interview... i like the way it rambles, just the way a conversation in the studio would ramble... perfect xox

  10. Lynne,
    your art, for me, looks wonderful in old books, wonderful! and the white! love how you use it. thanks for sharing what you are loving.

  11. what a strange old book, sermon with a twist of Emerson...

    love what you do with the white(s)

    watched Kiki on Art 21 too recently, i never knew her father was a sculptor.

  12. lovely stuff , the little bird is so cute , the first work well my first thought was Julie Andrews in the movie Victor / Victoria, now im going to watch the video lol

    hugz bev

  13. Lynne, thanks for this glimpse of Kiki Smith, an artist who has always stunned me with her depth and range of poetic imagery, both 2 and 3-D.
    Also love seeing your new pages, as always... xxooo, sus

  14. Oh my, so delicate, sweet and peaceful, these paintings are. The Gold Dust pages are so perfect for your gentle visions. There is so much depth in the first painting, it just takes my breath away. Like many, I love your work Lynne, and am so grateful that you share it with us. As you know I'm not a great painter. but I really enjoy using graphitint and inktense pencils too. Until this post, I hadn't heard about Kiki Smith, I love the fact that she works with an assortment of mediums. Thanks Lynne. ox

  15. It is so good to visit your world of browned book pages, white dreaming faces and partially visible words. I am sorry about your wrist and hope it is starting to feel better.
    Sending smiles over the fields, the lakes and the refuge to you.

  16. I love these white faces! Very mysterious. The bird is beautiful! I'm not good drawing birds - its very hard to draw what I see there and not what I imagine!! The old book is so dear! I have a few old books, but I haven't the courage to draw in them yet - but you do inspire me!

  17. Thank you for introducing me to Kiki Smith - and I am so glad to have found you! Your work and your thoughts are inspiring.

  18. Love the Kiki video ... love her tribal looking ink, chipped silver nail polish and of course her jewelry is beyond awesome!


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